Top 10 Electric Guitars to Buy

The electric guitar, an instrument that etches melodies in the fabric of music, invites enthusiasts into a resounding world with creative prospects. Melbourne Entertainment Company proudly presents the exploration of our top 10 electric guitars to buy, designed to unravel the threads connecting musicians to their instruments of choice.

Choosing the top electric Guitars

Whether you’re a seasoned musician or guitarist, well-versed in the fine points of electric guitars, or a curious newcomer eager to explore the world of musical instruments, this guide is designed to cater to all levels of expertise. Within these pages, we delve into the realm of renowned brands and offer personalized recommendations for the top 10 electric guitars. Each selection is carefully curated to complement diverse musical inclinations, ensuring that whether your passion lies in the raw power of rock, the soulful melodies of blues, or the harmonies of jazz, there’s a perfect instrument waiting to inspire your creativity and elevate your musical journey. So whether you’re strumming your first chord or shredding your latest solo, let this guide be your companion in discovering the perfect electric guitar to bring your musical vision to life.


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Gibson Guitars – Legendary Craftsmanship and Ton

Gibson earns its position at the pinnacle of this list due to its rich heritage, legendary craftsmanship, and iconic guitars that have shaped music history. Renowned for models like the Les Paul and SG, Gibson guitars boast top-tier materials, and a legacy of delivering timeless, rich, and versatile tones.

The brand’s guitars are loved by musicians who want the best quality, a rich history, and guitars that can make many different sounds.


Product Recommendation: Gibson Les Paul Standard ’50s Electric Guitar

The Gibson Les Paul Standard ’50s Electric Guitar epitomises the brand’s commitment to excellence and historical significance. A re-creation of the iconic 1950s Les Paul, this guitar features Gibson’s renowned Burstbucker pickups, delivering warm, resonant tones. A definite entry to our top 10 electric guitars to buy.


Ibanez Guitars – Shredding in Style

Ibanez guitars are known for their cool, modern looks and smart features. They’re perfect for guitarists who want fast and accurate playing.

The brand’s instruments typically feature thin necks, low actions, and deep cutaways, making them ideal for aggressive playing styles and facilitating easy access to higher frets.


Product Recommendation: Ibanez RG550 Genesis Collection Electric Guitar

The Ibanez RG550 Genesis Collection Electric Guitar defines the brand’s dedication to high-performance instruments tailored for shredders.

With its thin Wizard neck profile and HSH pickup configuration, this model offers versatile tones suitable for various genres, although it’s primarily known for its prowess in heavy metal.


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Jackson Guitars – Dedicated to Metal Mastery

Jackson makes its mark on this list by specialising in guitars designed for the heavy metal genre.

They are known for their bold designs and easy-to-play features, perfect for musicians who want guitars that can create loud, rough sounds and play fast and accurately.


Product Recommendation: Jackson Pro Series Soloist SL2 Electric Guitar

The Jackson Pro Series Soloist SL2 Electric Guitar exemplifies the brand’s dedication to providing instruments tailored for metal enthusiasts.

With its sleek and aggressive body design, high-output pickups, and ergonomic construction, this model delivers the tonal depth and playability demanded by shredders and heavy metal players.

It stands as a testament to Jackson’s commitment to crafting guitars optimised for high-speed, technical playing.



Fender Guitars – Shaping Musical Innovation

Fender, a big competitor to Gibson, deserves its spot because it has had a big impact on music history and has very recognizable designs. Their guitars, especially the Stratocaster and Telecaster models, have special features like bright sounds, comfy necks, and a classic look.


Product Recommendation: Fender Player Stratocaster Electric Guitar

The Fender Player Stratocaster Electric Guitar represents Fender’s commitment to timeless design and tonal excellence. This model embodies the classic Stratocaster silhouette, equipped with single-coil pickups that deliver that signature bright, articulate sound.

Known for its comfortable playability and versatile tone, the Player Stratocaster remains an emblem of Fender’s innovation and dedication to crafting instruments that resonate across genres.



Gretsch Guitars – Timeless Charm and Distinctive Tone

Gretsch secures its position owing to its distinctive hollow-bodied guitars and vintage-inspired designs.

Known for its elegant appearance and iconic sound, Gretsch guitars offer a unique tonal palette characterised by their hollow bodies, Filter’Tron pickups, and vibrant resonance. The brand’s instruments appeal to musicians seeking a classic aesthetic and a distinctive, warm, and articulate tone.


Product Recommendation: Gretsch G2622 Streamliner Center Block Double-Cut Electric Guitar

The Gretsch G2622 Streamliner represents the brand’s commitment to delivering affordable yet high-quality hollow-body guitars. Featuring a center block for reduced feedback and enhanced sustain, this guitar delivers the classic Gretsch sound while maintaining affordability.

With its vintage-inspired aesthetics and versatile tones, the G2622 Streamliner caters to players seeking retro charm and a distinctive, resonant sound. Another must have for our top 10 electric guitars to buy.


Epiphone Guitars – The Affordably Classic

Epiphone, a subsidiary of Gibson, earns its spot on this list by offering an affordable gateway into the world of quality electric guitars. Though catering to the entry-level market, Epiphone mirrors Gibson’s design and style, ensuring budget-friendly options that mirror the iconic Gibson models.

While they may use slightly less premium materials, Epiphone guitars don’t skimp on delivering a warm, resonant sound. They are a fantastic choice for beginners or intermediate players seeking the essence of Gibson guitars without breaking the bank.


Product Recommendation: Epiphone Les Paul Standard ’60s Electric Guitar

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard ’60s Electric Guitar encapsulates the brand’s commitment to delivering high-quality instruments at an affordable price point.

Mirroring the renowned Gibson Les Paul, this model features humbucker pickups for that classic, warm tone and an iconic design that mirrors the vintage ’60s Les Paul. This guitar is a testament to Epiphone’s dedication to offering accessible instruments that echo the revered qualities of its parent brand.



Squier Guitars – Budget-Friendly Fender Cousins

Squier, a subsidiary of Fender, secures its place as a budget-friendly alternative that mirrors Fender’s iconic designs. Aimed primarily at entry-level players, Squier guitars resemble their higher-tier Fender counterparts in appearance but are crafted with more economical materials.

While they may lack the premium features of Fender models, Squier guitars offer beginners an opportunity to experience Fender-style instruments at a fraction of the cost.


Product Recommendation: Squier Classic Vibe ’50s Stratocaster Electric Guitar

The Squier Classic Vibe ’50s Stratocaster Electric Guitar exemplifies the brand’s commitment to affordability without compromising on style and playability.

With vintage-inspired aesthetics and single-coil pickups, this model captures the essence of Fender’s iconic ’50s Stratocaster. It’s an excellent entry point for beginners seeking a taste of Fender’s legendary instruments on a budget.



PRS Guitars – Versatile Instruments for Diverse Styles

PRS stands out for its diverse portfolio of guitars designed to cater to a wide range of musical genres. While not as historically iconic as Gibson or Fender, PRS guitars gain recognition for their craftsmanship, quality, and versatile tonal capabilities.

The brand’s guitars usually have a mix of warm and bright sounds, which is great for musicians who want guitars that can switch between different styles of playing easily.


Product Recommendation: PRS SE Custom 24 Electric Guitar

The PRS SE Custom 24 Electric Guitar symbolizes PRS’s commitment to versatility and quality craftsmanship. Featuring a maple top, mahogany body, and iconic PRS bird inlays, this guitar offers a balanced tonal spectrum suitable for a wide array of musical genres.

With its humbucker pickups, tremolo system, and meticulous design, the SE Custom 24 caters to players seeking a reliable instrument that effortlessly navigates various playing styles.



Rickenbacker Guitars – Vintage Tones and Classic Styling

Rickenbacker earns its place due to its unique tonal character and iconic designs. While primarily recognised for its bass guitars, Rickenbacker’s 6-string instruments offer a distinct jingly and twangy sound that resonates with fans of vintage and upbeat music.

The brand’s guitars, with their thin necks, single-coil pickups, and classic appearances, appeal to musicians seeking a retro-inspired tone and aesthetic.


Product Recommendation: Rickenbacker 360 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar

The Rickenbacker 360 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar embodies the brand’s legacy with its semi-acoustic build, distinctive jangly tone, and timeless appearance.

Featuring signature Rickenbacker characteristics like a hollow body, unique single-coil pickups, and a bright, twangy sound, this guitar caters to players looking to infuse their music with vintage vibes and distinctive tonal textures.



Ernie Ball Music Man –
Innovative Revolutionaries Crafting

Ernie Ball Music Man guitars have earned a reputation for their exceptional quality, playability, and unique features. Whether it’s the collaboration with Steve Lukather in the Music Man Luke III, the craftsmanship, innovative features like the active preamp circuit, or the distinctive tones, these guitars stand out. Their comfortable neck contours, low action, and smooth fretboards make them favorites among players.


Product Recommendation: Music Man Luke III

Discover the Music Man Luke III, where innovation meets classic craftsmanship. Designed with ergonomic excellence for comfort during long sessions, its unparalleled fret access and digital pickup system allow seamless transitions between tones.

Renowned for versatility across genres, it delivers quality craftsmanship and adaptable tones for any style. Whether you’re a Lukather fan or seeking a boundary-transcending guitar, the Luke III delivers excellence in every detail. One of the top 10 electric guitars to buy!

What to Look for in an Electric Guitar?

When making the crucial decision to invest in an electric guitar, consider these key factors:

Tonal Versatility

Seek an instrument that offers diverse tonal options to match your musical style. Look for guitars with versatile pickups or tone-shaping controls that enable you to achieve various sounds, from warm and mellow to bright and biting tones.


Prioritise playability by focusing on the neck profile and fretboard. A comfortable neck, suited to your hand size and playing technique, enhances ease of movement across the frets. Explore different neck shapes and materials to find the one that feels natural to you.

Build Quality

Assess the guitar’s construction materials and craftsmanship. Look for durable woods, robust hardware, and well-constructed bodies to ensure longevity and resilience during extended use.

Hardware and Electronics

Pay attention to the quality of hardware components such as tuners, bridges, and pickups. Quality hardware contributes to tuning stability, sustain, and overall performance. Well-designed electronics can significantly impact the guitar’s tonal capabilities.

Design Aesthetics

While functionality is key, consider the visual appeal. Choose a guitar that resonates with your personal taste and style. Whether it’s a classic vintage look or a modern, sleek design, the instrument’s appearance should inspire you to pick it up and play.

 Extra Features

Some decks pack bonus features like special effects, loop controls, sample pads, or links to streaming platforms. See if these extras match your DJing vibe.

Final Notes

Selecting the right electric guitar involves exploring brands that align with your musical aspirations and personal preferences. Each brand mentioned here caters to distinct styles, offering instruments that range from classic, vintage-inspired designs to cutting-edge, metal-oriented guitars.

For those seeking live entertainment, consider hiring Melbourne Entertainment Company‘s bands or acoustic duos for your next event. Their talented musicians can elevate any occasion with their captivating performances and diverse repertoire.

Whether you seek timeless craftsmanship, versatility, or genre-specific performance, these recommendations serve as a starting point to help you discover the perfect electric guitar that complements your musical expression.

The right electric guitar is not just an instrument but an extension of your musical identity. With this guide, may you find the guitar that resonates with your soulful melodies, powerful riffs, or intricate compositions!


Top 10 Electric Guitars to Buy

  • Gibson Guitars: Legendary craftsmanship, rich heritage, and iconic models like Les Paul and SG deliver timeless, versatile tones. Recommendation: Gibson Les Paul Standard ’50s Electric Guitar
  • Ibanez Guitars: Sleek designs, thin necks, and deep cutaways optimize speed and precision, perfect for shredders. Recommendation: Ibanez RG550 Genesis Collection Electric Guitar
  • Jackson Guitars: Specializing in heavy metal, aggressive designs and fast-playing features cater to distorted tones and precise fretwork. Recommendation: Jackson Pro Series Soloist SL2 Electric Guitar
  • Fender Guitars: Great impact on music history, distinctive designs like Stratocaster and Telecaster, and bright tones. Recommendation: Fender Player Stratocaster Electric Guitar
  • Gretsch Guitars: Distinctive hollow-bodied guitars, vintage-inspired designs, and unique tonal palette. Recommendation: Gretsch G2622 Streamliner Center Block Double-Cut Electric Guitar
  • Epiphone Guitars: Affordable gateway to quality, mirroring Gibson’s iconic models, warm, resonant sound. Recommendation: Epiphone Les Paul Standard ’60s Electric Guitar
  • Squier Guitars: Budget-friendly alternative to Fender, similar designs, vintage-inspired aesthetics. Recommendation: Squier Classic Vibe ’50s Stratocaster Electric Guitar
  • PRS Guitars: Versatile instruments, balance warmth and brightness, seamless transition between playing styles. Recommendation: PRS SE Custom 24 Electric Guitar
  • Rickenbacker Guitars: Unique tonal character, classic designs, retro-inspired tone and aesthetic. Recommendation: Rickenbacker 360 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar
  • Ernie Ball Music Man: Wonderful craftsmanship, unique features, exceptional quality, versatile tones. Recommendation: Music Man Luke III

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