Best Man Speech Tips, Jokes & Ideas

So, you’ve been bestowed with the honor of being the best man at your mate’s wedding. Congratulations! But now comes the nerve-wracking part – delivering a killer best-man speech. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back, you charming devil. We’ve got amazing best man speech tips and tricks to make your best man speech the highlight of the wedding! Get ready to drop some bombs (jokes, that is) and give a speech that nobody will forget!

The Icebreaker

With wedding speeches, start with an absolute bang and set the tone for your speech with a killer icebreaker! Whether it’s a joke to kick things off or an anecdote about the groom that has everyone in stitches – get those laughs rolling as soon as you come on stage. A hilarious one-liner or a relatable anecdote will do the trick!

Say: “Some say a marriage is like a roller-coaster ride, but I’d say it’s more like a game of Monopoly: you never know where it could all end up!”

See? Nothing like a good pun to get the party going.

Best Man Speech Tips

Poking Fun at the Groom’s Quirks and Habits

Hey, nothing says “love” like a good ol’ roast! Joking about the groom’s habits and quirks can make for an entertaining best-man speech. Whether it’s his love of video games, or his inability to parallel park – there are plenty of hilarious topics to cover.

Playfully highlight his unique habits or funny idiosyncrasies!

For example:

“Let’s not forget how the groom is always late to everything – so much so, I’m surprised that we beat the bride down the aisle!“
“The bride is the best cook that I know, that’s why I was so shocked he married such a tasteless person!”
“I will now do my best to give [groom’s name] the most uncomfortable 6 minutes of his life. The most uncomfortable 6 minutes of [bride’s name]’s life will be coming up later this evening, courtesy of [groom’s name].”

Maybe a bit too far, but you get the idea!

Best Man Speech: Compliment The Bride

Another best man speech tips is a bride-focused toast, it is a must when it comes to delivering a memorable best-man speech. Compliment the bride on her beauty, grace, and charm – but most importantly, show your appreciation for how she has made the groom a better version of himself. Sprinkle some zesty humor into your toast, by sharing a funny story or quirky observation about the bride.

Say: “To the bride – who has definitely put the Groom’s life in some kind of order, even if it’s alphabetical!”


“I always admired your kindness, and never more so than today when you married this charity case!”

You get the point. Do not go overboard, though. You don’t want to wake the sleeping dragons inside the bride.

Best Man Speech

Best Man Speech: Embarrassing (but Tasteful) Stories about the Groom

“There was this one time when we were…”

This line is a classic for best-man speeches! Nothing spices up a room like an embarrassing (but tasteful!) story about the groom.

It’s easy to get creative with it – just share an amusing anecdote about how you and the groom met, or that one night that he definitely doesn’t remember.
Your goal here is to get the crowd laughing, without embarrassing the groom too much.


“He may not want me to mention it, but that time he wore those sweatpants for a week straight – now that’s something I won’t forget!”

Best Man Speech: Marriage Advice (with a Twist)

Offer humorous and unconventional marriage advice to the newlyweds.

Inject some wit and creativity by suggesting things like taking turns deciding whose turn it is to do the dishes or recommending a “blame the dog” strategy for any potential disagreements.
The goal is to make people laugh while conveying the underlying message of love, compromise, and support.


“Remember, love is like a game of chess – you have to make sacrifices if you want to win, then again the groom sucks at chess so good luck.”

Best Man Speech

Best Man Speech: Toast to the Couple

Conclude your speech with a heartfelt and humorous toast to the couple. Raise your glass and wish them a lifetime of happiness, laughter, and love.

You can incorporate a clever pun or a funny twist to leave everyone smiling and clinking their glasses together!


“To the newlyweds – may their marriage be like a rollercoaster ride that never stops- until they barf! Cheers!”


“To the best couple I know – may their marriage be like a hot air balloon ride, always floating higher and higher until the end of time!”

Best Man Speech

And there you have it – your complete best-man speech! Now go ahead and wow the crowd with your wit and charm. Good luck!

Final Notes

Remember, the key to a successful best-man speech is finding the perfect balance between humor, wit, and sentimentality. Tailor your speech to the couple’s personalities, keep it light-hearted, and always respect their boundaries. We also have tips and ideas for Bride’s Speech, Groom’s Speech and Maid of Honour Speech.

And don’t forget to have a good time! After all, it’s your job to bring the party alive – so go out there and show them what you’ve got! Best of luck, mate! 

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