Top 10 Keyboards/Digital Piano to Buy

In today’s music scene, digital pianos have reached their peak, showcasing incredible technological advancements. These instruments keep progressing, approaching closer to their acoustic counterparts in tone, touch, and aesthetics. Whether harmonizing vocals, tackling classical masterpieces, or delving into smooth jazz, the finest digital pianos serve as your all-in-one solution. Here’s our top 10 keyboards/digital piano to buy!

Choosing the best keyboards/digital piano for you

Get ready for an in-depth guide showcasing our top picks for digital pianos available today. From big, fancy pianos to smaller ones that save space, we’ve got something for everyone, whether you’re a pro or just starting out. Our musicians and pianist rely on these pianos to bring their music to life, making them a must-have for any player. Explore our guide and find the perfect digital piano to unleash your musical talent!


Top 10 Keyboards/Digital Piano to Buy

Arturia KeyLab Essential 61 – Best for Music Production Enthusiasts

Geared towards music producers and enthusiasts, this MIDI controller offers not only a keyboard but also a suite of software to amplify your music production journey. Boasting 61 velocity-sensitive keys, 8 performance pads, and a range of assignable controls, it’s a playground for unleashing creativity. However, traditional pianists seeking an authentic piano feel might find it less suitable, given its focus on digital music production. 

Also, its software might pose a learning curve for newcomers. Nonetheless, for those diving deep into music production seeking a versatile and feature-packed MIDI controller, the KeyLab Essential 61 is a powerhouse! A must have for our Top 10 Keyboards/Digital Piano to Buy!

– MIDI controller with 61 velocity-sensitive keys
– 8 performance pads and assignable controls
– Best for music production enthusiasts
– Software suite for music production

– May not suit those seeking an authentic piano feel
– Software might pose a learning curve for newcomers



Top 10 Keyboards/Digital Piano to Buy

Yamaha NP-15 – Best Affordable Option

For those seeking a budget-friendly keyboard focused on creating sweet melodies, the Yamaha NP-15 is a smart choice! This compact wonder may not boast numerous extras, but its affordability and portability compensate for the lack of frills.

With a sound that won’t break the bank, it’s primed for impromptu jam sessions wherever you wander. The non-weighted keys might not suit piano enthusiasts, yet for those yearning affordability and portability, the NP-15 stands as a reliable companion on all musical adventures.

– Compact and portable design
– Affordable price
– Decent sound quality
– Suitable for melody-making on a budget

– Limited to ten presets
– Non-weighted keys may not appeal to piano enthusiasts


Top 10 Keyboards/Digital Piano to Buy

Nord Stage 3 – Best for Professional Musicians

Tailored for professionals seeking top-tier quality and performance, this keyboard stands as the cream of the crop. Sporting three sound-generating sections encompassing piano, organ, and synthesizer, it’s a juggernaut of versatility and quality.

The 88 weighted hammer-action keys offer that authentic piano touch, making it a favorite among serious pianists. However, its premium features come with a hefty price tag, unsuitable for those on a tight budget or beginners embarking on their musical journey. But for professionals seeking the pinnacle of sound quality, versatility, and performance, the Nord Stage 3 is a game-changer!

– Three sound-generating sections for versatility
– 88 weighted hammer-action keys for an authentic piano experience
– Top-tier quality and performance
– Best for professional musicians

– High price point
– Not suitable for beginners or those on a tight budget


Top 10 Keyboards/Digital Piano to Buy

Casio CT-X700 – Best Budget 61 Key Option

For those in search of an entry-level keyboard that won’t dent your wallet, let us introduce you to the Casio CT-X700! Laden with over 600 sounds, it’s akin to having an entire orchestra at your fingertips. Covering piano to percussion, this budget-friendly 61-key gem is crafted for those exploring every musical nook and cranny. Its step-up lessons facilitate learning, making it perfect for beginners.

Granted, it might not win a beauty contest with its plastic feel, but who minds when the music flows, right? Lightweight, portable, and ever-ready to jam – the ultimate musical companion for your escapades! Another must have for our Top 10 Keyboards/Digital Piano to Buy!

– Over 600 tones and 195 rhythms
– Step-up lesson system for beginners
– Lightweight and portable design
– A wide variety of sound options
– Affordable price point

– Plastic feel may not appeal to some users
– Sound quality might not satisfy professional musicians


Top 10 Keyboards/Digital Piano to Buy

Korg KROSS 2 – Best for Live Gigs and On-the-Go Musicians

This versatile keyboard packs a punch with over a thousand high-quality sounds and built-in audio recording capabilities, making it a powerhouse for creating music on stage or while traveling. Its lightweight design and battery power option make it Best for musicians constantly on the move.

However, for pianists yearning for the authentic touch and feel of an acoustic piano, the KROSS 2 might fall short due to its non-weighted keys. Additionally, its interface might overwhelm beginners initially. Nevertheless, for performers and creators seeking portability, an extensive sound library, and recording capabilities, the Korg KROSS 2 is a top-notch choice!

– Over a thousand high-quality sounds
– Built-in audio recording capabilities
– Lightweight design and battery power option

– Non-weighted keys might not suit traditional pianists
– Interface might be overwhelming for beginners


Top 10 Keyboards/Digital Piano to Buy

Roland GO:KEYS – Best for On-the-Go Creativity

If you’re always on the move and craving a keyboard that matches your creativity, this one’s for you. Offering over 500 instrument sounds and loops, it’s a powerhouse for crafting unique tunes wherever inspiration strikes.

Its Bluetooth connectivity syncs with music apps on your devices, allowing seamless integration of your musical ideas. Overall, for those seeking portability, versatility, and limitless creativity, the GO:KEYS is the best choice.

– Over 500 instrument sounds and loops
– Bluetooth connectivity for seamless integration
– Portable and versatile

– Non-weighted keys may not appeal to piano enthusiasts
– Sound quality might not satisfy professional musicians


Top 10 Keyboards/Digital Piano to Buy

Casio Privia PX-770 – Best for Home Practice

With its sleek design and impressive features, this digital piano suits those seeking a stylish yet functional addition to their living space. Boasting 88 weighted keys with simulated ebony and ivory textures, it provides a natural and authentic playing experience.

However, its bulkier size might not suit musicians looking for extreme portability. Yet, for those desiring a sophisticated and classy instrument for home practice with a focus on aesthetics and quality, the Privia PX-770 is a solid choice.

– Sleek design with simulated ebony and ivory textures
– 88 weighted keys for a natural playing experience
– Perfect for home practice
– Aesthetic appeal for a sophisticated touch

– Bulkier size may not be as portable
– Sound quality may not match higher-end models



Korg B2 – Best for Stage Performances

If you’re all about stage presence and live performances, this keyboard has your back. Sporting 88 weighted keys, it offers that authentic piano feel that resonates beautifully in concert settings. With 12 meticulously sampled sounds, including grand piano, electric piano, and strings, the Korg B2 delivers quality sound for an immersive experience.

While its design might be bulkier compared to other models, its sound quality and performance capabilities compensate for its size. Best for musicians aiming to make an impact during live shows, though its higher price point might not suit those on a tight budget.

– 88 weighted keys for an authentic piano experience
– 12 sampled sounds for versatile performances
– Great for live stage performances
– Quality sound output

– Bulkier design may be less portable
– Higher price point compared to some other options


Top 10 Keyboards/Digital Piano to Buy

Yamaha PSR-E363 – Best for Beginners

Meet the Yamaha PSR-E363 – your ultimate learning buddy! Designed with beginners in mind, this keyboard boasts a vast library of 574 instrument sounds, making it a treasure trove for exploring different musical tones.

Its Yamaha Education Suite offers interactive learning tools, guiding newcomers on their musical journey. However, its non-weighted keys might not provide the same feel as a traditional piano, and for more advanced players seeking nuanced dynamics, this might not be the Best choice. Nonetheless, for beginners seeking a comprehensive learning experience with diverse sounds and functionalities, the PSR-E363 is a fantastic starting point!

– 574 instrument sounds for exploration
– Yamaha Education Suite for interactive learning
– Best for beginners starting their musical journey
– Diverse sound library

– Non-weighted keys might not suit everyone’s preference
– Might lack nuanced dynamics for advanced players


Top 10 Keyboards/Digital Piano to Buy

Alesis Recital Pro – Best Starting Point

If you’re eager to dive into the piano world without breaking the bank, the Alesis Recital Pro is your perfect starter pack! Boasting 88 weighted keys, it offers that authentic piano feel without sacrificing compactness. This budget-friendly beauty is a beginner’s paradise, providing quality at a price that won’t strain your finances.

With 20-Watt speakers to amplify your tunes, it’s ready to help you unleash your musical potential. Admittedly, it’s not a concert-quality symphony, but for beginners embarking on their musical journey, the Recital Pro is a reliable sidekick that’s more than up to the task!

– Affordable price for beginners
– 20-Watt speakers for amplification
– Quality sound for its price range

– May not satisfy professional pianists’ standards
– Sound quality might not match higher-end models

What to Consider When Purchasing an Electric Piano

Here’s what to look for when acquiring an electric piano:

Keyboard Type

The keyboard type is crucial when seeking an electric piano. Weighted keys offer a realistic feel similar to an acoustic piano, allowing greater expression but might be heavier. Non-weighted keys are lighter and easier to carry, good for beginners or people who want simplicity. Knowing how many keys there are is important too; 61 keys are easier to move around, but 88 keys give you all the notes you need for playing professionally.

Sound Quality and Variety

Check how good the instrument sounds and the types of sounds it can make. Look at the quality of the sound system and the different kinds of tones and voices it offers. This makes sure it fits with the kind of music you like. Also, higher polyphony counts mean you won’t miss any notes, especially when playing lots of sounds together or doing tricky pieces.

Portability and Design

Consider the instrument’s portability and design features. Weight and size are critical, particularly for musicians frequently on the move or performing live. Look for built-in speakers that deliver adequate quality and power if you plan to play without additional amplification.

Connectivity and Features

Check the connectivity options and extra features available. USB, MIDI, and audio interfaces are essential for connecting to other devices or using the instrument as a MIDI controller. Additional features such as recording capabilities, effects, and learning tools can enhance your playing experience and creativity.

Price and Budget

Finally, balance your budget with the instrument’s features! Consider the value provided against the cost, ensuring it meets your immediate needs without compromising on essential functionalities. Also, think about the instrument’s long-term suitability to avoid frequent upgrades as your skill level advances.

Final Thoughts

There it is our Top 10 Keyboards/Digital Piano to Buy. Whether drawn to the commanding presence of a high-end masterpiece or the subtle charm of a space-saving gem, the world of digital pianos offers something for everyone. Our curated selection aims to capture this diversity, ensuring you find the perfect match for your musical aspirations.

Here’s some advice: Start by learning the basics of piano through a tutorial or guide. Get to know the different features, sounds, and options digital pianos offer. This will help you choose the right one for you. Also, try visiting music stores nearby to try out different models. Press the keys and hear the sound for yourself. Testing pianos in person can give you a better idea than just reading reviews online.

Remember, the best digital piano isn’t merely about specifications or brand names; it’s about how it resonates with you, inspiring and elevating your musical journey. Trust your instincts, use our guide as a starting point, and embark on this harmonious adventure with confidence.

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Top 10 Keyboards/Digital Piano to Buy

  • Arturia KeyLab Essential 61: MIDI controller with 61 keys, 8 pads, and assignable controls, suitable for music enthusiasts, but lacks the feel of a real piano and may be challenging for beginners.
  • Yamaha NP-15: Small, affordable, decent sound, great for simple tunes on a budget, but limited presets and no weighted keys.
  • Nord Stage 3: Professional-grade with 3 sound sections, 88 weighted keys for an real piano experience, but comes with a high price tag and isn’t beginner-friendly.
  • Casio CT-X700: Offers over 600 tones and 195 rhythms, equipped with a step-up lesson system for beginners, affordable and portable, but may feel plasticky and lacks top-notch sound quality.
  • Korg KROSS 2: Features over a thousand high-quality sounds and built-in audio recording, lightweight and battery-powered, but non-weighted keys and complex interface may be hard for beginners.
  • Roland GO:KEYS: Provides over 500 sounds and loops, with Bluetooth connectivity and portability, but lacks weighted keys and professional sound quality.
  • Casio Privia PX-770: Sleek design with 88 weighted keys, ideal for home practice with aesthetic appeal, but bulky and may not match higher-end models in sound quality.
  • Korg B2: Delivers an authentic piano experience with 88 weighted keys and 12 sampled sounds, suitable for stage performances, but bulky and expensive.
  • Yamaha PSR-E363: Offers 574 instrument sounds and the Yamaha Education Suite for beginners, best suited for novices, but lacks weighted keys.
  • Alesis Recital Pro: Affordable with 88 weighted keys and 20-Watt speakers, perfect for beginners, but may not satisfy professional pianists and sound quality isn’t top-notch.

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