Groom Speech Tips, Jokes & Ideas

Are you terrified of giving a speech at your wedding in front of all your in-laws and her adorable grandma? Feeling a little tongue-tied, palms sweaty, or maybe just altogether lost for words? Fear not! With our fool-proof groom speech tips on how to write an awesome groom’s speech, you’ll be saying “I do” (to the perfect marriage delivery!) in no time. We’ve gathered lots of hilarious jokes, heartfelt ideas & inspiring tips so you can craft an unforgettably great groom’s spiel that will have everyone swooning or at least chuckling with delight.

Hilarious Opener

One thing is for sure when it comes to speeches, starting strong is key. MEC knows that people will always remember a great opening line & it’s an easy way to break the ice and set the tone for the rest of your speech. A witty remark about the journey to the altar or a playful comment about wedding planning will set the tone for a humorous speech!

For example:
“I’m glad I picked the right girl because when it comes to wedding planning, she was calling all the shots”

Or you can say;
“I said I do at the altar, but I’ve been saying ‘yes dear’ for years!”

See, the funny groom’s speech has already begun! Find the right balance of heartfelt sentiment and humor, without being too cheesy, and you’ll have your audience feeling the love (and laughing!) from the very start!

Groom Speech Tips, Jokes and Ideas

Thanking the Guests

Another groom speech tips is to express gratitude to the guests for being a part of your special day and Inject humor into your appreciation by sharing funny anecdotes or playful remarks about your guests
“Thank you all for being here today. We couldn’t have asked for a better crowd – except maybe for the guy who keeps asking if there’s an open bar!”

“Thank you for coming today, and thank you Uncle John for not overloading on the scotch, again!”

The key is to make sure everyone knows how much you appreciate their presence without being too serious about it.

Groom Speech ideas: Complimenting (Roasting?) Your Partner

Shower your partner with genuine compliments, or hear us out, a roast-toast! Because what better way to make your partner (and the rest of the audience!) laugh than by poking a bit of fun at them in good spirits?

Of course, you need to talk about their beauty, intelligence, and all the amazing qualities that make them the perfect match for you!

But adding a little twist poking fun at their quirks and mini obsessions (like their love for reality TV or the way they always lose their car keys) will have everyone cracking up!

For example;

“I am truly the luckiest guy in the world. Not only is [Partner’s Name] gorgeous, but they also somehow find my terrible jokes funny. That’s true love!”


“She watches the Bachelor so much I’m starting to think she applied for it one year and forgot about it!”

See? Even roasting can be romantic!

Groom Speech Tips, Jokes and Ideas

Groom Speech ideas: Teasing Yourself

Hey, it takes two to tango, so don’t leave yourself out of the equation! A little self-depreciation can go a long way in charming your guests.
If you’re comfortable enough, make fun of yourself with some lighthearted jokes about your own wedding day jitters or goofs.

For example;

“I guess I’m not as cool as I thought because it took me four tries to get into the tux!”
Share funny stories about your quirks, mishaps, or embarrassing moments, showing your ability to laugh at yourself!


“I must confess, I was a bit nervous about this speech. I’ve been known to trip over my own words, so I promise to keep it short and sweet. Just like me!”

Groom Speech ideas: Bridal Party Shenanigans

Don’t forget to give credit where credit is due & thank the bridal party for their help and support!
Another groom speech idea is sharing funny stories or embarrassing moments you all had together throughout the wedding planning process – from awkward dress fittings to last-minute trips to Target – that will surely make your guests LOL.

You can say;

“I must thank my groomsmen for being the best part of the wedding. Even when things went wrong (like that time we had to drive an hour for a missing veil), you all stuck by me like brothers!”

The more entertaining, the better! Talk about memorable adventures, inside jokes, or funny mishaps that occurred during the wedding preparations.


“My mates have been with me through thick and thin. Like that time we got stuck on the top of a double-decker bus during the Bachelor party… it’s one of those stories I’m sure will never get old!”

Your guests will definitely appreciate the bond you and your bridal party share.

Groom Speech Tips, Jokes and Ideas

Groom Speech ideas: In-Law Humor

Oh boy, you have to tread lightly, here. Make sure you don’t offend anyone with your jokes!
Your in-laws may have a different sense of humor than you, so choosing the right words are key to avoiding any awkwardness. But if you hit the right spot with your jokes, you’ll instantly be the family’s favorite!

For example;

“I’d like to thank my mother-in-law for the countless hours she spent helping us plan this beautiful wedding. Even if she did try to get a purple theme going…”

You can also praise your partner’s family by acknowledging how they raised the amazing person you chose to marry.


“My wife is so kind, caring and generous – it’s no wonder, with parents like hers! Now I wonder where her obsessive cleaning skills come from…”

This kind of humor will show your in-laws that you appreciate and respect them while also bringing the house down with laughter.

Groom Speech ideas: Toast to the Future

While talking about your past is great, don’t forget to mention the future!

Show your guests that you are looking forward to the next phase of your life with plenty of positivity and hope. Talk about exciting future plans or hopes and dreams for the newlyweds.


“We can’t wait to start our lives together. Hopefully, in the future, we’ll be able to travel more and explore the world together!”

Share your hopes, dreams, and a funny twist to leave everyone with a smile!


“Here’s to a future filled with love, laughter, and never running out of Netflix shows to binge-watch together. And if we do, well, there’s always reruns of ‘Friends’!”

Groom Speech Tips, Jokes and Ideas

Now, get that bubbly and seal the most amazing speech with a kiss!

Final Notes

As you wrap up your speech, remember to speak from the heart and infuse it with your unique sense of humor. Tailor your speech to your relationship, respect your partner’s boundaries, and keep the focus on celebrating your love and the joyous occasion. We also have Bride Speech, Best Man Speech and Maid of Honor Speech.

With these tips, jokes, and ideas, you’re all set to deliver a groom speech that will have everyone laughing, cheering, and celebrating your love story in style!

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