How Early Is Too Early To Plan A Wedding?

Time is a tricky thing when it comes to planning any big event. If you’re thinking of tying the knot, your first question may be: How early should I start? The answer depends on how much time you need to plan and execute your dream wedding! Think about the scope of your wedding – is it just a small intimate gathering or a grand event with hundreds of guests? Or do you want to just savor the “Just Engaged” phase for a while? That’s totally understandable, too! Let’s breakdown what each time frame may entail.

Long or Short Engagement

Shortly after the proposal, have an important conversation with your partner about the preferred engagement length. Deciding between a long or short engagement will influence your wedding planning timeline.
While you don’t have to set a specific date immediately, understanding your timeframe helps create a vision for the wedding.
Let the flow of conversation guide you in this journey. Listening to what your partner envisions for the wedding – big or intimate, and any other special requests – will help inform your planning process.

How Early Is Too Early To Plan A Wedding

18+ Months Away – The Luxury of a Long Engagement

If your wedding is more than 18 months away, embrace the luxury of a long engagement! Have a brunch with your girlfriends or mate, chug a refreshing sangria, and show them off that shiny diamond ring.
Take your time to relax and enjoy the engagement period. With a leisurely pace, you can research and choose wedding vendors at your own convenience. Popular venues typically book up a year in advance, so you’ll have your pick of dates and services.
Plus, you’ll have more time to plan any pre-wedding activities such as a bachelorette party, or even an engagement photo shoot to post at your gram page.

Planning a wedding: A Year or More to Go – The Sweet Spot

The average engagement is 13 months, and if you autumn within this timeframe, consider it a sweet spot for wedding planning. Allow yourself three weeks to revel in your engagement before diving into wedding preparations.
Create a budget and guest count estimate, then start researching venues. With ample time ahead, you’ll have flexibility in choosing the perfect elements for your big day.
Prepare for wedding vendors to book up quickly since they tend to have a limited number of openings each year. And remember to account for holidays and other events when selecting the date.

Planning a wedding: Less Than a Year – A Faster Pace

If your wedding is less than a year away, there’s no need to panic. Wait two weeks after the proposal to begin planning and enjoy the engagement bliss.
While some vendors might have limited availability, you can still plan an amazing wedding. Whether it’s a autumn wedding or a dreamy summer celebration, you can make it happen!
Just channel your inner multitasker and start scouting for wedding vendors. When searching, prioritize your top priority items and go from there.

Planning a wedding: Six Months or Less – Short and Sweet

Planning a wedding in six months or less? You’re not alone! Many couples successfully pull off shorter timelines.
Give yourself a week to relax and soak in the joy of your engagement before diving into the details. With determination and focus, you can create a beautiful wedding within a short timeframe.
Start with the top priority elements such as venue, caterer, and wedding dress. Reach out to multiple vendors to get a feel for their services and see what options are available within your timeframe.
When talking to vendors, make sure you’re honest about your timeline and review any policies on cancellation or refund. Doing so will help minimize stress during planning.
With a little bit of creativity and some help from friends, you can create an amazing wedding within a short timeframe!

Plan a Wedding in 6 Months

Planning a wedding: Three Months or Less- Crunch Time

Yikes! If your wedding is less than three months away, you’re in crunch time.
The best advice is to focus on the essentials first – venue, catering, wedding dress – and delegate tasks to friends and family. It’s a great way to save money and make sure all the details are taken care of.
Check with vendors to inquire about their minimum booking requirements and determine if they’re able to accommodate your timeline. You may have to make some adjustments but it’s possible to pull off a beautiful wedding within a shorter window!
Even with a tight timeline, try to savour the moments. Have a date night with your partner or just relax at home for an evening.

Planning a wedding: A Month or Less- Super-Duper Crunch Time

Maybe you can’t wait to tie the knot, eloping to some exotic location, or you’re just inlove to be this little optimistic daredevil with a can-do attitude.
No matter the reason, turns out, it’s completely possible to pull off a wedding in less than a month.
This is not for the faint of heart, but it can be done with some creative shortcuts. Simplify the planning process with an all-in-one venue that includes catering and lodging onsite. Or consider taking advantage of packages offered by vendors.
You can shop around pre made wedding dresses and rings to save time. And forgo the formal invite and opt for a casual gathering with close friends and family.
It might sound overwhelming but it’s totally doable! Just don’t expect to pull off a royal wedding like event.

Countdown to I Do’s

The big day is just around the corner and now you can focus on celebrating. Enjoy your bachelorette party or any pre-wedding festivities with friends and family, but make sure to set aside some quality time for yourself too!
The days leading up to your wedding can be stressful. Prioritize self-care by going for a massage or simply taking time out to relax. Before you know it, you’ll be gliding down the aisle and sharing the happiest day of your life with those closest to you!
If you’re in a need of some help planning your special day, contact Melbourne Entertainment Company for professional assistance! We can work with you every step of the way to make sure that your dream wedding becomes reality. Reach out now and learn more about our entertainment services!


The ideal timing for planning a wedding hinges on the length of your engagement. If you have more than 18 months before the big day, you can leisurely research vendors and enjoy pre-wedding celebrations. A year offers a balanced planning period, allowing time to set a budget, explore venues, and secure key services. For engagements shorter than a year, efficient organization is key, while weddings planned within six months demand careful prioritization and possibly streamlined arrangements. Regardless of the timeline, remember to savor the moments and prioritize what truly makes your wedding special.

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