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Hiring a DJ is fun! But jazzing up your event with a DJ trombone player is a whole lot cooler! Imagine throwing it back to the days before parties became about fancy electronic gadgets and slick mixes as soon as you hear a DJ solos with some bops on their trombone.

Trombone Sounds That Transcend

DJs who specialize in trombone-style mixes bring a whole new level of energy and creativity to any event. With their live brass element, they can create genre-mashing mashups, experiment with effects and samples, or even go full old-school mode and rock out on some classic jazz or funk tunes. And they can do it all while keeping the crowd engaged and entertained throughout the entire set! Plus, adding a bit of trombone to an event will give your guests something truly unique to remember it by – no matter what genre you choose!

DJ Trombone Hire Melbourne

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A Musical Mix Master

A DJ trombone is a combination of turntablism and brass instrumentation. It combines the techniques and sounds of traditional DJing with live trombone improvisation to create an entirely new kind of musical experience. Instead of simply playing records or samples from behind the decks, DJs who specialize in this style will use their trombones to add their own unique flavour to the mix. In addition to adding texture and depth to existing tracks, they can also create solo trombone “solos” that have never been heard before! The possibilities for creativity with this approach are endless, all while you trash yourself with a bubbly or two.

DJ Trombone Hire

Luke DJ Trombone

Luke D

Keeps the dance floor going with his DJ & Trombone

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Most sought after Wedding DJ in Melbourne | General Manager

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Other Hybrid DJs

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Party Wizards

Bring magic and whimsical fun to your event by hiring a trombone DJ. They bring a bag of tricks and surprises to your event – and get the party quest to their feet instantly!

DJ Trombone at Birthdays

DJ trombone players create an otherworldly birthday bash that will leave everyone in awe! Imagine your mates singing and dancing along to their favourite tunes with a trombone accompaniment.

It’ll be an unforgettable night for sure!

DJ Trombone Hire Melbourne Birthdays
DJ Trombone Hire Melbourne Corporate Events

DJ Trombone at Corporate Events

Make your corporate event a night to remember – and hire a trombone DJ for the job! The unique sound of the trombone will raise the energy level among your co-workers and create office buzz for days.

DJ Trombone at Wedding Receptions

Let’s bring the “wow!” factor to your wedding reception – with a trombone DJ on board. The sound of the horn will create lovely memories that last a lifetime.

DJ Trombone - Weddings

Powerful Live Music

DJ trombone players bring the best of both worlds – live music and DJ culture – to the table. Their skillful mixes provide a powerful sonic experience that will leave your guests swaying till the early morning hours. Live music has a special power – and with a DJ trombone, you get that energy in spades. Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a massive party, this type of music is sure to make your event pop!

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Why Should You Hire A Dj Trombone?

Hiring a Dj Trombone player isn’t just about adding some extra flair and pizzazz to your event – it’s also about making sure that everyone has fun. Music is one of the best ways to break down barriers between people, creating an inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and accepted. Plus, having a live musician onstage makes for an incredibly dynamic show. Lastly, don’t forget about the potential for incredible improvisation! With a Dj Trombone player, there’s no telling where the music will go next – you’re guaranteed to be in for a wild ride.

Melbourne Entertainment Company offers the leading rosters of DJ hybrids that bring the best of both worlds and taste something uniquely new to your event! Our DJ Trombone player is experienced in a wide range of music genres and will tailor their performance to your event’s exact atmosphere. So whether you’re looking for live trombone, solo renditions or eclectic mixes – book with us today and make sure your party exceeds expectations! Make memories that will last a lifetime. Contact Melbourne Entertainment Company now and let our Dj Trombone player take the reins of your next event!

Pleasure of having Nathan DJ and MC at our wedding. Nathan was incredibly professional throughout the entire process, from our initial consultation to the day of our wedding.

Terry Lim

18 April 2023

We have had the most amazing experience with Melbourne Entertainment company. From day one, they couldn’t have been more helpful and accommodating.

Bea Ferguson

08 December 2023

I recently hired MEC for my wedding and I have to say, I was blown away by the incredible service provided by their DJ, Daniel. The MEC was professional and responsive.

Xiangyu Guo

26 February 2023

Excellent communication throughout the entire process. The musician I booked, Kristen, was professional and provided a wonderful afternoon of entertainment.

Alex Scott

21 March 2023

The Melbourne Entertainment Co. was an absolute pleasure to work with. Their entertainment roster really does have some of the most professional acts in the industry

Phoenix Jack

4 May 2023

Melbourne Entertainment Company has been so easy to deal with from our very first interaction and inquiry with them. They made the process so seamless it was perfect!

Rosabel Poh

25 December 2023

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