The Best And Worst Months To Get Married In Australia

Australia’s got it all—jaw-dropping landscapes, vibrant cities, and a ripper setting for your dream wedding. But before you start shopping for something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of picking the best and worst months to get married in Australia.

Choosing the right time

From sun-soaked days to snug evenings, every month Down Under comes with its own charm and quirks. So, let’s strap in for a ride through the top-notch and not-so-cracking months to tie the knot in this land of beauty and romance.

Whether you’re drawn to the allure of outdoor ceremonies under the Australian sun or the intimate ambiance of indoor festivities during cooler periods, there’s a season for every love story.

The Best And Worst Months To Get Married In Australia

Spring Fling or Winter Wonderland?

First things first, let’s suss out whether you’re after a bloomin’ good spring affair or a cozy winter wonderland bash to pick the best and worst months to get married in Australia.

March – Autumn Amour

Autumn’s gentle hug is in the air! March, the gateway to the cooler times, lures you in with average temps of around 22°C. Perfect for couples who fancy the milder side of things. Imagine golden leaves, cozy wraps, and a legit reason to snuggle by the fire after you’ve danced the night away. If you’re all about autumn feels, March might just be the month that wins your heart.

April – A Blissful Start

April’s showers bring May flowers, and they also bring a cracking wedding season. With comfy temps and not much rain, April’s a top spot for painting your wedding masterpiece. Imagine outdoor ceremonies that are Insta-worthy and floral arrangements that are next level. And the cherry on top? It’s not too hot, not too cold—just right for a wedding as enchanting as a fairy tale.

May – Cozy Couture

May is rolling around, and you can feel the winter chill sneaking in. But it’s also a time for enchantment in your wedding plans. Days stay warm, but the nights come with a gentle chill—perfect for huggin’ your sweetheart or having a twirl under the stars. Get ready for elegance, cozy vibes, and a sprinkle of May magic. Definitely one of the best months to get married In Australia!

September – Springtime Serenity

If you’re caught between the spring bug and the autumn feels, this month is your answer. It is like the perfect mashup—far enough from summer’s scorch, but not too close to winter’s chill. With Mother Nature in full bloom, September is all about dancing into your next chapter, surrounded by love and fresh vibes.

November – Blooms of Joy

November is a riot of vibrant colours as spring kicks into high gear. With an average temp between 25°C and 28°C in Australia, it is the perfect time to party amid all the blossoms. Peonies, those stylish bridal flowers, make an entrance, adding a splash of elegance to your bash. Let November’s splendor inspire a wedding day that shines as bright as the sun-kissed days of spring. Choosing the best months to get married in Australia is a bit tricky.

The Best And Worst Months To Get Married In Australia

Summer Sizzle or Frosty Fumbles?

Presenting the hot and cold seasons of the calendar. Each one’s got its own vibe that can either take your celebration to cloud nine or leave you a bit… deflated. Below are guides that will show the best and worst months to get married in Australia.

December – The Mixed Bag

December: the month of joyous festivities, beachy vibes, and… extreme heat. While the holiday spirit is in full swing, the temperatures can be downright scorching, and the risk of natural disasters like bushfires is ever-present. If you’re willing to brave the heatwaves and potential discomfort, a December wedding could be your summer soirée dream come true.

January – The Hot Spot

January is in the same zone as December, keeping up the sweltering temps and upping the chance of heatwaves. Yeah, the summer romance is real, but the scorching heat might have your guests looking for the nearest fan or AC. For those dead-set on a summer fiesta, January might be your go-to. Just be ready with icy drinks and cool hangout spots.

February – Heat and Humidity

February sticks to the summer script with heat and humidity, but it’s got a few surprises up its sleeve. Great for beachside vows and poolside parties, but be prepared for weather mood swings. From sudden downpours to sweating it out, February’s a bit of a wild card, but who doesn’t love a bit of adventure, right? It could either be the best or worst months to get married in Australia.

June – Winter Whimsy

June’s the heart of winter and it’s got its own kind of magic. With fewer weddings going on, you will have a little more leeway in getting your dream venue and suppliers.  And how good are snug weddings? Think long-sleeved gowns, stylish boleros, and creating an intimate vibe that warms everyone’s hearts.

July – Frosty Fantasia

July keeps the winter fun going with crisp temps and the lure of snug gatherings. Get ready to embrace the frosty vibes and infuse your party with cosy charm. While the cold might steer you indoors, it is also the perfect excuse to create a magical atmosphere that’s part posh, part heartwarming.

August – A Nip in the Air

August waves goodbye to winter, promising a unique celebration. The chill in the air’s a perfect excuse to get cosy with your loved ones and bust a move on the dance floor. With winter’s calm hanging around, August could be your ticket to a wedding as unforgettable as the first snowfall. You can now determine what’s the best and worst months to get married in Australia.


So, What’s the Verdict?

So, whats the best and worst months to get married in Australia?

The crown jewel of the Aussie wedding calendar is none other than April. From open-air ceremonies kissed by the gentle sun to indoor soirées dripping with elegance, April ticks all the boxes. It’s like the Goldilocks of wedding months—just right.

Though every month has its special sauce, some might be trickier dance partners. January and February take the spotlight as the toughest months to wrangle. Their blazing temps and wonky weather can throw a spanner in the works. If you’re tying the knot during these hotshots, make sure you’ve got tricks up your sleeve to keep your guests cool and content.

No matter when you jump into the marriage game, the heartwarming journey you’re embarking on with your partner is the real treasure.

So, whether you’re saying “I do” in the snug arms of April or grooving the night away during a June enchantment, soak up every tick of the clock and make those moments shine.

And when it’s time to make that leap, don’t forget to give us a shout! Lock in your dream wedding with world class entertainment from Melbourne Entertainment Company and let the enchantment begin. Cheers to the adventure ahead!


Discover the best and worst months to get married in Australia. From sun-soaked days to snug evenings, each month comes with its charm. Spring and autumn offer mild weather, while summer and winter have their own appeals. March’s cozy vibe, April’s floral beauty, and May’s elegance make for splendid weddings. September’s fresh vibes and November’s vibrant blooms shine. Summer months bring heatwaves, with December and January needing careful planning. February offers beachside fun but unpredictable weather. Winter months provide intimate settings, with June and July’s snug charm and August’s unique celebration.

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