How to Write the Perfect Wedding Toast

Every wedding speech is a chance to celebrate the love and union of two souls—but let’s face it, it can also get the nerves going. The line between a standing ovation and an awkward silence is thin. But no worries, we’ve got the insider tips to spill the beans on how to write the perfect wedding toast. Trust us; your crowd will be begging for more!

Introduce Yourself

Lights, camera, action! It’s your time to shine at the wedding, but first, let everyone know who you are, especially if you’re a new face. Go beyond a basic intro by sharing how you know the couple. Throw in any big milestones or good yarns you’ve had with them. Show the depth of your relationship to add a personal touch to your speech.

You could kick it off with,

“For those who haven’t met me yet, I’m [your name], the one who taught the groom his mad dance moves!”

How to Write the Perfect Wedding Toast

Congratulate the Couple

It’s time to get the party started! Shower the newlyweds with congratulations and show your excitement about this journey they’ve begun. Mention how their union is not only special for them but also a top moment for everyone present.

You could say:

“Let’s raise our glasses to these two lovebirds! Today, it’s not just a wedding we’re witnessing; it’s the making of a top-notch duo, a bond so strong!”

Highlight the Couple’s Qualities

It’s time for some heartwarming moments! Talk about the couple’s top-notch qualities, like how the bride turns a bad day around with one smile or how the groom’s a champ at picking the perfect pizza topping.

Add in a bit of humour and say,

“They’re the perfect combo—she’s the organiser, and he’s the bloke who still can’t find the laundry basket!”

Reflect on their character traits that make them the best match for each other! Share yarns that show their kindness, resilience, or any common interests, highlighting what makes their bond a winner.

Share a Memorable Anecdote

Now bring on the good stories! Capture the essence of the couple’s relationship with a heartfelt or amusing tale.

“I remember the first time I saw them together. It was like they were making up a secret handshake only they knew.”

Pick an anecdote that shows their journey together or highlights their personalities. Remember when they got lost on their first road trip? Share it!

Maybe throw in a bit of humour, like “Their love story’s GPS might’ve gone off track, but they found their way to the altar!”

Make sure it connects with the audience and adds to the feel-good vibe of the event.

Wish Them Well

Send your heartfelt wishes and blessings for the couple’s future. Cheer them on for their journey ahead, showing optimism and joy for the adventures coming their way.

Share some wise words or throw in a meaningful quote that sums up your good wishes. Wish the couple a lifetime of happiness and adventures.

You can say;

“As we send them off into married life, I wish you both a lifetime of love, laughter and real joy.”

You can even crack a joke like,

“May your love be like Wi-Fi—strong, consistent, and not letting anyone hog the bandwidth!”

How to Write the Perfect Wedding Toast

Raise a Toast

This is where the magic happens—lift those glasses! Lead the guests in raising their glasses for a toast.

Make a toast that symbolises everlasting love, happiness, and success for the couple. Encourage everyone to join in, creating a moment of joy and togetherness.


“Here’s to love, laughter, and a happily ever after!”

Express Gratitude

Another tip on how to write the perfect wedding toast is to show some love! Thank the couple for having you be a part of their special day. Take a moment to thank the couple for inviting you to share in their special day.

Recognise the privilege of being there for their union and express your thanks for their friendship and love.


“Thanks for inviting us and letting us be part of your lovely union. It’s been an absolute pleasure.”

Add a touch of humour by saying,

“Thanks for having me—I promise to keep this speech shorter than the queue for the buffet!”

Conclude with Love

Last but not least, wrap it up with some warm wishes or a touching quote that sums up the vibe of the occasion. Leave everyone feeling warm and fuzzy.

You could say;

“In closing, may your marriage be filled with all the joy and wonder. And may your relationship be heartwarming, and always bring a smile to your faces. Cheers to love, laughter, and happily ever after!

Or how about a quirky line that sums up the night, like

“May your marriage be full of love, laughter, and don’t forget to take out the trash!”

How to Write the Perfect Wedding Toast

Tips for How to Write the Perfect Wedding Toast

You’ve got the lowdown, now here are some tips to seal the deal:

Wedding Toast Tips: Prepare and Practise

Start prepping your speech early. Think of ideas and organise your thoughts in a clear structure. Practise giving your speech a few times to refine it and boost your confidence.

Wedding Toast Tips: Personalise Your Speech

Tailor your speech to match your unique relationship with the couple. Share personal stories or memorable moments that show how close you are to them. Use stories that connect with both the couple and the audience.

Wedding Toast Tips: Balance Humour and Emotion

Inject your speech with some good humour that lightens up the event. But make sure to balance it with genuine emotions. Avoid jokes or tales that might make anyone uncomfortable or embarrassed.

Wedding Toast Tips: Keep It Short and Sweet

Aim to keep your speech brief and clear! While expressing your feelings, try to keep the speech within two to three minutes. Respect other speakers and keep the audience engaged by delivering a focused and interesting toast.

Wedding Toast Tips: Focus on Both Partners

Recognise and celebrate both individuals in the couple. Make sure your speech includes stories, compliments, and well-wishes for each partner. Highlight their unique qualities and contributions to their relationship.

Wedding Toast Tips: Highlight Positive Qualities

Talk about the awesome qualities of the bride and groom. Speak about their love, respect, shared values, or any key moments that have made their bond stronger. Highlight their strengths and celebrate their compatibility.

Wedding Toast Tips: Speak from the Heart

Last but not least, be genuine and sincere when delivering your speech. Let your true feelings shine through as you speak. Avoid using overly formal language or trying to copy someone else’s style. Your sincerity and heartfelt words will make your speech truly touching.

Final Thoughts

How to Write the Perfect Wedding Toast. Here at MEC, we understand that crafting a heartfelt wedding speech is a beautiful chance to celebrate the love and togetherness of two individuals starting a new journey together. By adding personal stories, genuine feelings, and heartfelt wishes, your speech will be a cherished moment for the couple and all the guests.

Final tip? Don’t rely on your phone! They can lock or turn off in the middle of the speech or even go missing right at the end. Instead, print your speech or put it on a note card to make sure you’ve got your trusty guide right there with you. That’s it! Now you’ve got the best speech that’ll tug at hearts and bring a tear or two. Here’s to the joy, love, and never-ending happiness ahead for the newlyweds!

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How to Write the Perfect Wedding Toast? This guide helps you ace the wedding toast: congratulate the couple, share anecdotes, wish them well, and keep it concise. Personalize, balance humor and emotion, and speak from the heart. Celebrate both partners, highlight their qualities, and be genuine. Craft your unique speech for a touching and memorable celebration!

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