Mother of the Groom Speech Tips & Ideas

Are you a proud mama of the groom and on the brink of giving one of the most memorable speeches at your son’s wedding? Don’t feel intimidated. Giving a mother of the groom speech shouldn’t be an overwhelming experience.

Heartfelt Introduction

Begin your wedding speech with an engaging opening that captures the attention of the audience. Share a touching story about your son or a heartfelt quote that represents the essence of love and family.

For example, you could say,

“Ladies and gentlemen, let’s raise a glass to my son. From the moment he was born, I knew he was destined for greatness, and today, as he embarks on this new chapter of his life, my heart overflows with joy.”

or you can add a bit of an ice breaker by saying;

“As I looked at my son today, it’s hard to believe that the same little boy who used to put mustard instead of ketchup on his hotdog is now here getting married. Times have certainly changed!”
You can start off with some light humour to show your excitement for this special occasion.

Mother of the Groom Speech

Reflect on Cherished Memories

Take a moment to reflect on the cherished memories you’ve shared with your son throughout his life. Share stories that showcase his unique qualities, such as his kindness, determination, or sense of adventure.


“As a mother, I have seen my son grow into the incredible man that he is today. From the moment he could walk and talk, my son has had an inquisitive mind and endless energy. He’s always been full of stories – from his first day at school to his high school prom night.”
“My son is an amazing young man and I am so proud of all that he has achieved. He always had a passion for life, be it playing sports or academics or even his hobbies – he embraces them all with enthusiasm.”

Let your audience relive those precious moments with you, like the time you both embarked on a spontaneous road trip and discovered the true meaning of adventure!


Inject humour into your speech by recounting amusing quirks or parent-child moments that have brought laughter to your lives. Share light-hearted anecdotes about parenting challenges or funny misunderstandings.

Just make sure that the humor is affectionate and won’t embarrass your son.

For instance, you could talk about how you used to sing off-key lullabies to soothe him to sleep or the time he tried to make breakfast and ended up burning the toast.

You could also say;

“I remember when my son was young, he was always trying to build things out of anything he could find. He would come up with the craziest ideas – like building a treehouse from wood planks and old sheets! I used to supervise him as best as I could but it didn’t stop us from having fun.”


“My son and I have always had a special bond, but there were certainly times when our relationship was tested. He was always trying to get away with mischief, like sneaking out after curfew or trying to persuade me into buying extravagant gadgets!”

Mother of the Groom Speech: Express Your Love and Pride

One idea for a mother of the groom speech is to express your profound love and pride for your son. Speak from the heart and share how he has grown into an exceptional individual. Highlight his virtues, accomplishments, and the values he embodies.

For example, you could say,

“To my dearest son, you have brought immense joy and pride to my life. Your kindness, empathy, and resilience inspire me every day, and I couldn’t be prouder of the person you have become.”


“My son, you have made me so proud. Every day I witness the wonderful person you are becoming and I want to thank you for being my little miracle.”

Mother of the Groom Speech: Welcome the Lovely Bride

We’ve all heard of stories about mumzillas and bridezillas berating each other. But let’s keep the Pandora’s box close and take this opportunity to welcome the lovely bride into your family. Share how she has changed your son’s life for the better and express your sincere gratitude towards her.

For instance, you could say;

“My son’s face lights up with joy when he talks about his now wife. I’m so thankful that she has added love and happiness to his life. She has shown him that it’s okay to take risks and have faith in the future.”


“My son is so blessed to have a wife like her – she is kind, loving, and always puts him first. It’s evident that they are meant for each other and I’m sure they will live happily ever after.”

Make sure to let the bride knows that she is welcomed into your family with open arms!

Mother of the Groom Speech

Mother of the Groom Speech: Marriage Advice from the Matriarch

Another idea for mother of the groom speech is show them who’s the boss by offering up your own words of wisdom! Provide marriage advice that is both humorous and meaningful.

You could say,

“I want to offer some sage advice from a wise woman who has been married for many years – communication is key! Talk openly with each other and never be afraid to air out your grievances. If she wants the cake, buy the goddamn cake! If he insists on watching football, let him watch soccer!”


“No marriage is perfect. But if you can take the time to understand each other and make compromises, your bond will only become stronger with time.”

Mother of the Groom Speech: End with a Message of Love and Hope, and Toast!

Conclude your mother of the groom speech with a heartfelt message of love, hope, and well wishes for the couple’s future.

Express your love for your son once again and let him know that your support is unwavering.

Leave the audience with a sense of optimism and excitement for the couple’s journey.


“As I look at the two of you, I can’t help but be filled with hope for your future. Let this day be just the beginning of all of the wonderful adventures that awaits you!

So let us all raise a toast – to my son and his beautiful bride!”

Final Notes

Now it’s time to crack open that bubbly and celebrate the union of two beautiful souls! Your son’s wedding is a day to be remembered – one that will stay close to your heart for years to come. Enjoy every moment of it and savor the memories you create together. Your speech should be a reflection of your love and admiration for the couple, and should be filled with words that will resonate in their hearts forever! And with these tips in mind, you are ready to write an unforgettable wedding speech for your son! Another important part of the wedding is the music. Melbourne Entertainment Company provides the best wedding musicians Melbourne has to offer! We also provide other wedding services like wedding photography in Melbourne! Book us now!


Crafting a heartfelt and humorous Mother of the Groom Speech is easier than you think! Express your love, share cherished memories, and offer marriage advice with confidence. End on a toast to celebrate the happy couple’s beautiful journey together. Cheers to a memorable speech!

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