30 Entertainment Ideas for Children’s Birthday Party

Do you recall that delightful feeling when you were a kid and your birthday was just around the corner? The joyful anticipation of cake, presents, and play on the playground for a day? Well, guess what? It’s time to sprinkle that magic onto your child’s birthday bash! We’ve all been to those mundane, run-of-the-mill kiddie parties where the highlight is a slightly deflated balloon animal, right? Yawn! But don’t worry, because you’re about to embark on an epic adventure into the wild world of children’s birthday party entertainment!

Balloon Bonanza: Inflate the Fun!

When it comes to children’s parties, balloons are like the sprinkles on a birthday cake – absolutely essential! But let’s take it up a notch. How about a balloon artist who can twist and sculpt balloon animals, hats, and even life-sized balloon superheroes? It’s a ripper of a good time!

Kids Party Entertainment

Magician’s Hat-trick

Abracadabra! Imagine the look of pure wonder on your little guests’ dials when a magician pulls off incredible tricks and mind-bending illusions. A magician is like the cherry on top of your party pavlova – magical memories in the making!

Face Painting Frenzy

Kids love to transform into their favourite characters, and face painting is the ticket to make-believe paradise. From whimsical butterflies to fierce tigers, this artistic adventure adds a burst of colour and creativity to any party.

Clowning Around

Clowns are the champions of silliness! Invite one to your party, and watch as they perform slapstick comedy, juggling, and create fantastic balloon animals. It’s like a hilarious circus right in your backyard!

Puppet Show Extravaganza

One children’s birthday party idea is a puppet shows. Puppet shows are timeless delights that transport kids to enchanted worlds. Whether it’s a yarn about brave pirates, friendly dragons, or adventurous explorers, the puppets take centre stage, captivating young hearts.

Treasure Hunt Adventure

Get ready for an epic treasure hunt! With maps, clues, and hidden treasures, this adventure keeps little explorers engaged and entertained. It’s a quest for the ages!

Bubble Magic

Release a sea of shining bubbles, and watch the magic unfold. Kids can chase, pop, and play in a world of iridescent orbs. It’s like stepping into a dream!

Mini Disco Party

Who doesn’t love to dance? Turn your living room into a mini disco with flashing lights, dance-offs, and musical games. It’s a toe-tapping, hip-shaking good time!

Science Show Spectacular

Turn your party into a science show! A science entertainer can perform experiments and demonstrations that both educate and entertain. Plus, the “oohs” and “aahs” are priceless!

Superhero Training Camp

Transform your backyard into a superhero training ground. Capes, obstacle courses, and heroic challenges turn little ones into pint-sized protectors of justice. Up, up, and away!

 Animal Encounter

Invite a mobile petting zoo or animal educator to introduce kids to adorable critters. It’s an educational and cuddly experience that’s both entertaining and informative.

Kids Party Entertainment

Crafty Creations

Set up a crafting station where kids can unleash their artistic talents. Whether it’s painting, sculpting, or making friendship bracelets, it’s a hands-on art where every creation is a masterpiece.

Storytime with a Twist

Another children’s birthday party idea is to hire a storyteller to bring tales to life. Interactive stories with props, costumes, and audience participation will leave kids excited to explore their imaginations.

Mini Chef Cook-off

Let the little chefs take charge in the kitchen. Provide decorating supplies for cookies or cupcakes, and watch their  creativity shine. It’s a tasty adventure!

Outdoor Movie Night

Turn your backyard into a mini cinema. Set up a screen, provide popcorn, and let the kids enjoy a movie under the stars. It’s movie magic, complete with comfy blankets!

Pirate Party

Transform your space into a pirate ship, complete with treasure maps and eye patches. Pirate-themed games and a hunt for buried “treasure” will have kids saying, “Arrr!”

Carnival Funfair

Create a mini carnival with classic games like ring toss, duck pond, and a prize booth. Kids can win tickets and trade them for prizes. It’s all the fun of the fair!

Kids Party Entertainment: Mini Olympiad

Organise a mini Olympics with relay races, sack races, and even a medal ceremony. It’s a day of friendly competition, sportsmanship, and loads of laughter! One good children’s birthday party idea.

Kids Party Entertainment: Princess Tea Party

Host a tea party fit for royalty. Decorate with tiaras, serve tea (or juice), and let the little ones embrace their inner princesses. It’s a regal affair!

Kids Party Entertainment

Kids Party Entertainment: Dinosaur Dig

Become paleontologists for the day. Dig for “fossils,” learn about dinosaurs, and even have a dino-themed cake. It’s a roaring good time!

Music Mania: Create a Kid’s Band

Encourage budding musicians by letting them create a mini band. With simple instruments, they can form their own musical group and perform for the parents.

Kids Party Entertainment: Circus Extravaganza

Transform your backyard into a circus tent. Hire performers to showcase clowning, acrobatics, and even a mini trapeze act. It’s like having your very own big top!

Kids Party Entertainment: Adventure Story Hunt

Create an adventure story with clues and riddles. Kids work together to solve the mystery, making it a wonderful experience. It’s like a real-life detective adventure!

Kids Party Entertainment: Costume Party

Let kids unleash their creativity with a costume party. Encourage them to come dressed as their favourite characters for a day of make-believe and imaginative play.

Kids Party Entertainment: Miniature Train Ride

Rent a miniature train that chugs around your party venue, giving kids an exciting and scenic ride. This idea adds an element of adventure and novelty that will leave little ones thrilled.

Kids Party Entertainment: Teddy Bear Picnic

Host a teddy bear picnic where kids bring their favourite stuffed animals. Lay out picnic blankets, serve sandwiches, snacks, and let the kids enjoy a delightful meal with their fluffy friends.

Kids Party Entertainment: Gardening Party

Encourage kids to explore their green thumbs with a gardening party. Provide small pots, soil, seeds, and let them plant their flowers or herbs. It’s educational and hands-on fun!

Kids Party Entertainment: Mini Golf Madness

Set up a mini-golf course with colourful obstacles and putters tailored for kids. Mini-golf is a great way to challenge their coordination and have a blast.

Firefighter Adventure

Make your backyard into a firefighter training ground. Kids can dress up as firefighters, use hoses, and tackle “fires” (red-coloured water balloons). It’s a heroic adventure they won’t forget!

Let’s Make Magic Happen!

Rainbows, giggles, and cake crumbs everywhere—can you imagine anything more fun for your child’s special day? Now that you’ve got a lot of entertainment ideas to choose from, it’s time to show the ultimate kiddie birthday bash.

Whether you’re aiming for a magical unicorn-themed show, a superhero showdown, or a fairytale adventure, the key is to sprinkle in laughter, love, and lots of fun.

Contact Melbourne Entertainment Company today and let’s turn your child’s birthday party into an event that they will remember. The only limit is your imagination, and we’ve got a phone full of ideas to make your celebration amazing!


Here are 30 fun ideas to make kids’ birthday parties unforgettable. You can have balloon artists, magicians, face painting, puppet shows, treasure hunts, and bubble fun. There are also themes like pirate, carnival, and gardening parties to choose from. These ideas ensure a day filled with joy and excitement for the little ones.

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