Hens Party Ideas and Tips

Ladies, grab your tiaras and get ready to dive headfirst into the world of hen parties! As your unofficial party spirit guide, we’re here to transform your hen party planning from daunting to dazzling. If you’ve been graced with the honor of being the bridesmaid, remember, you’re not just a friend; you’re a party magician, a cheerleader, and the chief memory-maker. So, let’s sprinkle some magic, pour in a hearty dose of enthusiasm, and whip up a whirlwind of unforgettable experiences for the bride-to-be with our hens night ideas!

Luxe Camping under the Southern Stars

Why settle for ordinary camping when you can embrace the glamour of glamping? Imagine your hens party under the shimmering Southern Hemisphere stars, nestled in a luxurious bell tent, teepee, or yurt.

It’s like a slumber party, upgraded for grown-up adventurers. Explore the natural wonders of the Land Down Under with glamping gems waiting for your squad.

Hens Party Ideas

Dance-Off Delight

If your hen party needs some rhythm and fun, a dance class could be the answer. Whether it’s twerking, Charleston, or even a ’90s HIT class, dancing will set the tone for a lively night out.

Dance Parties: Hiring a DJ or going to a nightclub for dancing and music.

Sip & Stroke

Let your creativity flow with a hen party that’s all about artistry! Consider hosting a creative session, from crafting beautiful flower crowns to trying your hand at pottery painting or even some cheeky nude life drawing!

Cinema Chic

Does the bride-to-be have a soft spot for classic movies? Treat her to a vintage-inspired movie night! Organise a private screening of timeless classics like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” “Cabaret,” or “Chinatown.” Consider a themed movie night where the squad dresses up to transport you to another era.!

Farm Frenzy

For a hen party that’s genuinely distinctive, head to the farm! Farm weekends are a hoot, with activities like cow-milking, bread-making, and even exciting hen chases.

Mystery Mayhem

Prepare for an evening filled with mystery and laughter! Host a thrilling murder mystery night where an unsuspecting victim meets a mysterious fate, and it’s up to your hen party to crack the case. It’s a fantastic ice-breaker activity that guarantees fun and team bonding.

Wellness Wonderland

For a more serene hen party, consider a wellness weekend. Focus on activities like yoga or pilates, surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. Get ready for absolute peace and rejuvenation for the bride-to-be and the squad!

Cocktail Carnival

Before hitting the town, become masters of mixology! It’s a fun, social, and delicious activity. Many hotels and restaurants across Melbourne offer entertaining cocktail-making classes.

Treasure Hunt

Embark on a thrilling treasure hunt that’s sure to get everyone’s hearts racing. Solve clues, complete challenges, and capture memorable photos along the way. Whether you’re exploring the city or taking over the town, it’s an adventure you won’t forget.

Arts and Crafts Galore

If your bride is the ultimate DIY enthusiast, an arts and crafts-filled hen party is perfect. From crafting exquisite flower crowns to felting, pottery painting, or even trying your hand at nude life drawing, the creative options are endless!

Private Cruise

Step aboard for a mini cruise on the picturesque waterways of Australia. Enjoy the scenic beauty while sipping bubbly with your sisters. A mini cruise sets the stage for an elegant evening.

Hens Party Ideas

Action Adventure

Calling all adrenaline junkies! If your hen party craves action-packed adventure, you’re in luck. From zip-lining and zorbing to whale watching and windsurfing, the options are as vast as the outback.

Afternoon Tea

Indulge in the timeless charm of an afternoon tea party. Adorned with beautiful china, delectable cakes, endless cups of tea (and a glass of bubbly or two), it’s suitable for everyone, including the mums!

Hike & Picnic

Escape to the great outdoors for a scenic hike followed by a delightful picnic. Connect with nature, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy delicious treats surrounded by stunning Australian landscapes.

Home Sweet Hen Party

If you’re on a budget or simply prefer a cozy atmosphere, host a hen party at home! Create a mini spa, organize a themed potluck dinner, or relive your teenage years with a slumber party. It’s all about having a blast together.

hens night Ideas: Mini Carnival

Experience the charm of a Downton Abbey-inspired extravaganza. Dress up in period costumes, enjoy some dramatic entertainment, and immerse yourselves in an aristocratic world.

hens night Ideas: At-Home Hen Party

If you’re looking to keep things budget-friendly or just want an intimate celebration, why not host a hen party at home? Set up a mini spa, indulge in a potluck dinner, or throw a throwback slumber party. It’s all about comfort and fun.

Hens Party Ideas

hens night Ideas: Beach Bash

One hens party ideas and tips is to take your hen party to the beach! Lounge on the sandy shores, play beach games, and savor a breathtaking Australian sunset. Don’t forget the beachside cocktails with those cute little umbrellas!

hens night Ideas: Costume Carnival

Elevate your costume party game! Pick a theme, whether it’s retro, movie characters, or fairy tales, and dress to impress. It’s a night of fun, laughter, and fantastic photo ops.

hens night Ideas: Culinary Quest

Calling all foodies! Join forces in a cooking class where you can whip up delectable dishes. Whether it’s mastering pasta, pavlova, sushi, or cupcakes, you’ll bond over shared culinary triumphs.

hens night Ideas: Roller Disco Fever

Get your retro groove on with a roller disco party! Lace up those roller skates, don your retro attire, and dance the night away under the disco ball.

hens night Ideas: Sing-Along Spectacular

Unleash your inner divas with a karaoke night! Belt out your favorite tunes and discover hidden singing talents within your squad.

hens night Ideas: Outdoor Cinema Night

Another hens party ideas and tips is to transform your backyard into a cinematic paradise! Set up a big screen, grab some popcorn, and enjoy a night of classic movies under the stars.

hens night Ideas: Wine Tasting Adventure

Embark on a wine-tasting journey that’ll tantalize your taste buds. Sip on fine wines, savor delicious pairings, and become wine connoisseurs for the day.

hens night Ideas: Cocktail Making

Become mixology masters with a cocktail-making class! Shake, stir, and sip on your own colorful creations. It’s a delightful way to bond over cocktails and celebrate the bride-to-be’s journey.

Where the Party Never Ends

Whether you’re grooving on the dance floor, exploring the Australian wilderness, or sipping cocktails like a mixology pro, remember, the most important ingredient is the joy you share with the bride-to-be. A hen party isn’t just about the activities; it’s about the laughter, the camaraderie, and the love you shower upon the guest of honor. From glamping adventures to creative crafting, from treasure hunts to dance-offs, there’s no shortage of ways to celebrate your bride-to-be’s journey to the altar. Here’s to unforgettable memories, laughter that echoes into the night, and a bride who knows she has the best friends in the world!

Now, go forth and plan the hen party of a lifetime! Book Melbourne Entertainment Company for an unforgettable hen party. Let’s make this party the stuff of legends, where the party feathers fly, the confetti rains down, and the joy is simply irresistible.


Plan an unforgettable hen’s party with these ideas and tips. Whether you’re into glamping under the stars, getting creative with art sessions, enjoying a vintage movie night, or going on a thrilling treasure hunt, there’s something for everyone. You can even master mixology, enjoy a beach bash, or embark on a wine-tasting adventure. Whatever you choose, it’s about creating lasting memories for the bride-to-be and her squad! So, let the fun and adventure begin.

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