Should You Rent Your Wedding Dress?

When it comes to wedding expenses, the cost of a wedding dress is frequently important. Wedding dresses, often priced in the four-figure range, can be pricey, especially when you consider that most women only wear their gown once. This financial strain drives many people to look into other options, with renting developing as a popular choice. Renting a wedding dress allows brides to enjoy a beautiful gown while saving money, but it has advantages and disadvantages like any other option.

The Cost of Renting a Wedding Dress

Wedding dress rental prices vary widely, ranging from as low as A$500 to as high as A$3,000 or more, potentially reaching up to A$2,000. However, even at the upper end of the spectrum, renting a designer gown represents a fraction of the cost of purchasing one outright. Some bridal salons also offer rental options, further expanding the range of choices for brides looking to save money.

Should You Rent Your Wedding Dress

How Does Renting a Wedding Dress Work?

Renting a wedding dress is a popular option for brides-to-be seeking a stunning gown while considering practicality, sustainability, and budget. This process begins with browsing and selecting from available rental services, either online or in-person. Brides can explore various styles, designers, and sizes to find the dress that matches their vision. With rental companies offering a range of options from timeless classics to contemporary trends, brides can discover the dress that resonates with their personal style and wedding theme. This phase is about finding the embodiment of the bride’s dreams and aspirations for her special day. The process typically involves:


Browse and Select

When exploring rental services for your wedding dress, it’s essential to consider whether the company offers accessories like veils, belts, or jewelry that complement the gown. Additionally, inquire about possible minor alterations to tailor the dress to your body shape and preferences. While significant alterations might not be feasible with rented dresses, minor adjustments can enhance the fit. Start by browsing through available rental services to find dresses that align with your vision for your wedding day. You can explore various rental company websites or visit their physical locations if possible. Once you’ve identified a few options you like, proceed to place your order online through the rental company’s website or reach out to them directly to inquire about availability and booking.

Communication with the Rental Company

Clear communication with the rental company is essential to ensure a smooth experience. Discuss your concerns or preferences regarding the dress, such as specific alterations or customization options. Additionally, inquire about the company’s policies regarding any potential issues that may arise during the rental period.

Receive and Try On

After placing your order, the rental company will send the dress to you within a specific time frame before your wedding date. When the dress arrives, it’s essential to try it on promptly to ensure proper fit and condition. Most rental services provide dresses in two sizes to increase the chances of finding the right fit for you. If necessary, you can make minor alterations to the dress to ensure it fits perfectly.

Wear and Enjoy

On your wedding day, wear the rented dress confidently, knowing you’re saving money without compromising style. Enjoy your special day knowing that you’ve made a sustainable and budget-friendly choice by opting for a rented dress. You can focus on creating beautiful memories without the added stress of spending a fortune on a dress you’ll only wear once.


  1. Review the rental company’s return policy and timeline carefully to ensure an understanding of the terms and conditions, including the deadline for returning the dress after your wedding day and any penalties for late returns.
  2. Properly pack and ship the dress back to the rental company within the specified timeframe to avoid additional charges.
  3. After the wedding festivities are over, pack up the dress and return it according to the specified instructions.

Most rental services provide pre-paid shipping labels or arrange for pick-up, making the return process hassle-free. Additionally, many rental companies include dry cleaning services as part of the rental package, eliminating the need to clean the dress before returning it.

Reasons to Say “Yes” to Renting a Wedding Dress

When it comes to planning the perfect wedding, finding the ideal dress is often a top priority for brides. However, the traditional route of purchasing a brand new gown isn’t the only option available. In recent years, renting wedding dresses has emerged as a popular and eco-conscious alternative. From reducing environmental impact to offering significant cost savings, there are numerous benefits to saying “I do” to a rented gown. Let’s explore some of the compelling reasons why renting a wedding dress might be the perfect choice for your big day.

Environmental Benefits

Choosing to rent a wedding dress isn’t just about saving money; it’s a powerful statement in support of sustainability. By opting for rental, you’re actively reducing the demand for new dresses, thereby minimizing the environmental impact associated with their production. This choice contributes to a circular economy, where resources are conserved through reuse and repurposing. Additionally, renting offers diverse stylish options, granting access to designer dresses and trendy styles without the hefty price tag. It’s a practical and eco-conscious choice that allows couples to celebrate their special day in a manner that’s both elegant and mindful of the planet, making a positive impact with every step down the aisle.

Cost Savings

Indeed, weddings often come with substantial expenses, but opting to rent a dress can be a game-changer for your budget. By choosing to rent, you gain access to luxurious designer gowns without the hefty price tag, enabling you to allocate your funds more efficiently across various aspects of your wedding. This not only helps you save significantly but also ensures that your special day remains financially manageable without compromising on style or quality. Renting a dress offers a practical solution to the high costs typically associated with weddings, allowing you to celebrate in style while keeping your budget in check.


Forget about the hassle of preserving and storing your wedding dress after the ceremony. With rental services, dry cleaning and maintenance are taken care of, leaving you with one less thing to worry about. It’s a convenient option that allows you to focus on enjoying your wedding day to the fullest.

Reduced Shopping Stress

Choosing a wedding dress can be overwhelming, but renting offers a stress-free solution. With a curated selection of dresses to choose from, you can skip the endless hours of searching and simply find the gown that speaks to you. It’s a streamlined process that makes saying “yes” a breeze.

Online Shopping Experience

Embrace the ease and convenience of online shopping by browsing through rental options from the comfort of your own home. Many rental services offer user-friendly platforms where you can explore different styles, sizes, and designers with just a few clicks. It’s a modern approach to finding the perfect wedding dress without ever stepping foot in a bridal salon.

Should You Rent Your Wedding Dress

Drawbacks of Renting a Wedding Dress

As the trend of renting wedding dresses gains momentum, it’s crucial to consider the potential drawbacks that come with this choice. While renting can offer financial savings and convenience, it’s not without its downsides. Before saying “I do” to a rental dress, it’s essential to explore the cons thoroughly. From limited options to fit concerns, here are some factors to weigh before walking down the aisle in a rented gown.

Limited Options

One of the main drawbacks of renting a wedding dress is the potential for limited options. Depending on the rental company and location, brides may find their choices restricted, with certain styles or sizes unavailable. This limitation can frustrate brides with specific preferences or those seeking a particular designer gown.

Additional Fees and Responsibilities

Renting a wedding dress may come with additional fees and responsibilities. Brides may incur charges for shipping, insurance, and late returns, adding to the overall cost of the rental. Furthermore, brides are responsible for any damages to the dress, such as stains or tears, which could result in additional charges or loss of security deposit.

Lack of Sentimental Value

For some brides, the sentimental value of owning a wedding dress is important. Renting a dress means not considering the opportunity to pass it down as an heirloom or keep it as a memento of the special day. Additionally, renting may disregard the emotional experience of shopping for a wedding dress, as it eliminates the possibility of sharing that moment with friends and family.

Fit Concerns

While rental companies often provide dresses in multiple sizes to accommodate different body types, there is still a risk that the dress may need to fit better. Unlike purchased dresses, rented dresses cannot be tailored to custom-fit the bride’s body. This lack of customization may concern brides who prioritize a perfect fit on their wedding day.

Considerations Before Renting a Wedding Dress

Renting a wedding dress can be a fantastic option for many brides, offering various benefits such as cost savings, access to designer dresses, and eco-friendliness. However, before committing to this choice, brides should carefully consider several factors to ensure that the rented dress aligns with their preferences and expectations. Here are some important factors:

Try On Dresses in Person

Visiting a local bridal boutique to try on different styles can provide valuable insights into what works best for your body type and personal style. This experience can help you narrow down your options and make an informed decision when renting online.

Research Rental Companies

Take the time to research different rental companies and read reviews from past customers. Look for reputable companies with a track record of providing high-quality dresses and excellent customer service. Pay attention to policies regarding fees, damages, and returns to avoid any surprises.

Plan Ahead

Give yourself plenty of time when renting a wedding dress to allow for shipping, alterations, and any unforeseen issues. Aim to place your order well before your wedding date to ensure you have ample time to try on the dress and make any necessary adjustments.

Read the Fine Print

Before signing a rental agreement, carefully review the terms and conditions, including any fees, deadlines, and responsibilities. Make sure you understand the process for returning the dress and what is expected in terms of care and maintenance.

Quality Assurance

While renting a wedding dress can offer significant cost savings, ensure that the rental company maintains high standards of quality. Research the reputation of the rental service to verify that they provide well-maintained, clean dresses that accurately match the descriptions provided.

Have a Backup Plan

While rental dresses typically arrive clean and pressed, it’s essential to have a backup plan in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Consider purchasing wedding dress insurance to protect yourself against damages or losses that may occur during the rental period. It’s wise to have a backup plan in case of emergencies or last-minute changes. Consider renting or purchasing a secondary dress, such as a simpler option or a pre-owned gown, as a backup in case the rented dress becomes unavailable or does not meet your expectations.

Is Renting Right for You?

The decision of whether to rent a wedding dress ultimately hinges on your individual priorities, preferences, and financial considerations. If you’re inclined to save costs, minimize environmental impact, and streamline your wedding planning experience, renting may align well with your needs.

On the other hand, purchasing could be the more suitable route if you highly value the idea of owning your dress, desire the freedom to personalize and tailor it to your exact specifications, or cherish the sentimental significance of ownership.

Remember, what truly matters is how you feel on your special day – whether that involves renting or buying your dress. Take the time to explore all your options, weigh the pros and cons, and follow your instincts as you navigate this exciting journey towards exchanging vows with confidence and grace.


For brides who want a beautiful dress but are also concerned about sustainability, cost, and practicality, renting is the way to go. Finding the perfect dress begins with perusing the many rental services that are accessible, whether online or at a physical store. To ensure everything goes smoothly, communicate with the rental business about your dress-related concerns and desires, including any particular changes or customisation options you may want. You will receive the rental dress from the business within a certain amount of time before your wedding day once you place your order. Make sure the dress fits and is in good shape by trying it on as soon as it arrives. You have a better chance of finding the perfect dress if the rental agency offers it in two sizes. Be sure to read the rental agreement and return policy thoroughly to familiarise yourself with the terms and restrictions.

Renting a wedding dress instead of buying one can save brides a lot of money and provide them with more options for designer gowns. This strategy allows for an affordably planned wedding without sacrificing style or quality, efficiently distributing funds among different parts of the celebration. Additionally, rental services eliminate concerns about repairs or dry cleaning, allowing for a hassle-free shopping experience


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Content Summary

Wedding Vendor Etiquette
  • Wedding dresses can be a significant expense, often reaching four figures.
The Cost of Renting a Wedding Dress
  • Renting a wedding dress is a popular alternative for budget-conscious brides.
How Does Renting a Wedding Dress Work?
  • Rental prices vary, with some designer gowns available for a fraction of the purchase cost.
  • Bridal salons may also offer rental options, providing a broader range of choices.
  • The process involves browsing, selecting, communicating with the rental company, and trying on the dress.
  • Accessories like veils and belts may be available, and minor alterations are possible.
  • Clear communication with the rental company is crucial to ensure a smooth experience.
  • The dress is sent before the wedding for fitting, and brides can make minor adjustments if needed.
  • Wearing a rented dress allows brides to save money without compromising style.
  • Return procedures should be carefully reviewed, with attention to timelines and potential penalties.
  • Many rental services include pre-paid shipping labels and dry cleaning services.
Reasons to Say “Yes” to Renting a Wedding Dress
  • Renting a wedding dress supports sustainability by reducing the demand for new dresses.
  • Cost savings is a significant benefit, allowing access to designer gowns without a hefty price tag.
  • Convenience is key, as rental services handle dry cleaning and maintenance.
  • Renting reduces shopping stress, providing a curated selection for an easier decision.
  • Online shopping offers a modern and convenient experience for exploring rental options.
Drawbacks of Renting a Wedding Dress
  • Drawbacks include limited options, additional fees, and lack of sentimental value.
  • Charges may apply for shipping, insurance, and potential damages to the rented dress.
  • Some brides may miss the sentimental value of owning a wedding dress.
  • Fit concerns may arise as rented dresses cannot be custom-tailored like purchased ones.
Considerations Before Renting a Wedding Dress
  • Before renting, try on dresses in person, research rental companies, and plan ahead.
  • Reading the fine print is crucial to understanding terms, fees, deadlines, and responsibilities.
  • Quality assurance is essential, ensuring the rented dress matches the provided descriptions.
  • Having a backup plan, such as wedding dress insurance, is advisable.
  • Renting or purchasing a secondary dress can be a wise backup in case of emergencies.
  • The decision to rent or buy depends on individual priorities, preferences, and financial considerations.
  • Renting aligns well with saving costs and minimizing environmental impact.
  • Purchasing may be suitable for those valuing dress ownership, personalization, or sentimental significance.
  • Ultimately, the choice should reflect how the bride wants to feel on her special day.
  • Exploring all options, weighing pros and cons, and following instincts is crucial in the decision-making process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent a wedding dress?

Wedding dress rental prices vary, ranging from as low as A$500 to as high as A$3,000 or more, depending on factors like the designer and style.

Can I make alterations to a rented wedding dress?

While significant alterations may not be feasible, many rental companies allow minor adjustments to tailor the dress to your body shape and preferences.

What is included in the rental package?

Rental packages may include the dress, accessories like veils or belts, and services such as pre-paid shipping labels and dry cleaning.

How do I return the rented wedding dress?

Review the rental company’s return policy carefully, pack and ship the dress within the specified timeframe, often with provided pre-paid labels or arranged pick-up.

Are there additional fees associated with renting a wedding dress?

Yes, brides may incur charges for shipping, insurance, and potential damages to the dress, so it’s essential to be aware of these fees and responsibilities before renting.

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