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BEST 20 Irish Wedding Songs

Ah, the Emerald Isle, where the very essence of romance seems to waltz through the misty air, and every passing moment becomes a captivating reason to celebrate life’s beautiful moments. We’ve prepared the best 20 Irish wedding songs to choose from!

Choosing the best IRISH wedding song

If you’re planning a wedding with an enchanting Irish twist, get ready for a truly delightful experience! With its sweeping, rolling green hills and the warm embrace of cozy pub gatherings, Ireland presents a veritable treasure trove of inspiration for your big day. But, of course, what’s an authentic Irish wedding without the perfect playlist? Join us on a musical journey as we explore 20 handpicked Irish wedding songs that will not only have your guests’ toes tapping but also their hearts melting with the soulful melodies of the Emerald Isle.

What Makes the Perfect Irish Wedding Song

Before we dive into this musical pot o’ gold, let’s talk about what makes a wedding song truly Irish and a top-notch choice for your celebration.

Irish Roots: Look for songs that have deep Irish roots, either in their origins or their themes. These songs capture the very essence of Ireland and its rich cultural heritage.

Emotion and Passion: Irish wedding songs are known for their heartfelt lyrics and passionate melodies. Pick songs that hit you right in the feels and resonate with the emotions you want to convey on your big day.

Uplifting and Lively: Ireland is a land of merriment, so consider songs that’ll plaster a grin on your face and get your guests in the mood to boogie.

Tradition Meets Modernity: Whether you’re a fan of the traditional Celtic tunes or prefer a modern twist, you’re in luck. There’s an Irish wedding song for every taste. Find the balance that floats your boat.

Storytelling: Many Irish songs are born storytellers, often with a sprinkle of whimsy or romance. Think about the tales that resonate with your own love story.

Irish Wedding Songs
Irish Wedding Songs
Irish Wedding Songs
Irish Wedding Songs
Irish Wedding Songs
Irish Wedding Songs

Best 20 Irish Wedding Songs

With these ingredients simmering in your mind, let’s unveil the top 20 Irish wedding songs that’ll weave some Emerald Isle magic into your celebration.


The Irish Wedding Song – Andy Cooney

Kicking off our list is a classic that’s soaked in the spirit of an Irish wedding. With heartfelt lyrics and a traditional melody, this song sets the perfect tone for your celebration. It’s like a warm Irish hug for your heart.

Listen: Tarantella Napoletana – Orchestra Mandolinistica Italiana


Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison

Van Morrison’s iconic hit is a certified Irish gem, beloved worldwide. It’s a lively choice that’ll coax everyone onto the dance floor, celebrating love with every beat. It’s as Irish as a pint of Guinness!

Listen: Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison


All I Want Is You – U2

U2’s anthemic ballad gives your Irish wedding a modern twist. It’s a declaration of love that’s perfect for that emotional first dance. Get ready for some spine-tingling moments.

Listen: All I Want Is You – U2


Green Eyes – Coldplay

While not traditionally Irish, Coldplay’s “Green Eyes” captures the very essence of the Irish landscape and the beauty of love in a simple, acoustic way.

Listen: Green Eyes – Coldplay


Rock the Boat – The Hues Corporation

 “Rock the Boat” by The Hues Corporation is played at Irish weddings where everyone sits on the ground in a line close to one another and rocks their hands back and forth as if rowing a boat. The dance is usually done after dinner and speeches when everyone is ready to let loose and have a good time. Some people say that the dance is a symbol of unity, friendship, and joy!

Listen: Rock the Boat – The Hues Corporation


Beautiful Day – U2

U2 makes another appearance with “Beautiful Day,” a song that perfectly encapsulates the optimism and joy of a wedding celebration with a full shot of pure Irish sunshine.

Listen: Beautiful Day – U2


My Wild Irish Rose – Keith Jarrett

This instrumental piece adds a touch of elegance and serenity to your wedding. Let the piano keys serenade your guests in a language only music can speak, perfect for a celebration out of a romantic poetry.

Listen: My Wild Irish Rose – Keith Jarrett


Nothing Compares 2 U – Sinéad O’Connor

Sinéad O’Connor’s emotional rendition of this song will resonate with anyone who’s found their one true love. It’s a heartfelt choice for those moments when words just can’t quite capture the depth of your feelings.

Listen: Nothing Compares 2 U – Sinéad O’Connor


Galway Girl – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran’s ode to an Irish lass will get your guests moving. It’s a modern hit with a folk-infused twist that’ll have everyone clapping and singing along. Fair play, Ed!

Listen: Galway Girl – Ed Sheeran


When You Say Nothing at All – Ronan Keating

This Ronan Keating classic carries the romantic spirit of Ireland on its melodious wings. Its tender lyrics make it a beautiful choice for those intimate, heart-to-heart moments. Bring on the heartfelt whispers!

Listen: When You Say Nothing at All – Ronan Keating

Irish Wedding Songs


Sweet Thing – Van Morrison

Van Morrison’s “Sweet Thing” is a poetic declaration of love. It’s a timeless song that’ll resonate with couples celebrating their deep connection. Grab your partner and waltz away to this Irish love letter.

Listen: Sweet Thing – Van Morrison


Love You ‘Til the End – The Pogues

The Pogues bring their signature Irish charm to weddings with this heartfelt tune. It’s a promise of love that lasts forever, just like your marriage. Raise a glass to eternal love!

Listen: Love You ‘Til the End – The Progues


The Irish Wedding Dance – Remember White

Looking for something with a bit more edge? This upbeat traditional folk song is the perfect way to add some sass and swagger to your wedding reception. Its lively rhythms will be sure to fill the room with energy and excitement!

Listen: The Irish Wedding Dance – Remember White


The Sweetest Thing – U2

U2’s “The Sweetest Thing” is a catchy, upbeat choice that’ll have everyone singing along. It’s a reminder of the sweet moments that brought you to this day. Get ready to sway and sing your heart out.

Listen: The Sweetest Thing – U2


Lewis Bridal Song – The Irish Rovers

With its Celtic melodies and heartwarming lyrics, this song captures the very essence of an Irish wedding. It’s a tribute to love and tradition, like a warm hug from the Emerald Isle.

Listen: Lewis Bridal Song – The Irish Rovers


N17 – The Saw Doctors

N17 is a road in Ireland, and this song is a musical journey through the country’s landscapes and memories. It’s perfect for adding an Irish touch to your celebration. Pack your bags; we’re going on a musical road trip!

Listen: N17 – The Saw Doctors


Molly Malone – The Dubliners

“Molly Malone” is an Irish folk classic that tells the story of a beloved fishmonger. Its lively melody is sure to have your guests tapping their feet. You’ll be dancing like Molly Malone herself!

Listen: Molly Malone – The Dubliners


He Moved Through the Fair – Sinead O’Connor

Sinead O’Connor’s hauntingly beautiful voice takes center stage in this Irish folk song. Its melancholic charm adds depth to your wedding playlist and will surely tug everyone’s heartstrings.

Listen: He Moved Through the Fair – Sinead O’Connor


The Rare Auld Times – The Dubliners

This Dubliners classic pays homage to the changing times and the enduring spirit of Dublin. It’s a nostalgic yet uplifting addition to your celebration.

Listen: The Rare Auld Times – The Dubliners


Whiskey in the Jar – Thin Lizzy

Closing our list is Thin Lizzy’s legendary tune. It’s a spirited choice for celebrating the Irish love of storytelling and revelry.

Listen: Whiskey in the Jar – Thin Lizzy

Celebrate Love, Irish Style! 

These 20 Irish wedding songs are a testament to the beauty, tradition, and passion of Irish culture. Whether you have Celtic roots or simply adore the magic of Ireland, these songs will infuse your wedding day with warmth, joy, and a dash of blarney. As you plan your Irish-inspired wedding, remember that each song is a chapter in your love story, adding depth and meaning to your celebration.  So, raise a glass to love, laughter, and the enchantment of Ireland. May your wedding day be as unforgettable as the rolling hills and emerald landscapes of the Emerald Isle.

From lively jigs to heartfelt ballads, these songs will be your trusty companions on your journey of love, turning your wedding into a true Irish celebration. And when the last note plays and the final dance wraps up, you’ll carry the spirit of Ireland with you, creating a lifetime of cherished memories. Sláinte, and may your love story be as legendary as these Irish wedding songs!

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