Top 10 DJ Decks to Buy

Popping open a fresh DJ deck always sets the vibe – that smell of new gear sparking excitement is like the first beat dropping on the dancefloor! As seasoned party maestros, we’re practically living and breathing DJing every day! Here’s our top 10 DJ decks to buy.

Choosing the best DJ Decks for you

Drawing upon extensive years of industry expertise, we’ve immersed ourselves in a vast array of DJ equipment, leveraging our wealth of experience. Our overarching goal is straightforward: unearth the finest DJ gear and offer these treasures to you! It’s this passion that has propelled us to curate an in-depth and comprehensive guide, meticulously designed to assist you in navigating the multitude of options and discovering that ideal DJ deck suited precisely to your needs.


Top 10 Microphones to Buy

Reloop Mixon 4

The Reloop Mixon 4 is a top-tier hybrid controller catering to multiple platforms – PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. It’s a versatile beast! This standout feature allows DJs to effortlessly blend Serato Pro DJ and Algoriddim djay PRO, making it the lone ranger of its kind on the list. Its ties to popular streaming services like Spotify, Tidal, and Soundcloud crank up its cool factor. However, its higher price and complex features might be best suited for veteran DJs seeking multi-platform prowess.


Pros: Hybrid Serato Pro DJ and Algoriddim djay PRO support, integration with streaming services

Cons: Relatively high price, complex functionalities


Rane Twelve MkII

The Rane Twelve MkII stands out as a premium choice for DJs yearning for an authentic vinyl experience. Its rock-solid construction and nifty hot-cue and track search abilities ensure spot-on control and seamless performances. But, it’s hungry for extra gear to complement the DJ setup fully. Nevertheless, its compatibility with USB Midi and DVS across multiple software platforms makes it a magnet for Traktor, Virtual DJ, and Serato users.


Pros: Authentic vinyl-like touch, precise control, DVS compatibility

Cons: Requires additional gear to complete the setup


Top 10 DJ Decks to Buy

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 Mk3

The Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 Mk3 is a mid-range controller that dishes out advanced creative features. Sporting a club-standard layout, Mixer FX, and Hotcues, it’s tailor-made for experienced DJs craving tools for mind-blowing effects and smooth transitions. Fresh-faced DJs might need a little time to wrap their heads around its pro-grade features, yet it remains a DJ’s dream for clubs, bashes, and venues that scream for pro-level performances.


Pros: Club-standard layout, Mixer FX, Hotcues, and loop controls

Cons: May have a learning curve for beginners


Numark DJ2GO2 Touch

The Numark DJ2GO2 Touch is a bite-sized, pocket-friendly controller built for jet-setting. Despite its mini-me size, it packs punchy mix features – crossfaders, pitch faders, and capacitive touch jog wheels for a scratching good time. Its built-in sound card, along with master gain and channel gain knobs, ensures basic yet bang-on DJ abilities. While it might lack some of the bells and whistles found in larger controllers, its portability and affordability make it a ripper choice for DJs on the move.


Pros: Portable and travel-friendly, complete mix essentials in a pocket-sized design

Cons: Limited features compared to larger controllers


Top 10 DJ Decks to Buy

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk3

The Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk3 sways hearts with its groundbreaking haptic jog wheels, delivering unique tactile feedback and a snug fit with Traktor 3 software. Sporting a 4-channel setup and a pro mixer layout, it’s a DJ’s paradise seeking a balanced blend of price and performance. It might not be loaded with every high-end feature found in fancier controllers, but its adaptability suits entry-level DJs and those aiming for top-notch live gigs.


Pros: Innovative haptic jog wheels, tight Traktor 3 integration, pro mixer layout

Cons: May not offer advanced features found in higher-end controllers

Top 10 Microphones to Buy
Top 10 DJ Decks to Buy
Top 10 DJ Decks to Buy


Denon MCX8000

The Denon MCX8000 rises as a top-shelf controller, tailor-made for Serato DJ software devotees. This kingpin controller boasts velocity-sensitive performance pads, offering cue, roll, slicer, and sample skills. Notably, its ace standalone operation, paired with a Stage LinQ network connection for lighting and video control, showcases its A-grade abilities. While it rocks a heftier price tag, its advanced features and standalone stunts make it a hot-ticket item for pro DJs.


Pros: Velocity-sensitive performance pads, standalone operation, Stage LinQ network connection

Cons: Relatively higher price point


Top 10 DJ Decks to Buy

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 serves up an enticing deal for those getting their groove on with Serato DJ Lite. Bundled with this software, the controller is a crowd-pleaser for folks after an affordable yet capable option for parties. Despite its wallet-friendly price compared to other models, the DDJ-SB3 shines with features like Pad Scratch, cooked up in collaboration with DJ Jazzy Jeff. This trick adds a unique flair to DJ sets by throwing in trademark scratch techniques, making it a hoot for budding DJs.


Pros: Bundled with Serato DJ Lite, Pad Scratch feature, affordability

Cons: Lacks some advanced functionalities found in premium models



Roland DJ-505

The Roland DJ-505 hits the sweet spot for newbie DJs chasing an affordable yet feature-packed controller. Its user-friendly pad controls and top-notch built-in sounds amp up the beginner’s game, making it a breeze to handle Serato DJ functions. Though it might lack some features found in fancier models, the DJ-505 impresses with integrated, fully editable drum kits from Roland’s esteemed TR series. Delivering minimal latency and an easy-peasy interface, it serves as an awesome entry point for budding DJs.


Pros: Quality built-in sounds, intuitive pad controls, integration of Roland’s legendary drum kits

Cons: Price increase from MK1 version



Top 10 DJ Decks to Buy

Pioneer DJ DDJ-400

For rookies stepping into the DJ arena, the Pioneer DDJ-400 emerges as a trusty and fair-priced pick. Flaunting a familiar CDJ-style layout and a hitch-free compatibility with rekordbox software, this controller gears up aspiring DJs. While it might not bring the depth of effects control seen in pricier models, the DDJ-400 makes up for it by delivering must-have features for club DJs. Sporting a user-friendly interface and a price tag that won’t break the bank, it’s a top-notch starting line for budding DJs.


Pros: CDJ-style layout, compatibility with rekordbox, incorporates Tutorial feature

Cons: Limited effects control


Pioneer DDJ-1000

The Pioneer DDJ-1000 is a bona fide treasure for DJs eyeing a pro-grade controller. Boasting a layout reminiscent of Pioneer’s top-tier NXS2 models, this controller packs full-sized jog wheels and a juiced-up Magvel crossfader. Despite the slightly steeper price, its seamless link with popular DJ software—rekordbox and Serato DJ—makes it a versatile bet for both aspiring and seasoned DJs. The splurge on the DDJ-1000 pays off for those diving deep into the art of DJing.


Pros: Professional-grade layout, exceptional jog wheels, upgraded Magvel crossfader

Cons: Commands a higher price point

What To Look For When Buying a Dj Deck

When picking from our top 10 DJ decks to buy, these factors will help you nail the right investment:

Software Compatibility

Check if the deck plays nice with your favorite DJ software. Some decks suit specific software, while others match up with more.

Controller Features

Look for features that sync up with your mixing style. Think jog wheel size, pad layout, mixer setup, and other must-haves for your DJ style.

Build Quality

Durability’s the go, especially for heavy use. Robust materials, sturdy knobs, and solid construction add life to the deck.


If you’re gigging on the go, a portable and lightweight deck’s the go-to. Think about size and weight for easy schlepping.

Audio Connectivity

Check out the deck’s audio hook-ups. Look for USB ports, XLR, RCA, or other interfaces you need to hook up speakers, headphones, or extra gear.

 Extra Features

Some decks pack bonus features like special effects, loop controls, sample pads, or links to streaming platforms. See if these extras match your DJing vibe.


Set a budget range before hunting for a DJ deck. Figure out what features are must-haves versus what you can shuffle around to fit your price range.

User Reviews

Always suss out user reviews and pro opinions. Real-world experiences give gold nuggets of insight into a deck’s performance, reliability, and user-friendliness.

Final Notes

That’s our top 10 DJ decks to buy, snagging the perfect DJ controller’s a deal! It’s all about factors like controller type, software compatibility, accessories bundled in, and more. Knowing your needs is the key to landing a spot-on product that fits like a glove.

Luckily, the DJ controller scene offers a lot of options from big gun brands like Native Instruments, Pioneer DJ, and Denon DJ. Their lineup runs the gamut from beginner-friendly all-in-one units to crackin’ professional-grade models.

Our final notes? Do some homework on the different DJ controllers, get cozy with their specs and features before splashing your cash. That way, you’ll nail exactly what you need, all without breaking the bank.

So, whether it’s for your home set-up or sizzling live gigs, there’s a gear out there that’ll slide into your needs! We hope this guide gives you the nudge in the right direction toward finding your DJ soulmate! Here’s to whipping up musical magic! Cheers!


Top 10 DJ Decks to Buy

  • RELOOP MIXON 4: Supports Serato Pro DJ and Algoriddim djay PRO, but with a high price and complex functions.
  • RANE TWELVE MKII: Authentic vinyl-like touch and precise control, yet requires additional gear for a complete setup.
  • NATIVE INSTRUMENTS TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 MK3: Club-standard layout, advanced features for experienced DJs, but has a steep learning curve for beginners.
  • NUMARK DJ2GO2 TOUCH: Portable with essential mix features in a compact design, albeit with limited functionalities compared to larger controllers.
  • NATIVE INSTRUMENTS TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 MK3: Unique haptic jog wheels, Traktor 3 integration, suitable for entry to mid-level DJs, might lack some high-end features.
  • DENON MCX8000: Velocity-sensitive performance pads, standalone operation, Stage LinQ network connection, with a relatively higher price.
  • PIONEER DJ DDJ-SB3: Bundled with Serato DJ Lite, Pad Scratch feature, budget-friendly, but missing some advanced functions.
  • ROLAND DJ-505: User-friendly pad controls, integrated Roland drum kits, beginner-friendly, though it lacks certain premium features.
  • PIONEER DJ DDJ-400: CDJ-style layout, rekordbox compatibility, ideal for club DJs, but limited effects control.
  • PIONEER DDJ-1000: Professional-grade layout, full-sized jog wheels, versatile software compatibility, comes with a higher price point.

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