Family Christmas Games in Australia

As the Southern Hemisphere bathes in the warmth of summer, we embrace the holiday spirit with a range of games that encapsulate the joyous Australian ethos. Whether you’re lounging on the sandy beaches or gathering cozily indoors, our blog will guide you through an array of games that promise fun, laughter, and a dash of competition.

Australian summer holiday games

With summer in full swing in the Southern Hemisphere, we celebrate the holiday season with games that capture the essence of Australian joy. Whether you’re basking on sandy beaches or enjoying cozy indoor gatherings, our blog highlights a variety of games guaranteed to bring fun, laughter, and a touch of friendly competition.

Family Christmas Games

Aussie Christmas games

From beach cricket that melds British heritage with Australia’s iconic beach culture to creative indoor games perfect for family gatherings, we explore activities that are not only engaging but also weave the fabric of lasting memories.

So, grab your cricket bat or your drawing pad, and let’s dive into the heart of an Aussie Christmas celebration, ensuring every moment is packed with entertainment and communal joy. Join us as we uncover the best games for both sun-soaked beaches and comfy living rooms, promising a merry and memorable holiday season for everyone.

Traditional Australian Christmas Games

Australia celebrates Christmas in its unique, sun-drenched style, with summer vibes influencing festive traditions, including the beloved games that families and friends enjoy during the season. Here are some traditional Australian Christmas games, inspired by diverse sources, that capture the spirit and joy of an Aussie holiday.

Beach Cricket

Nothing says an Australian Christmas like a game of cricket on the beach. Families gather, with bat and ball in hand, to enjoy a friendly match under the summer sun. This game blends the traditional British influence of cricket with Australia’s iconic beach culture, providing both fun and competition.

Merry Christmas Word Game

A simple yet entertaining game perfect for the holiday season. Participants use the letters in “Merry Christmas” to create as many words as they can within a set time limit. It’s a great way to engage everyone’s vocabulary and creativity.

    Pin the Nose on Rudolph

    A festive twist on the classic party game, “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”. Players are blindfolded and attempt to pin a red nose on a poster of Rudolph. This game is perfect for family gatherings and brings laughter and joy to both children and adults.

    Aussie Christmas Categories Game

    This game is based on the popular ‘Scattergories’ but with a distinctly Aussie Christmas twist. Players think of words related to Australian Christmas that begin with a specific letter. Topics can range from foods and decorations to famous Australian Christmas icons.

    Jingle Bell Toss

    A fun game for kids and adults alike that can incorporate some math skills. Players toss jingle bells into cups labelled with numbers, and the person with the highest score wins. This can be adapted to suit different age groups and abilities.

    Holiday Picture Drawing Challenge

    Using a paper plate placed on their heads, participants are challenged to draw Christmas-themed images. This quirky game is perfect for bringing out everyone’s artistic side and is guaranteed to result in giggles and some abstract art.
    These games not only make the festive season more enjoyable but also help in creating lasting memories. Whether on the sandy beaches or at a cozy family gathering, these traditional Australian Christmas games add a touch of Aussie charm to holiday celebrations.

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    Family gatherings are the perfect time to reconnect and create cherished memories, especially when indoors. Engaging in fun indoor games can bring laughter, joy, and a touch of friendly competition to these occasions. Here’s a comprehensive guide to family-friendly indoor games that are sure to make your gatherings memorable.

    Giant Board Games

    Nothing spices up family game night like supersized board games! Games like giant chess and checkers not only add a visual twist but also make strategic games more engaging for all ages. Whether strategising in chess or lining up checkers for a win, these large-scale games are perfect for indoor fun.

    Classic Card Games

    Card games are a staple at family gatherings. From classics like ‘Spoons’ and ‘Rummy’ to more strategic games like ‘Bridge,’ they offer endless possibilities for entertainment. These games are not only fun but also help in developing cognitive skills like memory and strategy.

    Creative Drawing Games

    Bring out the creativity in your family with games that involve drawing and guessing. Start with simple doodles and let everyone add to them, or play charades with drawings. These activities are great for stimulating creativity and can be tailored to involve family members of all ages.

    Puzzle-Based Board Games

    Board games like ‘Carrom’ and ‘Crokinole’ offer a mix of fun and challenge. These games require dexterity and strategic thinking, making them perfect for families who enjoy a challenge. They’re not just entertaining but also a great way to develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

    Educational Games

    Incorporate learning with fun by choosing games that are educational as well. Games that involve math puzzles, word building, or even geography can be both informative and entertaining. This is a great way to keep the kids engaged and learning, even during leisure time.

    Interactive Games

    For something more active, opt for games that get everyone moving. ‘Simon Says,’ ‘Charades,’ and ‘Hide and Seek’ are fantastic for burning off some energy and can be played indoors with enough space. These games are excellent for all ages and help in building physical coordination and social skills.

    Indoor games for family gatherings are not just about entertainment; they are about creating lasting memories, bonding, and learning together. Whether it’s a strategic board game, a creative drawing game, or an active game, the key is to enjoy the time spent together as a family. Choose games that suit your family’s interests and watch the hours filled with smiles and laughter.


    Family Christmas Games

    Outdoor Christmas Games

    Christmas in Australia comes during the summer, making it the perfect time to move the festivities outdoors. Celebrating with outdoor games not only caters to the warm weather but also adds excitement and fun to holiday gatherings. Here’s a guide to some of the best outdoor Christmas games that are perfect for Australian celebrations.

    Beach Cricket

    An Aussie Christmas is incomplete without a game of cricket at the beach. Families and friends can enjoy a casual match under the sun, using a soft ball for safety. This game is an excellent way to burn off those Christmas lunch calories!

    Giant Hookey

    Giant Hookey is an easy-to-set-up game perfect for all ages. Players throw rings at numbered hooks to score points, aiming to reach exactly 101 points. Overshooting means the points get deducted, adding a challenge to the game.

    Water Balloon Dodgeball

    Given the summer heat, incorporating water into games can be refreshing. Water balloon dodgeball involves teams throwing water-filled balloons at each other while trying to dodge incoming shots. It’s a wet and wild way to keep cool.

    Beach Cricket

    An Aussie Christmas is incomplete without a game of cricket at the beach. Families and friends can enjoy a casual match under the sun, using a soft ball for safety. This game is an excellent way to burn off those Christmas lunch calories!


    Cornhole has become a popular backyard game and is ideal for Christmas gatherings. Players take turns throwing bags filled with corn or beans at an elevated platform with a hole at the end. This game is great for players of all ages and skill levels.


    Played on the beach, Frescobol involves hitting a small ball back and forth using wooden paddles. It’s energetic, fun, and perfect for playing on the sand. Plus, it’s easy to carry and set up anywhere.

    Christmas Scavenger Hunt

    Create a scavenger hunt with a Christmas theme. Hide items around the yard or park that relate to the Twelve Days of Christmas, and give clues or a list to find them. This game is excellent for both kids and adults and can be adjusted in difficulty according to the group.

    Santa’s Limbo

    How low can you go with a Santa belly? Add a fun twist to Limbo by having participants wear a “Santa belly” (a pillow under their shirt) as they try to go under the bar. Play Christmas music to enhance the festive spirit.

    Reindeer Ring Toss

    Make antlers using branches or buy a reindeer ring toss set. Participants take turns trying to toss rings onto the antlers. It’s simple and fun, perfect for all age groups, and can be played indoors if the weather changes.

    Outdoor games are a fantastic addition to any Australian Christmas celebration. They not only keep the energy high but also allow everyone to enjoy the beautiful summer weather. Choose any of these games to bring laughter and joy to your festive gatherings.

    Tips for Organizing Game Activities

    Organising game activities can be a daunting task, whether you’re dealing with board games, card games, or family game nights. Proper organisation not only saves time but also enhances the gaming experience by making it easier to find and play games. Here are some effective tips to help you organise your game activities efficiently.

    Declutter Regularly

    One of the first steps in organising game activities is to declutter regularly. This involves checking for games with missing pieces and deciding whether to repair, replace, or discard them. Donating or selling games that are no longer of interest helps keep your collection fresh and relevant to your current needs.

    Use Transparent Storage Solutions

    Consider using clear storage bins for storing games, especially those that do not come with a board or those whose boxes are falling apart. Transparent containers allow you to see what’s inside without opening each box, reducing the time spent searching for specific games.

    Keep Games Accessible

    Store games in a manner that makes them easily accessible. If you have a game closet, organise games vertically, like books, so you can pull them out without disrupting others. This method prevents the chaos of tumbling games when trying to retrieve one from the bottom of a stack.

    Label Everything

    For games stored in bins or containers, use labels to identify the contents clearly. This is particularly useful for card games or smaller game pieces stored in separate containers. Labelling not only aids in quick identification but also in ensuring that everything is returned to its rightful place after use.

    Prioritise Games Based on Frequency of Use

    Organise your games based on how often they are played. Keep frequently used games within easy reach, perhaps on lower shelves or in more accessible areas of your storage space. Seasonal or less frequently played games can be stored higher up or in less accessible areas.

    Utilise All Available Space

    Be creative with your storage solutions. Utilise bookshelves, metal cubbies, and even furniture with storage capabilities like coffee tables with built-in compartments. These can serve as excellent places to store games without taking up additional space.

    Incorporate Games into Your Decor

    If you’re short on storage space, consider integrating your games into your home decor. Arranging games on living room shelves or using them as decor pieces can add a unique touch to your home while keeping them handy for spontaneous game nights.

    Maintain an Inventory

    Maintain an inventory of your games, especially if you have a large collection. This can be as simple as a digital spreadsheet that tracks the name of the game, the location where it’s stored, and any special notes about the game’s condition or pieces.

    Organising game activities doesn’t have to be a chore. With these tips, you can ensure that your games are always ready to go when game night rolls around. Not only does this save time, but it also makes the process of choosing and playing games more enjoyable for everyone involved.


    In this festive season, as the balmy breezes of Australia’s summer waft through our gatherings, our blog has taken you through a kaleidoscope of games that capture the quintessential joy and camaraderie of an Aussie Christmas. From the sandy expanses where beach cricket reigns supreme to the cozy confines of living rooms alive with the sounds of laughter over board games, we’ve explored the gamut of activities that make this holiday season both merry and bright. The traditional games like Pin the Nose on Rudolph and the Merry Christmas Word Game, along with newer additions like the Aussie Christmas Categories Game, not only spice up our celebrations but also stitch together the fabric of unforgettable memories.

    These games, whether played under the sizzling sun or inside against the backdrop of a festive tree, bring us closer, uniting friends and family in spirited competition and collective joy. As we wrap up this guide, remember that the essence of these games lies not just in their festive fun but in their ability to bring us together, forging bonds and igniting a shared spirit of joy and laughter. Whether you choose to challenge your mates to a spirited round of beach cricket or gather around for a giant board game, the magic of an Australian Christmas is yours to embrace and enjoy. So, as you step into this season of festivity, take these game ideas and make them your own. Let the laughter resonate, the competition thrive, and the memories last forever. Merry Christmas and happy gaming, Australia!

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    Content Summary

    Family Christmas Games
    • Celebrating Christmas in Australia combines warm summer weather with festive joy.
    Traditional Australian Christmas Games: Family Christmas Games
    • Beach cricket is a popular game that blends British heritage with Australian beach culture.
    • Indoor games add variety and fun to family gatherings during the holiday season.
    • Games like beach cricket foster both fun and competition among families.
    • The Merry Christmas Word Game is a creative way to engage with language and holiday themes.
    • Pin the Nose on Rudolph modernises a classic game for festive enjoyment.
    • The Aussie Christmas Categories Game is inspired by ‘Scattergories’ with a local twist.
    • Jingle Bell Toss involves tossing bells into cups, mixing fun with a bit of math.
    • Participants in the Holiday Picture Drawing Challenge draw Christmas images on paper plates placed on their heads.
    • These games enhance the holiday spirit and help create lasting memories.
    Indoor Games for Family Gatherings: Family Christmas Games
    • Giant board games like chess and checkers make indoor play visually impressive and engaging.
    • Classic card games like ‘Spoons’ and ‘Rummy’ are mainstays at family gatherings.
    • Creative drawing games foster imagination across all family members.
    • Puzzle-based board games like ‘Carrom’ and ‘Crokinole’ challenge both dexterity and strategic thinking.
    • Educational games make learning fun by incorporating subjects like math and geography.
    • Interactive games such as ‘Simon Says’ and ‘Charades’ encourage physical activity and social interaction.
    • Outdoor games are especially enjoyable in Australia’s summer, aligning with the season’s outdoor-friendly weather.
    Outdoor Christmas Games: Family Christmas Games
    • Playing cricket on the beach is an iconic Australian Christmas activity.
    • Giant Hookey challenges players to score points by throwing rings at hooks.
    • Water Balloon Dodgeball is a refreshing game that suits the summer heat.
    • Cornhole involves skill and fun, making it suitable for all ages.
    • Frescobol, which is played with wooden paddles and a small ball, is energetic and beach-appropriate.
    • A Christmas-themed scavenger hunt adds adventure and exploration to the festivities.
    • Santa’s Limbo, featuring a “Santa belly,” adds a humorous twist to a classic game.
    • Reindeer Ring Toss is a simple and enjoyable game for guests of all ages.
    • Organising games efficiently can enhance the overall gaming experience.
    Tips for Organizing Game Activities: Family Christmas Games
    • Regularly decluttering game collections help maintain a tidy and functional assortment.
    • Using transparent storage solutions allows for easier access and identification of games.
    • Storing games vertically, like books in a closet, saves space and reduces mess.
    • Labelling games and containers helps in quick identification and organisation.
    • Prioritising games based on frequency of use keeps popular games readily accessible.
    • Utilising all available space, such as bookshelves and multifunctional furniture, optimises storage.
    • Integrating games into home decor can make them part of the living space aesthetics.
    • Maintaining an inventory of games helps manage a large collection efficiently.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are some popular family Christmas games in Australia?

    Popular Christmas games in Australia include beach cricket, which captures the spirit of the Australian summer and the nation’s love for cricket; the Merry Christmas Word Game, which challenges players to create words from “Merry Christmas,” and Pin the Nose on Rudolph, a festive variation of the classic party game. Additionally, games like Aussie Christmas Categories, Jingle Bell Toss, and various giant board games are common choices during the festive season.

    Can these games be played both indoors and outdoors?

    Yes, many of the games mentioned can be adapted for both indoor and outdoor settings. For example, beach cricket and water balloon dodgeball are perfect for sunny outdoor play, while giant board games, card games, and creative drawing challenges can be enjoyed indoors. This versatility makes them ideal for the fluctuating summer weather around Christmas in Australia.

    Are there any traditional Australian Christmas games?

    Traditional games often include beach cricket, reflecting Australia’s beach culture and the influence of British heritage. The Aussie Christmas Categories Game, which is a local take on Scattergories, is another example where players think of items related to Australian Christmas starting with specific letters. These games not only entertain but also celebrate the unique cultural aspects of an Australian Christmas.

    What types of games are suitable for children and adults alike?

    Games like the Jingle Bell Toss and Reindeer Ring Toss are suitable for all ages, providing fun challenges without being too complex for younger players. For family gatherings involving adults and children, games like Cornhole, Giant Hookey, and various card and board games offer something everyone can enjoy, often incorporating elements of skill and strategy that cater to different age groups.

    How can I organise family Christmas games effectively?

    To organise family Christmas games effectively, start by selecting a variety of games that cater to the interests and ages of all participants. Prepare all necessary equipment and game materials in advance. Consider the space available and set up games accordingly, ensuring there’s enough room for everyone to participate safely. Keeping games accessible and labelled can help in quick setup and cleanup. Finally, scheduling when each game will be played can help in maintaining a smooth flow of activities during your gathering.

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