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Bridal Speech Tips, Jokes & Ideas

Ladies and gents, put your hands together for the blushing bride! Today’s the day that she takes centre stage and delivers a wedding speech that will dazzle and delight all of us. But don’t sweat it, our bride speech tips got you covered with the ultimate guide to crafting a speech that’s chock-full of knee-slapping jokes, side-splitting one-liners, and unforgettable moments.

Hilarious Opening Line

Start your wedding speech with a bang! Our bride speech tips will make your guests sit up and take notice with a memorable opening line. A clever one-liner or a playful remark about the journey to the altar will set the stage for a humorous speech.

For example, you can say, “It’s been a long road from singlehood to married bliss, but seeing all the gifts on the table, I’d say it was worth the trip!”


“I’m here today to talk about love, commitment, and my incredible luck in finding someone willing to put up with me for the rest of their life.”

The key is to balance the funny and the lovely, while setting the tone for a lighthearted speech.

Bridal speech tips, jokes & ideas

Reflecting on the Journey

One bride speech tips is to reminisce about the couple’s journey together. Talk about how the two of you met, funny first dates, mishaps during wedding planning, or the delightful chaos of merging two lives together.

This is the day to commemorate the journey of your love. Let your guests in on the ride and share funny anecdotes, embarrassing moments, or memorable experiences along the way! 

“We met many moons ago on a blind date. I was convinced to give it a try but told my friends there was no way I’d be interested in someone who couldn’t order a salad correctly. Fast forward five years later and here we are!”

Or even;

“The first time I saw him wearing a white shirt and sweatpants on our first date, mind you, I knew he was the one. I mean, how could I resist such a sharp dresser?!”

Share the heartwarming and comedic tales that demonstrate the unique bond between the two of you.

bride speech ideas: Playful Teasing

Light-heartedly tease your partner with affectionate jokes. Another bride speech tips is you can poke fun at their quirks, like their obsession with sports, never-ending dad jokes, or their questionable choices in music.

“We all know that he’s a great dancer – if you consider shuffling your feet and swaying your arms dancing!”


“This man loves his football so much that he had scheduled our wedding date today because tomorrow there’s a big game happening. So you know – priorities!”


“I must say, [Partner’s Name] has quite the fashion sense. If wearing socks with sandals ever becomes a trend, I know who to thank!”

Be sure to talk about their endearing qualities too, so the jokes don’t come off too harsh or mean-spirited. It’s all in good fun, not taking digs!

Bride Speech Tips, Jokes & Ideas

bride speech ideas: Embarrassing but Tasteful Stories

Who doesn’t love a good embarrassing story? Another bride speech tips is to talk about something funny and sweet, but be sure to keep it PG-13.

The key is to make it bitingly funny without making anyone squirm in their seats. Talk about the time your partner spilled a drink on themselves at a party or how they got lost in the city and needed directions.

“We once got lost on a road trip because he refused to ask for directions. Let’s just say we discovered parts of the country we didn’t even know existed!”

Include yourself in the mix of embarrassing stories too. Show your audience that you’re not afraid to poke fun at yourself and showcase your own quirks.

For example;

“I remember that time we went to the beach and I wanted an epic picture of us. He was so patient with me as I tried out every single pose known to mankind!

bride speech ideas: Future Endeavors

Bride speech tips: What do you look forward to in your future together? Use this moment to talk about what the two of you dream for your marriage.

This could be finally taking a trip to Bali, having a 4WD full of kids and dogs, or simply growing old together surrounded by loved ones.


“Life is an adventure, and we can’t wait to explore all that it has in store for us. Our biggest hope is that when we look back on this day, it will be with fondness as we remember a life full of love, laughter, and joy.”

Now that’s sweet! But you can up the ante by talking about your dreams and aspirations with a bit of humor.

For example;

“We can already see our retirement days ahead, full of endless rounds of golfing for him and weekly shopping sprees for me!”

You don’t need to include everything you want to say in this single toast – just make sure it’s full of genuine emotion and humor that will leave your audience with a smile on their face.

bride speech ideas: Your Promise

Now onto the fun stuff. And another bride speech tips is talk about the promises that you will make to each other and how these vows are more than just words – they’re a reflection of your commitment to one another.

“I promise to always be your constant companion, best friend, and true love. I will never take you for granted and cherish each day that we spend together.”

You can also keep it light-hearted by making jokes about the trials and tribulations of marriage.

For example;

“I promise to never ever keep score of who does the dishes more… usually!”

This will show your guests that while you take your vows seriously, you also understand that a marriage isn’t perfect – but it’s an adventure nonetheless.

Thanking Loved Ones

Finally, one of the most important bride speech tips is for you to say a few thank-yous to those who made the day possible. Take this opportunity to express your gratitude and appreciation for all that your family, friends, and vendors have done for you.

“To our parents, thank you for putting up with our wedding planning meltdowns and endless debates about the seating chart. You deserve a lifetime supply of earplugs and a vacation to recover!”

Inject humor into your appreciation by sharing funny anecdotes or inside jokes related to your loved ones!

For example;

“Thank you Uncle Andrew for not chugging all the beer at the bar – even though I know it was tempting!”

Bride Speech Tips, Jokes & Ideas

This will show that you recognize your loved ones for their willingness to help and make them feel special.

Final Notes

More than bride speech tips? Once you finish, raise your glass to each other for a final time and seal the deal with a sweet kiss. You absolutely deserve it! Check out our groom’s speech, maid of honor speech, and best man speech.

And from there, all that’s left to do is to enjoy the rest of your evening with your closest family and friends.

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