How to Find the Perfect Wedding DJ

The mood of your wedding is mostly determined by the music, so it’s crucial to hire a professional DJ. The wedding DJ you choose will be responsible for creating the mood and atmosphere of the party. For this reason, how to find the perfect wedding DJ is crucial.

Finding the perfect wedding dj for you

Your wedding reception depends on a number of important variables. Guests of most receptions hope to have a good time. This necessitates not only delicious food but also engaging entertainment and company. Having music that makes people happy is a surefire method to keep the party going strong and keep the spirits high among your visitors. While some newlyweds choose to manage the music at their reception themselves, the vast majority hire a professional wedding DJ.

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the DJ for your wedding reception to ensure the atmosphere is just what you envisioned and your guests are up and dancing all night long!

Perfect Wedding DJ

Learn Where to Look and What to Look For

Hiring a DJ that specializes in weddings is the primary option. These disc jockeys have experience with wedding receptions and might even be effective while acting as the event’s emcee. You can locate one of them using the customary methods of exploring the web and soliciting recommendations from other businesses.

Hire a DJ from within the area’s club scene if pumping dance music is a top priority. The downside is that some DJs may not have much experience with weddings, but they may offer lower pricing. Ask around at your neighborhood bars and cafes to see if anyone knows of one.

You can go all out on the music by hiring a club DJ with extensive wedding expertise or a wedding disc jockey who is recognized for their excellent song selection. Though these choices may seem perfect, you should be mindful that they may not come cheap. A skilled wedding DJ will likely have a solid reputation in your community. Those in the business can speak with suppliers.

Seek Personal Recommendations

The best way to find a DJ for your wedding is to ask recently married friends and family members who they used. How satisfied were they with the event? There’s a chance the evening party was fantastic if you attended, but what about the lead-up? Get started on your search for the ideal wedding DJ by answering these questions.

Perfect Wedding DJ

When in Doubt, Google It

A quick Google check is up next. It only takes a few keystrokes to produce a massive amount of relevant local results. What other customers have said about them can be easily accessed there, not just from the companies’ official websites. Google will aggregate user feedback and provide an overall rating. If you sift the ratings and look at the negative ones, you may figure out where each DJ has room for improvement.

You may learn more about the DJs for weddings you’re considering by visiting their websites. Do you think a professional would do them? Or does it appear that this is merely a hobby for them? If you want your special day to go off without a hitch, hire a seasoned practitioner with a solid reputation. You need them to act as though your wedding were their own.

Also, if they have any, watch videos of their previous events. Try typing their names into YouTube if you don’t find anything else. Doing so will give you a decent idea of the atmosphere they bring to such gatherings.

Consider What Really Matters To You

A professional DJ is an essential part of any successful wedding reception, and when couples discuss hiring one, it’s because they want the very best party their guests have ever gone to. Aside from the music, the atmosphere and mood of the celebration are also important factors to consider. Which of the wedding’s two main meals—the ceremony or the reception—requires musical accompaniment? Where are the speech microphones? This is the most important celebration you will ever host for your loved ones, so you naturally want everything to go smoothly.

how to find the perfect wedding DJ

It’s important to hire a wedding DJ that will play songs that you enjoy during the reception. It would be unfortunate if the DJ played an hour of bass and drums while you and your friends were hoping for some good old classic party songs, given the DJ’s access to such a wide variety of genres. Or, the opposite may be true for many individuals. Discover a DJ who plays the songs you want to hear, whichever one it may be.

Request to Hear the Wedding Dj’s Previous Work

As soon as you’ve narrowed down your search to one or two potential DJs for your wedding, be sure to get samples of their previous work. A live performance recording, a mixtape, or even just some playlists as examples would all fit this bill. In general, you should be pickier about what you hear and see before making a hiring decision the more significant the music quality is to you.

You can verify that their service is what you need by requesting a demo, set list, or live performance. If they’re interested, it might be a clip or a trip to see a live show. Get a feel for the appearance and sound of the entertainment at your reception by watching this video.

Accomplishing Things in a Professional Manner

It is necessary that your wedding DJ gives you a written contract outlining the terms of your engagement. Suppose you paid a sizable down payment or perhaps the full price in advance, and then they backed out at the last minute. If there are additional fees beyond a particular hour, their daily needs, and cancellation policies should all be outlined.

Indeed, the effect is mutual. You should be wary of any DJ who doesn’t provide a contract before you commit to hiring them, as signing one legally binds you to utilising them.

No amount of careful preparation for the wedding’s musical atmosphere can replace the expertise of a DJ who has played at several weddings. Weddings have a particular and different flow compared to any other social occasion, and if matters get out of track or don’t go precisely as planned, you’ll be so thankful that you hired a skilled and experienced DJ to keep the whole thing going smoothly.

By hiring a professional DJ who has done weddings before, you can rest easy knowing that the music, announcements, and other details of the big day will be handled expertly. Asking the following questions might help you determine whether or not the wedding DJ you’re considering has the knowledge and experience you’re looking for:

    • Where else than weddings do you spin records?
    • In an average year, how many weddings do you DJ?
    • How long have you been a wedding DJ?
    • Do you have any references I may talk to?

Check the Equipment

Equipment is essential in this field of business, and you’ll need speakers that can handle the volume regardless of how big your location is. Inquire as to the condition of their tools, and if at all possible, request to inspect their equipment for yourself.

how to find the perfect wedding DJ

Hiring an experienced DJ usually means you may take advantage of their high-quality equipment. Be careful to verify with a peek at the DJ’s gear by inquiring about it before the big day. The top DJs will use well-maintained, reliable equipment that will also enhance the atmosphere of your wedding.

Plan a Pre-Wedding Meeting with the DJ

You should meet the DJ in person before hiring them. Especially if you’ve never seen them before, it’s important to acquire a feel for how they operate. For a wedding reception, for instance, when you want people to be outgoing, warm, and pleasant, someone who is very closed up and reserved is generally not the right personality type.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get all of your questions answered. Here are a few excellent options to think about:

    • Have you ever performed there before?
    • Can you provide wedding-specific playlists, if so, how can I get them? If so, who are the artists and songs by?
    • When our guests make a request, will you play it for them?

We need your help getting these questions answered. The DJ’s response to the question, though, is just as important. It’s encouraging if kids respond thoughtfully and enthusiastically. This is another challenge on how to find the perfect wedding DJ. However, red flags should be raised if they show signs of reluctance or impatience in answering these inquiries.

Pick Someone You Can Be Comfortable With

One challenge on how to find the perfect wedding DJ is the old adage, “people purchase people,” rings truer than ever. On one of the most personal and significant days of your life, you will be collaborating with your suppliers. Ideally, a professional DJ would collaborate with a couple who is open and trusting enough to “allow them in” to their reality so that they can establish an instant rapport, learn about their preferences, and throw the perfect party. Top-notch DJs will do all it takes to ensure that your wedding reception is the talk of your guests for years to come.

There are a lot of options available, but you shouldn’t let that overwhelm you. Eventually, you’ll learn that the most reliable services are the ones who put you at rest throughout the booking procedure.

Perfect Wedding DJ

A good DJ need not be a showman or a rock star. The DJ at your wedding is a trained expert; communicate your needs to them so that they can fulfill them to the finest of their abilities. A wedding DJ’s job is not to steal the show. They are there to ensure that the bride, groom, and all of the guests have a wonderful experience. Someone who thinks too highly of themselves or who has narrow musical tastes should not be hired. 

A DJ, however, must be able to adapt his or her demeanor and musical selections to any particular crowd and circumstance. In terms of party soundtracking, they must have a reliable set of ears. Verify that these abilities are held by the wedding DJ you select.

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Make A Budget

One challenge on how to find the perfect wedding DJ is you likely have no idea what a reliable DJ would charge. However, if you have a hard and fast budget limit in mind, you can narrow your search for DJs accordingly. It’s easy to become overwhelmed when hiring a DJ because many of them now offer extras to make the night even better.

Factors Affecting the Price of a Wedding DJ

The DJ’s role during a wedding extends beyond providing background music. Numerous items will be present at your wedding. Everyone from the ceremony master to the person in charge of the happy hour ought to do their job. Thus, the typical cost of a wedding DJ is money well spent. But there are a number of variables that must be considered.

  • Distance to the venue: More money needs to be paid if the wedding location is more than an hour distant. Mixologists bring everything they need to perform. They would require food and lodging in addition to gas for their vehicle. You might need this if your reception goes late. Every one of these is included in the final cost.
  • Extras: Some DJs provide all-inclusive wedding music packages that include everything from ceremony music to dancing to the reception. Saving money is possible when renting a location that has everything you need already set up. On the flip side, entertainment options like a karaoke machine, picture booth, fog machine, dance floor lighting, and the like will set you back more money.
how to find the perfect wedding DJ
  • Duration of the Wedding: Average DJ fees are heavily influenced by the duration of the wedding reception. They would have more time to play if your wedding went on for a longer period of time, regardless of the number of hours it lasted. Also, this has an impact on the equipment, so they need to be ready to withstand it. There will be an added fee for this service.


So, how to find the perfect wedding DJ? A wedding with a terrific band or DJ may go from being a fun celebration to something unforgettable. Ceremony activities, including the playing of music and the volume at which it can be performed, may be subject to regulations. The guidelines for playing religious music at civil events should be checked twice. In addition, it’s best to avoid playing explicit or vulgar music in sacred spaces.

Eliminating verses is one method by which a live band might shorten a song. A professional may take the music and transform it into a “crescendo,” or rising crescendo, that is conducive to movement. Your wedding reception music can be kept at a PG-13 level at your request. Consider the message behind the song, beyond the explicit language. If you try to cater to a specific subgenre of music fans, such as alternative rock or country, you will fail to reach them.

From the rehearsal dinner to the honeymoon, you should be involved in every detail of the wedding. You may help your DJ create a playlist you’ll love by indicating your favorite genres and artists. The DJ can spare himself some stress and time on the big day by making a playlist in advance, complete with timing and theme information for each song. Even though the DJ or band playing at your wedding reception is experienced and knows a wide variety of appropriate wedding songs, you shouldn’t give them complete control over the music.

Adding extras such as a karaoke machine, photo booth, fog machine, and dance floor lights will raise the cost. The wedding DJ’s role is to ensure everyone has a great time, not to steal the show. They should be adaptable to different crowds and occasions.

FAQs About Wedding Entertainment

What do DJs need for a wedding?

Simply using a DJ controller and a laptop with DJ software installed will suffice. To utilise a laptop for wedding gigs, you will need DJ-specific software and a controller, an additional device that connects to a computer and provides you more tactile control.

What does a DJ do at a wedding?

A good DJ for a wedding can also serve as the Master of Ceremonies, introducing the bridal party, the toasts, the first dance, and anything else that needs to be highlighted. They will ensure that the festivities at the reception run smoothly and that your guests are kept abreast of all the latest developments.

Do wedding DJs bring their own equipment?

DJs have the option of bringing their own gear to a performance. If the venue doesn’t provide the necessary equipment or the DJ isn’t familiar with it, it may be necessary to bring their own. A DJ may find this option more convenient than setting up their own gear if the venue already has suitable sound and lighting.

How long does it take a DJ to set up?

Depending on how much gear the DJ brings, unloading and setting up can take 45-60 minutes. Next, they’ll have to change clothes. Once everything is put up, they can leave the music playing softly in the background until the party gets started later that night.

How long do DJs play at weddings?

How long the DJ plays depends on the price of the coverage you’ve purchased. Most experts agree that four hours is the sweet spot for how long a wedding reception should last, and that’s including the meal. There would be music for a total of four hours, including the cocktail hour and the ceremony.

Pleasure of having Nathan DJ and MC at our wedding. Nathan was incredibly professional throughout the entire process, from our initial consultation to the day of our wedding.

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We have had the most amazing experience with Melbourne Entertainment company. From day one, they couldn’t have been more helpful and accommodating.

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I recently hired MEC for my wedding and I have to say, I was blown away by the incredible service provided by their DJ, Daniel. The MEC was professional and responsive.

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26 February 2023

Excellent communication throughout the entire process. The musician I booked, Kristen, was professional and provided a wonderful afternoon of entertainment.

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21 March 2023

The Melbourne Entertainment Co. was an absolute pleasure to work with. Their entertainment roster really does have some of the most professional acts in the industry

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Melbourne Entertainment Company has been so easy to deal with from our very first interaction and inquiry with them. They made the process so seamless it was perfect!

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