10 Reasons Not to Book Your Friend as Your Wedding DJ

You’re mapping out your perfect wedding day and your mate swears they’re a DJ. Hold onto your glow sticks, because we’re about to drop some truth bombs.

booking your friend as your wedding dj

Yeah, they might claim to be a “DJ in training” or a god at curating party tunes on Spotify, but do you really want your reception to turn into a boozy version of The Voice? What you really need is a professional wedding DJ but buckle up and read on as we unveil the top ten reasons this could be disastrous. Let’s get the party started!


The Mystery of the Mystery Playlist

When it comes to your wedding, you want every detail to be perfect, especially the music. But with a friend as your DJ, the playlist becomes a game of musical roulette.

Will they play your favorite songs? Will they remember to include your must-have tracks? Or will they surprise you with a selection of obscure tunes that leave your guests scratching their heads? Embrace the mystery, folks, because even you won’t know what’s coming next.


Awkward Announcements and Inside Jokes

Another reason not to book your friend as your wedding DJ is that a wedding DJ is not just responsible for playing music; they’re also the master of ceremonies. While your friend might be great at cracking jokes in your living room, their stand-up routine might not translate well to the wedding crowd.

Brace yourself for awkward announcements, inside jokes that go over everyone’s heads, and a few cringe-worthy attempts at crowd interaction. Prepare to hear your guests mutter, “Who invited the comedian?”


Technical Troubles and Technical Troubles

Unless your friend is a professional DJ, they might lack the technical know-how to handle the equipment like a seasoned pro.

Get ready for microphone feedback, sudden music cut-offs, and the occasional screeching sound that makes your eardrums beg for mercy. It’s like a technical troubleshooting extravaganza with a side of DJ-ing.


Dance Floor Drama

Your friend may be a great dancer, but that doesn’t automatically make them a dance floor maestro. That’s Another reason not to book your friend as your wedding DJ.

Without the expertise to read the crowd and keep the energy high, they might struggle to get your guests out of their seats and onto the dance floor.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that your BFF will take their role a bit too seriously and start to show off with their own dance moves.


The Overly-Friendly DJ

Sure, your friend is fun and friendly, but when they become the DJ, things can get a bit too cozy. They might spend more time mingling with guests and cracking jokes than actually playing music. And if they start to drink too much, you can expect a few snafus along the way.

We all need a break from time to time, but you don’t want your DJ taking extended sabbaticals throughout the night.

10 Reasons Not to Book Your Friend as Your Wedding DJ


Music Genre Mismatch

You might be a die-hard fan of pop music, but your friend might have an undying love for heavy metal. When your friend takes the reins as the wedding DJ, be prepared for some questionable genre choices.
Maybe it works at your local pub, but it’s probably not the best idea for a wedding.


The Curious Case of the Missing Requests

One of the joys of having a DJ is the ability to make song requests and have them played on the spot.

Unfortunately, your friend might be notorious for conveniently “forgetting” all the song requests that don’t align with their personal taste. Who needs those sappy love songs anyway, right?


The Unreliable Friend Factor

Remember that time your friend promised to help you move and then conveniently disappeared? Well, get ready for a déjà vu moment when they’re in charge of your wedding music. That’s another reason not to book your friend as your wedding DJ.

The unreliability factor might kick in, and they could end up canceling at the last minute or showing up fashionably late. Your wedding timeline just became a rollercoaster ride of uncertainty.


The Amateur Hour Effect

Professional DJs have years of experience, honing their skills and perfecting their craft. Your friend, on the other hand, might have just downloaded some DJ software last week.

Are you ready for a night of amateur hour DJ-ing, complete with awkward transitions, mismatched beats, and a general sense of chaos? It’s like listening to a middle school talent show, but with higher stakes.


Friendship Fallout

Last but certainly not least, there’s the delicate matter of friendship fallout. When things go wrong with your friend as the wedding DJ, it can strain your relationship.

From arguments over music choices to frustrations over technical difficulties, your friendship might experience a few cracks. Think twice before risking your BFF status for the sake of saving a few bucks.

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Hire a Dj and Save Your Friendship!

While the idea of having your friend as the wedding DJ might seem like a fun and budget-friendly choice, the potential pitfalls are too great to ignore. We love our friends and we want to share the joys of our wedding day with them.

But if your friend insists on playing DJ, make sure you have a backup plan in case things don’t go as planned. Better yet, hire a professional DJ who can guarantee an amazing night for you and your guests. Trust us, it’ll be worth the extra cost!

Ready to save your friendship, sanity, and dance floor from potential disaster? Our professional DJs are ready to spin the tunes, keep the party going, and ensure your wedding is a memorable success!

Contact us today to book the ultimate DJ experience for your special day. Trust us, it’s better to leave the DJ-ing to the professionals and keep your friendships intact!

Pleasure of having Nathan DJ and MC at our wedding. Nathan was incredibly professional throughout the entire process, from our initial consultation to the day of our wedding.

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18 April 2023

We have had the most amazing experience with Melbourne Entertainment company. From day one, they couldn’t have been more helpful and accommodating.

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08 December 2023

I recently hired MEC for my wedding and I have to say, I was blown away by the incredible service provided by their DJ, Daniel. The MEC was professional and responsive.

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26 February 2023

Excellent communication throughout the entire process. The musician I booked, Kristen, was professional and provided a wonderful afternoon of entertainment.

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21 March 2023

The Melbourne Entertainment Co. was an absolute pleasure to work with. Their entertainment roster really does have some of the most professional acts in the industry

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Melbourne Entertainment Company has been so easy to deal with from our very first interaction and inquiry with them. They made the process so seamless it was perfect!

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