Spring Wedding Colours

As spring waves its enchanting wand, love is blossoming like never before, and so are the vibrant colours that capture the essence of new beginnings and festivity. The very definition of spring wedding colours.

Spring Wedding Colours

The sweet scent of new and the warm touch of the sun are the backdrop to your special day. What better way to embrace the season of love than with an explosion of spring wedding colours that show off your unique love story?

We are excited to introduce you to a vibrant range of hues that will transform your spring wedding into a technicolor wonderland. Read on to know which color suits your big day!

Spring Wedding Color

spring wedding colours: Pastel and Light

Choose from these colours that evoke the freshness and beauty of spring. From soft pastels to bold and brilliant hues, the palette of possibilities is as vast as your love for each other.

Soft Jewel Tones: Elegance in Blooms

Step into a world of pastel gemstones that shimmer like sunshine hitting dew on a spring morning. Lavender takes the spotlight, swapping out with deep purples, while spring green takes over from emerald. This softer side of gemstones adds a touch of class and playfulness to your event. Imagine a combo of spring green and ivory, a pairing as refreshing as a cool spring breeze

Spring Wedding Colours: SOFT JEWEL TONES

Step into a world of pastel gemstones that shimmer like a spring morning’s sunshine on dew. Lavender takes the spotlight, swapping out deep purples, while spring green takes over from emerald. This softer side of gemstones adds a touch of class and playfulness to your bash. Imagine a combo of spring green and ivory, a pairing as refreshing as a cool spring breeze!


Embrace the allure of pink with floral displays that add a romantic touch to your day. From linens to candles, pink transforms your wedding into a fairy tale where love reigns supreme and joy is everywhere.


Green is all about life and renewal, and this season, it’s here to give your wedding a lively kick. Whether it’s sprucing up your floral arrangements or adding splashes of colour to your invites, green brings a lively touch to your celebration. Add a green velvet couch to your lounge area, and watch as the space comes alive with the best of nature’s hues.

Spring Wedding Colours: BOLD AND BRIGHT

Embrace the joyous spirit of spring with a celebration that bursts with life and color. Bold and bright hues are a playful way to showcase your love story, adding an element of fun and vibrancy to your special day.

So add layers of depth and emotion to your celebration with these unique colours:


Ditch the mundane and let your wedding shine with bold hues like sizzling hot pink, zesty mustard yellow, and dazzling cerulean blue. These vibrant shades inject a jolt of energy and excitement into your celebration, creating an arresting contrast against neutral spaces and ensuring a lasting memory.


Why settle for a single colour when you can embrace the whole spectrum? Say hello to the rainbow palette and revel in the diverse tapestry of love and life. This exuberant medley of shades infuses your wedding with vivacity, painting a picture of unity and jubilation.


Take your celebration up a notch with glimmers of gold that radiate timeless glamour. Gold-infused linens, reflective surfaces, and sprinkles of gold accents bring a touch of opulence to your wedding.

Soak in the inviting glow of golden decor as you set forth on this enchanting journey of love and togetherness.

Spring Wedding Color

Spring Wedding Colours: COOL AND AIRY

Your spring wedding colours tell a tale, and each shade plays its part in the story of your love. Let’s explore colours that inspire emotions behind its enchanting tone:


From the deep indigo of the night sky to the baby blue of a sunny day, blue tones bring a sense of dreaminess to your celebration. Imagine strolling down the aisle surrounded by blue and white blooms, a picture of serenity and grace.


Who would’ve thought your fave chambray shirt could inspire your wedding’s colour palette? Shades of blue from your trusty denim jeans find their way into your linens, glassware, and quirky decor. This classic and chilled hue symbolises loyalty and strength—qualities that are spot-on for the commitment you’re making to each other.


Classic and sophisticated, an all-white wedding never goes out of fashion. Your design choices can turn this timeless palette into a celebration that’s uniquely yours, whether you opt for traditional vibes or a modern twist.

Spring Wedding Colours: NEUTRALS AND SOFT

While vibrant colors bring their own magic, there’s an undeniable allure in the understated beauty of neutrals and soft tones. Embrace the elegance of simplicity and let your love shine in a palette that whispers sophistication.


Gray is the epitome of refined elegance. Incorporate shades of grey into your wedding for a soft and neutral canvas that lets other elements shine. Pair grey with silver dinnerware for a minimalist yet chic look that exudes sophistication.


Warmth and charm come alive with the inclusion of terracotta hues. This rust-inspired shade creates a cosy atmosphere that’s perfect for a rustic spring wedding. Imagine terracotta napkins, glassware, and plates harmonizing with wood accents and pops of orange, yellow, and white blooms.


Neutral hues such as ivory, cream, and beige create a serene and calming environment—a welcome escape from the noise of the world. These shades reflect a desire for tranquillity and set the stage for a celebration that’s all about finding solace in love.

Celebrate Spring in Living Colour

As the sun paints petals with light and the air hums with new beginnings, your spring wedding unfolds as a celebration of love, life, and colour.

So, whether you’re enchanted by the elegance of lavender or the energy of bold hues, embrace the palette that sings to your shared journey.

Ready to infuse your love story with the vibrancy of spring colours?

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Embrace the magic of spring with vibrant colors that reflect new beginnings and festivity. Choose from pastels to bold hues, from soft jewel tones to bright and playful shades. Pink adds romance, green brings nature’s touch, and zesty colors make bold statements. Rainbow palettes celebrate diversity, while glowing gold exudes timeless glamour. Blue shades create dreamy serenity, denim blue offers effortless chic, and all-white remains timelessly elegant. Neutrals and soft tones whisper sophistication, with soft gray exuding refined elegance, terracotta providing rustic charm, and earthy neutrals creating a calming oasis. Your love story finds its perfect color palette this spring.

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