Australia Day Party Ideas

Australia Day is right around the corner, and we’re getting ready for an absolute ripper of a celebration. We’ve fired up the barbies, readied the thongs (the footwear, of course), and created a playlist stacked with classic Aussie tunes. It’s the day we come together with mates, fire up the grill, and let our Aussie spirit run wild! But wait, there’s more! We’re not settling for a regular old Aussie Day shindig. No, sir! We’ve compiled 25 of the best party ideas to make your Australia Day bash a true-blue sensation. From beachside bonanzas to thong-throwing contests, we’ve got it all. So, grab your cork hats and get ready for a day of celebration, good tucker, and unforgettable fun!

Aussie Music

You can hire our DJs or our Band or any of our other entertainment offerings and let the tunes roll with a playlist featuring legendary Aussie artists like Cold Chisel, AC/DC, John Farnham, and INXS. Get everyone dancing to the classics.

Australia Day Party Ideas

Tucker Up

Stock up on snags, shrimps, and lamb for the barbie. Get your guests munching on lamb cutlets, steaks, burgers, and don’t forget the grilled veggies for a colorful spread.

 Backyard Games

Host a backyard cricket match, and make sure the pitch is mowed just right. Keep the coldies (beers) close by to cool off the cricketers. And if you have a pool, inflate some fun pool toys for a splashin’ good time.

A True Blue Welcome

Dress up as famous Aussies – Bob Hawke, Dame Edna, Olivia Newton-John, Kylie Minogue, or even Steve Irwin. Showcase your Aussie spirit with green and gold, thongs (the footwear, of course), and Australiana face tattoos. Your guests will be guessing all day!

Beach Party

If backyard parties aren’t your style, head to the beach. Sun, sand, surf, and thong toss – a perfect recipe for a day at the beach.

Aussie Street Fiesta

Get to know your neighbours better by throwing a street party. Bring out the trestle tables, pack your favourite Aussie goodies like vegemite sandwiches, meat pies, sausage rolls, Tim Tams, and pavlovas. Cheers to a ripper of a celebration!

Australia Day Fashion Parade

 Hold a mini fashion parade with your mates, showcasing your best Aussie-themed outfits. Who’s got the best cork hat and iconic Aussie attire?

DIY Backyard Movie Night

Unleash your inner speed demon with a go-kart grand prix. Channel your competitive spirit as you race against your mates on a thrilling go-kart track. It’s high-speed fun that guarantees laughs, adrenaline, and the sweet taste of victory.

Australian Wine and Cheese Tasting

Australia has fantastic wines and cheeses. Arrange a tasting session and become a wine and cheese connoisseur for the day.

Pie-Eating Contest

Host a meat pie-eating contest. Who can devour their meat pie the fastest without getting gravy all over their face?

Australia Day Party Ideas

Australia Day Party Ideas: Australian Trivia

Test your mates’ knowledge of all things Aussie with a fun Australian trivia quiz. Categories could include movies, music, history, and slang.

Australia Day Party Ideas: Aussie Bingo

Create an Australian-themed bingo game with unique Aussie phrases and slang. Win prizes like Aussie-themed goodies or a kangaroo plush toy.

Australia Day Party Ideas: Taste of Oz Buffet

Set up a buffet with a variety of iconic Australian dishes. Offer everything from classic meat pies to fresh seafood platters.

Australia Day Party Ideas: Aussie Karaoke

Create a karaoke corner with a collection of beloved Australian songs. Let your guests belt out their favourite tunes.

Australia Day Party Ideas: Treasure Hunt

Organize an Aussie-themed treasure hunt for the kids, complete with clues and hidden “treasures” like small Australian flags or toy kangaroos.

Australia Day Party Ideas

Australia Day Party Ideas: Best Aussie Joke Contest

Who can come up with the funniest Aussie joke? Have a laugh-off and crown the king or queen of Aussie humor.

Australia Day Party Ideas: Pavlova Challenge

Host a pavlova-making competition. Provide guests with ingredients and see who can create the most stunning pavlova masterpiece.

Australia Day Party Ideas: Aussie Quizzes

Have some trivia quizzes about iconic Aussie landmarks, nature, or even slang. A great way to learn more about this beautiful country.

Australia Day Party Ideas: Lamington Decorating Station

Set up a lamington decorating station with various toppings and encourage guests to create their own lamington masterpieces.

Australia Day Party Ideas: Kangaroo Hopping Race

For the young ones (and young at heart), organize a kangaroo hopping race. It’s all about who can hop like a kangaroo the fastest!


Plan Your Decorations in Advance

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie – it’s all about the green and gold, and plenty of them! Don’t leave your decorations to the last minute. Stock up on Aussie flags, toy koalas, blow-up kangaroos, and anything else that screams ‘Straya.

Consider giving your guests complementary Aussie Day thongs and temporary flag tattoos to really get them in the spirit. Create a patriotic atmosphere that will have everyone feeling like a proud Aussie from the moment they arrive.


 Fill Up on Fair Dinkum Food

Australia Day celebrations usually kick off mid-morning and last well into the night, so you’ll need enough tucker to keep your guests satisfied. Start with pre-lunch snacks as soon as your guests arrive.

Aside from the standard chips and dip, nothing beats mini pies and sausage rolls with tomato sauce.

Then, it’s time for the main course.Load up on snags, steaks, and shrimp for the barbie, and don’t forget a variety of salads, bread, potatoes, and some roast chooks.

And for dessert, serve up Aussie classics like Pavlova, lamingtons, and fairy bread. You’re sure to be a hit, especially with the little ones.


Entertainment Galore

Whether you’ve got a bunch of young and old Aussies on your guest list, it’s your responsibility to keep the entertainment flowing. Lucky for you, Australia Day comes with a built-in crowd-pleaser – backyard cricket.

Designate a section of your backyard for the cricket pitch and ensure you’ve mown the grass a little shorter on that spot. If you want to take it up a notch, get a cricket cooler that doubles as the perfect set of wickets and a handy drink holder for those coldies.

And if you have a swimming pool, it’s time to make the most of it. Entice your guests with fun inflatable pool toys and ensure they have a ripper time in the water.

Finally, no Aussie celebration is complete without the right tunes. Prepare a playlist featuring contemporary and classic hits from Down Under, including legends like Cold Chisel, AC/DC, Men At Work, and so much more!


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Cheers to an Unforgettable Australia Day Bash!

There you have it, mates! With these party ideas and tips, you’re all set to host the Australia Day party of the century. From decking out your space with Aussie-themed decorations to indulging in the finest fair dinkum food and keeping the good times rolling with classic Aussie entertainment, your celebration is bound to be a ripper.

Remember, Australia Day is all about coming together, enjoying the great outdoors, and celebrating everything that makes this country special. So, put on your best Aussie getup, get that barbecue sizzling, and crank up the tunes – it’s time to party like a true blue Aussie!

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 Gather your mates for an epic celebration! From BBQs to beachside fun, we’ve got 25 top-notch party ideas for a true-blue Aussie bash. Dress up, play games, enjoy classic tunes, and indulge in fair dinkum food. Don’t forget the decorations, entertainment, and legendary Aussie music to make it a ripper day!

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