TOP 20 Jewish Wedding Songs

You’ve got the ketubah signing, the smashing of the glass, and enough smiles to light up the night sky. But what’s missing? The perfect tunes, of course! Get ready to grab a slice of babka, pull up a chair, and join us as we explore 20 Jewish wedding songs that’ll turn your special day into a celebration of a lifetime!

What to Look for the Perfect Jewish Wedding Song

But before we dive into our ultimate playlist, let’s have a quick chinwag about how to pick the right Jewish wedding song for you!

The Emotion: Jewish wedding songs, just like your feelings on your big day, can range from a rip-roaring good time to moments of deep, heartfelt emotion. So, choose a song that vibes with the feelings you want to shout from the rooftops!
Tradition vs. Modernity

Some songs, like “Eshet Chayil,” are all about tradition and family values, while others, like “Yesh Tikvah,” bring a more modern vibe to the table. Your choice can be as classic as vegemite on toast or as modern as a flat white in Melbourne’s finest café!

Your Love Story: Think about the lyrics and what they mean to your unique love story. Is there a song that’s been the soundtrack to your relationship? Now’s the time to give it a whirl!

Dancing vs. Reflection: Consider when and how you want to use your song. Upbeat numbers like “Debka Hora” are perfect for getting everyone on the dancefloor, while mellower tunes like “Yedid Nefesh” are spot-on for those heart-to-heart moments.

Connection to Jewish Heritage

Some songs, like “Jerusalem of Gold,” are like a direct line to Jewish heritage and history. If you’ve got a soft spot for Israel or Jewish traditions, these songs will make your celebration extra special! Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer here, folks. The perfect Jewish wedding song is the one that makes your heart do a happy dance. 

Jewish Wedding Songs
Jewish Wedding Songs
Jewish Wedding Songs
Jewish Wedding Songs
Jewish Wedding Songs
Jewish Wedding Songs
Jewish Wedding Songs
Jewish Wedding Songs
Jewish Wedding Songs
Jewish Wedding Songs
Jewish Wedding Songs
Jewish Wedding Songs

Our Top 20 Jewish Wedding Songs!

So, take your time, soak in these toe-tapping melodies, and let your hearts be your guides. Now, Let the Party Begin!


Hava Nagila – Alex M. vs. Marc van Damme

“Hava Nagila, Hava Nagila, Hava Nagila ve-nismecha!” Good luck keeping still when this absolute banger starts playing. It’s not just a song; it’s a full-blown celebration!

Listen: Hava Nagila – Alex M. vs. Marc van Damme


Siman Tov u’Mazal Tov – Shanee

Raise those glasses high because “Siman Tov u’Mazal Tov” is the official anthem of happiness! It’s like a musical toast to the newlyweds that’ll have you clinking glasses and dancing your heart out.

Listen: Siman Tov u’Mazal Tov – Shanee


Dodi Li – Rika Zaraï

Amidst all the joy, “Dodi Li” reminds us of the deep love between the bride and groom. Rika Zaraï’s sweet voice wraps you up in all the emotions of the day, making it a real treasure of a wedding song.

Listen: Dodi Li – Rika Zaraï


Yedid Nefesh – Joey Weisenberg

“Yedid Nefesh” is a love letter set to music. Sung with all the heart in the world, it’s an ode to the incredible love and admiration between the couple. Trust us; it’ll hit you right in the feels.

Listen: Yedid Nefesh – Joey Weisenberg


Mi Adir – Mordechai Shapiro

“Mi Adir” celebrates the sacredness of marriage, and Mordechai Shapiro’s modern twist turns this traditional piece into an absolute masterpiece. Perfect for couples who love a bit of old-school charm with a modern edge.

Listen: Mi Adir – Mordechai Shapiro


Debka Hora – K12

Ladies and gents, it’s time to get those feet moving with “Debka Hora”! This dance number will have everyone on their feet, twirling and spinning like there’s no tomorrow. It’s a celebration of love and unity that’ll have you grinning from ear to ear!

Listen: Debka Hora – K12


Ani L’Dodi – Eitan Katz

“I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine.” What more can we say? These words capture the heart and soul of a Jewish wedding. Eitan Katz’s rendition adds an extra layer of warmth and devotion that’s pure magic.

Listen: Ani L’Dodi – Eitan Katz


Od Yishama – Mordechai Ben David (MBD)

When “Od Yishama” kicks in, you know it’s time for pure joy. Mordechai Ben David’s voice is a beacon of celebration, and this song will have everyone clapping, singing, and dancing like there’s no tomorrow.

Listen: Od Yishama – Mordechai Ben David (MBD)


Erev Shel Shoshanim – Shlomo Artzi

Imagine the scent of roses filling the air as “Erev Shel Shoshanim” starts playing. Shlomo Artzi’s rendition paints a picture of a bloomin’ enchanting garden, making it the perfect choice for that magical moment when the bride walks down the aisle.

Listen: Erev Shel Shoshanim – Shlomo Artzi


Meheira – Yaakov Shwekey

“Meheira” translates to “soon,” and it’s a heartfelt prayer for a future filled with blessings and happiness. Yaakov Shwekey’s rendition is like a warm hug for your ears, and it’s sure to tug at your heartstrings.

Listen: Meheira – Yaakov Shwekey

Jewish Wedding Songs
Jewish Wedding Songs
Jewish Wedding Songs


Eshet Chayil – Traditional

“Eshet Chayil” is a celebration of strong and virtuous women. This beautiful ode, straight from Proverbs, highlights the incredible qualities of an exceptional wife. It’s a timeless tribute to the bride, often sung by the groom to express his admiration and love.

Listen: Eshet Chayil – Traditional


Jerusalem of Gold (Yerushalayim Shel Zahav) – Naomi Shemer

“Yerushalayim Shel Zahav” is a masterpiece that pays homage to the golden city of Jerusalem. Naomi Shemer’s iconic composition is like an anthem of hope and longing for the Jewish homeland. It’s deeply rooted in heritage, and it’ll bring a tear to your eye.

Listen: Jerusalem of Gold (Yerushalayim Shel Zahav) – Naomi Shemer


Bashana Haba’a – Uzi Hitman

Looking ahead to a future filled with love and joy, “Bashana Haba’a” is a song of boundless optimism and anticipation. Uzi Hitman’s rendition positively brims with hope and happiness, making it an absolute ripper of an addition to any wedding playlist.

Listen: Bashana Haba’a – Uzi Hitman


Lecha Dodi – Shlomo Carlebach

“Lecha Dodi” is all about welcoming the Sabbath Queen, but its serene beauty also graces Jewish weddings. Shlomo Carlebach’s rendition invites divine blessings into the union of two souls. It’s like a warm hug for your heart.

Listen: Lecha Dodi – Shlomo Carlebach


Yesh Tikvah – Idan Raichel Project

“Yesh Tikvah” means “There is hope,” and this song captures that sentiment to a tee. Idan Raichel Project’s modern sound injects this timeless message with fresh energy that’ll resonate with young couples, old souls, and everyone in between.

Listen: Yesh Tikvah – Idan Raichel Project


Tzena Tzena – The Weavers

Se M’ Innamoro’s sultry yet delicate tones are sure to make hearts flutter as you take part in this beautiful tribute to love and passion.

Listen: Tzena Tzena – The Weavers


Od Lo Ahavti Dai – Shuly Natan

“Od Lo Ahavti Dai” expresses a love that knows no bounds. Shuly Natan’s tender rendition fills the air with an atmosphere of eternal commitment, making it a moving choice for your special day. Get ready for heartstrings to be tugged!

Listen: Od Lo Ahavti Dai – Shuly Natan


Mitzvah Gedolah – Avraham Fried

“Mitzvah Gedolah” is all about celebrating the greatness of a Jewish wedding. Avraham Fried’s rendition is jubilant and downright infectious, celebrating the commandment of marriage with spirited enthusiasm. You won’t be able to resist joining in!

Listen: Mitzvah Gedolah – Avraham Fried


Hinei Ma Tov – Various Artists

“Hinei Ma Tov” is a song of unity, celebrating how good and pleasant it is when people come together. Various artists have put their own spin on this heartwarming piece, adding their unique touch to a song that’ll have your guests joining hands and singing along.

Listen: Hinei Ma Tov – Various Artists


 “Katonti,” by Yonatan Razel

Take a twirl around the dance floor with this beautiful mid-tempo classic from Mina. Its gorgeous melody, tender lyrics, and dreamy strings are like a fairy tale that will transport you and your guests into a world of romance and beauty.

Listen: “Katonti,” by Yonatan Razel

Mazel Tov!

These 20 Jewish wedding songs are more than just melodies; they’re a celebration of love, hope, and tradition. Each song packs a punch, ready to elevate your celebration and touch the hearts of your loved ones. So, as you plan your Jewish wedding, let these songs be your trusty companions on this epic journey. From the spirited dances that’ll have you kicking up your heels to the heartfelt moments that’ll bring a tear to your eye, may your wedding day be a harmonious symphony of love and happiness.

And when you finally select that perfect song that speaks to your souls, know that it’s more than just music. It’s a testament to your commitment and a soundtrack to the beautiful beginning of your life together. So, what are you waiting for? Raise a glass, dance with joy, and let the music of your Jewish wedding create a soundtrack that’ll forever echo in your hearts. Mazel Tov, my friends!

Whether you’re planning a Jewish wedding or any other unforgettable celebration, Melbourne Entertainment Company is here to make it a ripper of an experience! Book our amazing talents today to make your dream wedding come true!





























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