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Stun your guests with this unique entertainment offering by having an artist paint live art at your event. Create a stand-out focal point that will keep your guests raving for years to come. Our painters will create your own personal picture in real-time, and you can watch the magic of the artwork unfold right before your eyes. This is a one-of-a-kind experience that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

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Capture the intimacy of your wedding ceremony or the drama of the first dance. Our live wedding artists will engage your guests as they see a canvas come to life in real-time. Best of all, you get to own an amazing artwork that is as unique to you as your wedding day. If you want to make your day truly memorable then engage your very own wedding painter.

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Have a painting created live during your corporate event. Either in the background engaging with guests as the event is happening, or on the stage as a focal entertainment piece. Keep the artwork or auction it at the event to raise funds for a cause. City-scapes, and abstracted themes usually work well.

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The Canvas

Choose your canvas size & style of artwork to be painted. Keep in mind the larger the canvas, the greater the number of artists will be required on site or the more time needed to complete the painting. Our artists can arrive on site earlier to begin depending on the size of the canvas you book.


Questions about your Live Artist

Got a questions? We’re here to answer! If you don’t see your question here, drop us a line on our Contact Page.

Does the artist take the artwork back to the studio to work on it after the event is done?

The specific circumstances may vary, but in many cases, the goal is to ensure that the artwork meets the client’s expectations and is completed to their satisfaction.

How much interaction will the artist have with the wedding ceremony?

It really depends on what part of the wedding you want to be painted. If you want the artist to capture the moment when the bride walks down the aisle or at the altar, then they’ll need to be there in person to snap a reference photo. After that, they’ll head to the reception venue to get everything ready for live painting.

How will the artist paint us walking down the aisle when they are painting at the reception?
The live artist will take a reference photo beforehand and use it as a guide during the painting process at the reception. This may be at the isle walk itself, or it may be pre-arranged with yourselves and the live artist to capture a moment before or after the actual ceremony so the artist can get the perfect moment to paint. This helps your live artist to capture the special moment of the day, and allows all of your guests to enjoy and relive them later on in the event.
Does the artist take the artwork back to the studio to work on it after the event is done
The specific circumstances may vary, but in most cases the artwork will be taken back to the artist’s studio and finalised with extra details or any adjustments that may be required. Your artists main goal is to ensure that the artwork meets your expectations and is completed to your satisfaction. Your artwork will be varnish coated for protection and strung with hanging wire for easy hanging.
Do we get to keep the artwork at the end?

Absolutely! When you hire a live painting entertainer, you not only get to experience your desired artwork come to life in real time on your special day, you also get to keep the artwork for life!

Can I add people to the painting once it’s in the studio?

No, however you can discuss your requirements with your live artist before the event to make sure they can capture what you’re after during your event.


I've already had my big day, though I want a painting done of a photograph, is this possible?

Absolutely! You can book an artist to paint a photo that you love from your special day, however this will all be done in the studio and different rates will apply. Please discuss with your Melbourne Entertainment Company booking personnel to see what artist commission service we can provide for you to turn your special memory into an incredible artwork!

Can the performers hang around for some dancing with guests and/or photos afterwards?
Fire-twirlers can also offer15 minutes of photos after a show, but will require a short 5-10 minute stretching period immediately after the feature show. If you would like the performers to stay longer than 15 minutes, then discounted additional roving entertainment fees will apply.
How will the artist paint us walking down the isle when they are painting at the reception?

The artist will snap a reference photo beforehand and use it as a guide during the reception. This helps me to capture the special moments of the day, so that all of your guests can enjoy and relive them later on.

Where will the artist paint on the day?

All live wedding paintings will be painted at the reception component of the wedding. The live image will be captured during your preferred moment (eg. the isle ceremony, first dance, first kiss, etc) and completed during the reception for your guests and yourself to enjoy!

For other occasions, this can be discussed with the live artist prior to the event to determine which is the best location for your live artwork to be painted at the venue.

How much interaction will the artist have with the wedding ceremony?
The majority of the interaction you will have with your live artist will be during the moment they capture you and your scene for your live painting, such as when the bride walks down the aisle or at the altar, or even your first dance. They’ll need to be there in person to take a few reference photos. After that, they’ll head to the reception venue to get everything ready for live painting and will perform their live painting for you and your guests in this space.
How does it actually work on the day? What's the process?
Prior to the day itself you will discuss in detail with your live artist your creative vision so that they can prepare to capture this for you on the big day. The artist will arrive in the time you have discussed and organised to ensure they are able to start blocking in the planning elements of the painting and also capture the moment you want in your artwork. The painting will be already underway once your guests have arrived.

If this is your wedding day, the artist may organise a time with you that suits before painting to take some reference photo’s to use for your live painting. For example, this may be just before or after your ceremony, during your first dance, or on your photoshoot – whatever moment you are wanting to capture as a forever artwork.
Once the event has finished the painting will be complete aside from the required studio detailing. The live artist will show you your artwork before leaving and remain in contact with you throughout the studio process to make sure you are happy with the final outcome of your artwork. Please note this can take several weeks depending on the size and details in your artwork.
How do I get the artwork once it's completed?
Once the artwork is completed, the artist will personally deliver this artwork to you or your desired location if this is within greater Melbourne. If outside of Victoria, additional shipping costs may apply so please make sure this is confirmed before finalising your booking and your artwork can be posted to you.
Is the artwork framed?

The artwork comes unframed, however all artworks are painted on thick edge canvases and are finalised with painted black borders to give them a framed appearance. They are also all strung with hanging wire on the back so that they are ready to hang in your home!

Can I ask your performers to stay longer on the night?

Extra fees will be incurred, if you wish to extend the performer’s booking time on the night. This will need to be cleared with Melbourne Entertainment Company before we can confirm. In some circumstances performers will have other bookings so this may not be possible.



Pleasure of having Nathan DJ and MC at our wedding. Nathan was incredibly professional throughout the entire process, from our initial consultation to the day of our wedding.

Terry Lim

18 April 2023

We have had the most amazing experience with Melbourne Entertainment company. From day one, they couldn’t have been more helpful and accommodating.

Bea Ferguson

08 December 2023

I recently hired MEC for my wedding and I have to say, I was blown away by the incredible service provided by their DJ, Daniel. The MEC was professional and responsive.

Xiangyu Guo

26 February 2023

Excellent communication throughout the entire process. The musician I booked, Kristen, was professional and provided a wonderful afternoon of entertainment.

Alex Scott

21 March 2023

The Melbourne Entertainment Co. was an absolute pleasure to work with. Their entertainment roster really does have some of the most professional acts in the industry

Phoenix Jack

4 May 2023

Melbourne Entertainment Company has been so easy to deal with from our very first interaction and inquiry with them. They made the process so seamless it was perfect!

Rosabel Poh

25 December 2023

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