How Much Money Should We Gift At A Wedding?

One of life’s most debated topics – how much money should you gift someone at a wedding? While every family has their own unique set of standards, we have all been in that awkward position of trying to figure out the right amount.

The Type of Gift

Do you want to be generous and show your love with a hefty cheque? Or, do you want to stay within budget and provide something smaller but still meaningful?

Well, whatever your approach is there are certain traditions and guidelines that can help guide us through these potentially stressful times. Read on for savvy tips on tackling the money issue when it comes to wedding gifts!

How much money should we gift at a wedding

Recommended Figures

When it comes to selecting a suitable amount for a wedding gift, several factors should be considered. Generally, it’s thoughtful to base your gift on your relationship with the couple, your financial situation, and the cost of the wedding itself. A common guideline is to aim for a gift that reflects the level of closeness you share with the couple. For close friends or family, a more generous contribution may be appropriate, while acquaintances or distant relatives might opt for a more modest but heartfelt present.

While there is no fixed rule, it’s essential to remember that the true value of a wedding gift lies in the sentiment behind it. It’s the thought and effort put into selecting a meaningful gift that truly counts. Whether it’s a cherished keepsake, a contribution towards their honeymoon, or something they’ve had on their wish list, a heartfelt gesture will undoubtedly be cherished by the couple as they embark on this new chapter in their lives together.


Well, there is no hard and fast rule as to what the exact amount of money should be gifted at a wedding. Of course, you have to think about how close you are to the couple and also how much money you have to spend.

Coworkers or Distant Relatives: Starts at $100

Ah, the delicate dance of balancing professional and personal connections. When it comes to coworkers or distant relatives, you want to show your appreciation without breaking the bank.

Consider spending starts at $100 on a wedding gift for this group. Why not surprise the couple with something practical and amusing, like a personalized coffee mug that says, “May your love brew stronger with each sip… and each Monday morning!”

Trust us, they’ll appreciate the humor when they reach for their morning caffeine fix.

Friends or Relatives: Starts at $150

Now we enter the realm of friends and closer relatives, where the bonds are stronger, and the gift-giving expectations rise. To hit the sweet spot, set your budget to start at $150. But remember, this is your chance to showcase your creativity and thoughtfulness!

Consider gifting them an experience rather than a physical item. How about a cooking class for the foodie couple? They’ll have a blast creating culinary masterpieces together while spicing up their married life.

Just make sure they don’t turn up the heat too much, or their relationship might get a little too steamy!

Close Friends, Family, or in the Wedding Party: starts at $250 —or More!

When it comes to close friends, family members, or being part of the wedding party, it’s time to go all out! These are the people who have been with the couple through thick and thin, and it’s your chance to show them just how much they mean to you.

A budget of $250 is a good starting point, but feel free to splurge if you’re feeling extra generous. How about surprising them with a romantic weekend getaway?

They’ll be forever grateful for your contribution to their honeymoon memories. And who knows, maybe they’ll even name their firstborn child after you. Talk about leaving a lasting impression!

How much money should we gift at a wedding

wedding gift: Gifting with Budget Tips

Now that we’ve established a range for wedding gift budgets, let’s sprinkle in some tips to help you navigate the art of thrifty generosity:

wedding gift: Group Gifting

If you’re working with a limited budget, consider pooling resources with friends or family members to create a collective gift. This way, you can contribute to something truly special without stretching your individual budgets.

Collective gifts also mean more of the couple’s wishlist items can be taken care of with one gift. So, if you were planning on gifting kitchen appliances for their new home together, ask your friends and family to join in and make it happen!

wedding gift: DIY Delights

Tap into your creative side and make a personalized, heartfelt gift. Handcrafted items often hold a sentimental value far greater than their monetary worth.

Whether it’s a hand-painted picture frame or a knitted blanket, your DIY masterpiece will surely be cherished. And to top it off, crafting your own gift can be a surprisingly affordable venture.

wedding gift: Thoughtful Experiences

Sometimes, the most meaningful gifts don’t come with a hefty price tag. Plan a day of pampering for the couple with homemade spa treatments or create a coupon book filled with personalized favors.

From breakfast in bed to a night of babysitting, these experiences can be priceless. The couple will appreciate your efforts in giving them a break from the hectic world of wedding planning.

wedding gift: Factors to Consider

Here are some other practical considerations to keep in mind when selecting a wedding gift:

wedding gift: Your plus one

Do you have a date for the wedding? If so, you can always double up on gifts by gifting a two-sided item. For example, give them a His and Hers watch set or a couple’s massage package!

wedding gift: Cash or Cheque?

There is no problem with giving cash or a cheque as a wedding gift. If you’re not sure of the amount, remember it is always best to err on the side of caution and give slightly more than less.

wedding gift: Delivery or on hand?

If you are close to the couple and attending the wedding, it is always best to deliver your gift in person. However, if you’re unable to attend the ceremony or reception then mailing your gift is perfectly acceptable.

So how much money should we gift at a wedding?

Armed with our guide, you’re now equipped to conquer the wedding gift-giving maze with confidence. Remember, the amount you spend is not the sole measure of your love and appreciation.

The key is to be thoughtful, creative, and budget-conscious while selecting the perfect gift. So, go forth and delight the happy couple with your generosity.

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When it comes to wedding gifts, there’s no set rule. It depends on your relationship and budget. For coworkers or distant relatives, starts at $100 is thoughtful. Friends or relatives, starts at $150. Close friends/family, $100-$150 or more. Group gifting, DIY, and thoughtful experiences are great ideas. Check the registry and consider the wedding type. Cash or cheque is fine. Be thoughtful and budget-conscious to make the couple happy!

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