First Dance Tips

The spotlight is on, the music begins to play, and all eyes are on you—the newlyweds—gliding across the dance floor in a moment of pure magic! Read on below for our first dance tips!


The first dance at a wedding is a traditional moment where the newlyweds share their first dance together as a married couple. Typically held shortly after the wedding ceremony or during the reception, the first dance symbolizes the beginning of their journey together. It’s a special and intimate moment where the couple showcases their love and commitment to each other in front of their family and friends. The song choice for the first dance is often meaningful to the couple, reflecting their relationship and shared experiences. Whether accompanied by a DJ or a live band, the music sets the tone for this cherished moment, creating an atmosphere of romance and celebration. It’s a memorable part of the wedding celebration that creates lasting memories for the couple and their guests alike.

First Dance Tips

When’s the first dance?

The first dance is a cherished moment in weddings, typically held after the ceremony or during the reception. It’s when the newlyweds take center stage, dancing together for the first time as a married couple.

Whether swaying to a romantic ballad or grooving to an upbeat tune, the first dance sets the tone for the celebration and holds sentimental significance. The music for this moment can be played by a DJ or a live band, adding to the magic of the occasion.



First Dance Tips: Set the Stage

Choose the Perfect Jam

The song you choose for your first dance sets the tone for the entire moment. Whether you prefer a classic love ballad, a modern pop hit, or a sentimental tune with special meaning, pick a song that speaks to your heart. This is one of the most important first dance tips.
Consider the tempo, lyrics, and overall vibe to ensure it resonates with your love story.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Now, we’re not saying you need to bust out a full-on “Dancing with the Stars” routine (unless you want to, of course). But a little practice goes a long way. Hit the dance floor together, take a lesson or two, or just clear some space in the living room and dance like nobody’s watching.

Coordinate with Your Attire

Keep your wedding attire in mind when planning your first dance. If you’re wearing a ball gown with a full skirt, practice how to move gracefully without tripping over layers. Grooms should also consider the length and fit of their suits to ensure they can move comfortably on the dance floor.

First Dance Tips: Dance with Heart

Focus on Connection

This is your moment to lock eyes, share a smile that says “We did it!”, and get lost in each other’s love-filled gaze. The beauty of the first dance lies in the connection between you and your partner.
Use this moment to express your emotions and create a heartfelt connection that will captivate your guests.

Add Personal Touches

Infuse your first dance with personal touches that reflect your relationship. Incorporate special moves, a dramatic dip, or a playful twirl to make the dance uniquely yours. Whether it’s a silly spin, a secret handshake, or a dip that would make even the pros jealous, make it your own.
Consider surprising your guests with a choreographed routine or a sentimental gesture that holds significance for you both.

Embrace Imperfections

Let’s face it, not every step will be perfect—and that’s part of the fun! Embrace any little stumbles or giggles with a “we meant to do that” attitude.
Remember, your first dance is about celebrating your love, not achieving perfection. Embrace any small mistakes or unexpected moments with grace and laughter. These candid moments often become cherished memories that add character to your dance.

First Dance Tips

First Dance Tips: Wow Your Guests

First Dance Tips: Create a Grand Entrance

Build anticipation for your first dance with a grand entrance that sets the stage for romance. Consider starting with a slow, elegant walk onto the dance floor or a dramatic reveal that captivates your guests’ attention.

First Dance Tips: Involve Your Wedding Party

Want to kick things up a notch? Invite your wedding squad to join you on the dance floor! Amp up the excitement by inviting your wedding party to join you on the dance floor midway through the song.
Transition into a lively group dance or encourage guests to join in for a memorable dance party that gets everyone on their feet.

First Dance Tips: End with a Bang

Finish strong with a show-stopping move that leaves your guests in awe. Consider a dramatic dip, a spin into each other’s arms, or a passionate embrace as the music reaches its crescendo. End on a high note that leaves your guests cheering for more!

First Dance Tips: Professional Photography and Videography

Don’t let these precious moments slip away! Hire a top-notch photographer and videographer to capture every twirl, every dip, and every heart-fluttering glance. Trust us, you’ll want to relive this dance over and over.

Make It Unforgettable

That’s our First Dance Tips! Your first dance is more than just a moment on the dance floor—it’s a memory in the making. So, let the music carry you, the love guide you, and the joy of the moment envelop you both. Embrace every twirl, dip, and laugh, knowing that this dance is just the beginning of your incredible journey together.

Our final note? Just go with the flow! Let go of any nerves, any worries about perfect steps, and simply dance from the heart. This is your moment to celebrate your love, your journey, and the incredible adventure ahead. So, hold each other close, feel the music in your souls, and dance like nobody’s watching—except each other. Looking for a song for your first dance? Check out our Top 40 Bridal Waltz/First Dance Songs!

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First Dance Tips

  • Choose the perfect song that resonates with your love story and sets the tone for the moment.
  • Practice together to ensure smooth moves and comfortable dancing, whether it’s a choreographed routine or spontaneous.
  • Coordinate your attire to move gracefully and comfortably on the dance floor, considering the length and fit of your outfits.
  • Focus on the connection with your partner, sharing heartfelt gazes and emotions that captivate your guests.
  • Infuse personal touches like special moves or gestures to make the dance uniquely yours and surprise your guests.
  • Embrace imperfections with grace and laughter, as they add character and charm to your dance.
  • Create a grand entrance to build anticipation, involve your wedding party for added excitement, and end with a memorable move that leaves everyone cheering.
  • Hire professional photographers and videographers to capture every moment of your first dance for lasting memories.

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