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How do you get music for a funeral?

Much like a heartfelt farewell speech, where words sometimes fall short, the gentle cadence of well-chosen Funeral Songs weaves a tapestry of emotions, stitching together cherished memories and profound sentiments. So, how do you get music for a funeral?

The Internet

The vast online landscape is a treasure trove of options for funeral music. Don’t be shy—embrace the digital realm where song suggestions are just a click away.

Within moments, you can immerse yourself in a sea of choices, spanning genres and eras. Platforms like YouTube introduce you to touching songs like Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath My Wings” or Vera Lynn’s “We’ll Meet Again.”

And don’t forget about the thoughtfully curated Spotify playlists, designed to tug at your heartstrings.

How Do You Get Music For A Funeral

Get Music For A Funeral: Your Loved One’s Church

If your loved one was part of a church community, their spiritual home can guide you to the perfect funeral music. Reach out to the church and ask about songs that resonate with their spiritual journey.

Engage in conversations with the church to uncover recommendations that echo your loved one’s beliefs and values.

The spiritual connection cultivated within these walls often holds valuable insights into music that will honour their memory.

Get Music For A Funeral: Families and Loved Ones

Sometimes, the best advice comes from those who’ve been there.

If you have friends or family who’ve gone through this process, lean on their experiences. Connect with people who’ve navigated the journey of selecting funeral music.

And if you’re lucky enough to have a family member with a voice that could move mountains, their contribution could become a heartfelt tribute.

How Do You Get Music For A Funeral

Get Music For A Funeral: Funeral Directors

Funeral directors aren’t just logistical experts; they also understand the impact of funeral music.

Engage in conversations with a funeral director to explore a selection of songs that have touched the hearts of many.

Consult with a funeral director to access a treasure trove of music that have provided comfort to countless families.

Their insights are born from experience and compassion, offering a knowledgeable perspective.

Get Music For A Funeral: Experience the Magic of Live Music

Live music isn’t just sound; it’s a wave of emotions that transcends words. Hiring musicians, soloists, or bands transforms the service into a symphony of remembrance.

Live renditions inject depth and raw sentiment into the occasion.

As attendees immerse themselves in live music, their emotions meld with the music, echoing the essence of your loved one’s story. By entrusting skilled individuals with this musical task, the tunes resonate throughout the venue, weaving a harmonious tapestry of memory.

Crafting a Timeless Musical Tribute

As you remember those who are no longer with us, remember that the songs you choose become brushstrokes on the canvas of time—a tribute that echoes through eternity. We hope this blog gives you insights and guides you to honour your loved one’s memory with harmonious melodies that linger in hearts.

For a compassionate partner in creating a memorable tribute, turn to our funeral musicians hire. Our commitment to crafting meaningful musical experiences ensures your loved one’s story is told through resonant tunes. Book your music with us, and together, let’s weave a melodic story that speaks to the soul of your cherished one.


To get music for a funeral, you have several options. The internet provides a vast array of choices, from platforms like YouTube to carefully curated Spotify playlists, offering a wide range of genres and eras. Contact the church community for songs reflecting your loved one’s spiritual journey. Ask experienced friends or family and involve a talented family member with a meaningful voice. Funeral directors can also offer valuable insights, drawing from their experience and compassion. Examine the venue’s audio capabilities for unique setups. Consider hiring musicians, soloists, or bands for a heartfelt live performance.

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