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Look up and see a high level aerial hoop act jam-packed with both dynamic, static and spinning sequences, executed with confidence and ease, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats.

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Feats of strength, flexibility and poise are showcased as the performer manoeuvres their body in time with the music. The routine can be tweaked from lyrical to a more upbeat, energetic routine.

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Questions about your aerialist

Got a questions? We’re here to answer! If you don’t see your question here, drop us a line on our Contact Page.

What equipment/other do you need us (the client) to provide?
  • A professional rigger (We recommend Showtech Australia)
  • A private green room (separate room away from guests) to allow entertainers to privately stretch, get dressed and store belonging
  • Water
  • If you’re booking a feature performance, then audio equipment/DJ
What are the approximate costs of the rigging?
What equipment do the Aerialists bring with them?
  • Aerial equipment – whether its lyra, hoops, hammock, etc
  • Caribeenas, swivels – aerial hardware
  • Costumes/ accessories etc
  • Can supply own audio equipment, speakers, mics for minimum $150 and a DJ for the whole event or the length of my performance – at an extra cost depending on the time and event type.
What safety precautions are taken?
Safety and loading certificates are able to be provided if requested. Equipment is routinely safety checked by a qualified rigger.
How much space do need to perform?
  • Depends on the rigging size
  • (The point should be a minimum of 3m tall (preferably higher though!) with a space below the point of 2.5m by 2.5m minimum for safety. Generally aerial points/ points which hold a person need to be rated to 1 tonne minimum. The rigger should know all this information. Equipment will weigh about 14 kg total.
Do you need a spotter?

A spotter is not required, but depending on the nature of the event but a security guard may be required if there is a risk of intoxicated patrons coming close to/underneath the aerial point while the performer is in the air. (e.g in a club setting with little clear floor space below the performer).

What time do performers arrive?

For contortion, 45 minutes to 1 hour before call time.  For aerials, 30 minutes before tech run. 

Can the performers hang around for some dancing with guests and/or photos afterwards?

If you wish to extend the performer’s booking time on the night, extra fees will be incurred. This will need to be cleared with Melbourne Entertainment Company before we can confirm. In some circumstances performers will have other bookings so this may not be possible.

Do your performers need breaks?

Yes – this depends on the set times and lengths. The max time for being In the air in any one given set is 8-10 minutes, and there needs to be breaks in between each set for a minimum of 20 minutes.

Do we provide the rigging?
  • Rigging will need to provided by a professional A/V team and someone with an advanced rigging ticket, (can be provided by us at an additional cost).
  • $105ph per crew member from Showtech with a 4hr minimum call • Engineering of building structures
    • Rigging costs are venue dependent
Can we request songs not listed on the set list?

Some special requests are possible and are quoted individually based on the song. However not all pieces work as a string instrumental – especially songs heavy reliant on vocals, piano or drums.
A minimum of 30 days notice is required for requests not listed on our set list. This gives time for our arranger to score the piece, however a high priority arrangement can be made in less than 30 days notice at a higher rate.
From our experience we strongly discourage 1 song for the bridesmaids and a different song for the bride. It is very disjointed and doesn’t create the seamless effect seen in the movies where the realities of turning pages and counting beats in do not apply ?

What do the aerialists wear?
Our artists have a range of costumes available to choose from, these include leotards, unitards, two pieces and more. 
Can we use the internal beams or framework that exist in the building?
The venue needs to hire a structural engineer, or a rigger who can determine this and the working load limits and the strength of a beam. It’s impossible to know this without knowing anything about a venue beforehand. However there are plenty of venues and buildings that are able to have aerial points rigged on their framework. Just depends on a lot of factors.
Do you need to do a test run?
For aerials, yes, a tech run will be needed to check rigging, rigging heights, etc. For ground based contortion/acrobatics, only necessary if it’s for a stage/solo show to check lighting cues, etc.
What do your performers need to be provided with?
  • A private green room (separate room away from guests) to allow entertainers to privately stretch, get dressed and store belonging
  • Water
  • If you’re booking a feature performance, then audio equipment/DJ to play the song sufficiently loudly
How do your performers play the music for their show, who provides the music?
An audio file will be shared with the DJ / AV technician to play. We can provide the song, or if you’re hoping to select the music – you can discuss with your Aerialist if your song choices are possible. If you’re requiring a routine to be sync’d to particular music, this will incur additional arrangement fees.
What if we don’t have a DJ or any audio equipment?
You will need to provide a DJ or speakers with audio equipment. If you don’t have one booked – you can book one with us. Enquire for a quote.
What if my event is running late?
If you need to push back the performance on the day of your event please know that we may have other bookings and might not be able to accommodate, although we will always try our very best. Small delays are totally understandable, significant delays will incur an added fee.
Do your performers have public liability?
Yes our Aerialists all have their own public liability insurance.

Pleasure of having Nathan DJ and MC at our wedding. Nathan was incredibly professional throughout the entire process, from our initial consultation to the day of our wedding.

Terry Lim

18 April 2023

We have had the most amazing experience with Melbourne Entertainment company. From day one, they couldn’t have been more helpful and accommodating.

Bea Ferguson

08 December 2023

I recently hired MEC for my wedding and I have to say, I was blown away by the incredible service provided by their DJ, Daniel. The MEC was professional and responsive.

Xiangyu Guo

26 February 2023

Excellent communication throughout the entire process. The musician I booked, Kristen, was professional and provided a wonderful afternoon of entertainment.

Alex Scott

21 March 2023

The Melbourne Entertainment Co. was an absolute pleasure to work with. Their entertainment roster really does have some of the most professional acts in the industry

Phoenix Jack

4 May 2023

Melbourne Entertainment Company has been so easy to deal with from our very first interaction and inquiry with them. They made the process so seamless it was perfect!

Rosabel Poh

25 December 2023

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