Top 10 Microphones to Buy

Finding the perfect microphone for your recording needs can be a real adventure! Whether you’re belting out those vocals, strumming your guitar, or narrating your next big podcast, the right studio mic is key. But with a plethora of options, where does one even begin? Here’s our top 10 microphones to buy.

Choosing the best SpEAKERS

The selection of microphones we’ve carefully curated caters to a diverse range of budgets and ensures top-notch quality across the spectrum. Each microphone listed here has been carefully vetted to guarantee amazing performance and would  integrate into our personal recording setup. From our experienced MCs, DJs, and Bands to the soulful renditions of our Acoustic performers, we prioritize the use of high-quality microphones to elevate their performances. Below are our top 10 microphones to buy.


Top 10 Microphones to Buy

Aston Microphones Origin

The Aston Origin strikes a balance between affordability and originality. Sporting a cardioid pattern and a sleek design, it offers clean sound reproduction suitable for various recording needs. With thoughtful features like the integrated shock absorber and switches for pad and low-cut filter, it’s a competitive choice in its price range.


Pros: Fantastic price, Boutique appearance

Cons: Very few


Sennheiser e 609 Silver

Sennheiser’s E 609 takes simplicity to a new level, offering easy positioning on your guitar cab! Hang it over the front of your cab, find the sweet spot, and secure the cable with a bit of tape – no need for stands or booms. With a focus on detailed clarity and a supercardioid pattern, it’s also ideal for toms, albeit requiring additional stands.


Pros: Easy to position on your cab, Robust, Indifferent to high SPL figures

Cons: Not so easy to mount on drums, A bit of a one-trick pony


Top 10 Microphones to Buy

Rode NT1 5th Gen Microphone

Rode’s NT1 5th Gen microphone stands out as an affordable yet quality large capsule cardioid condenser mic. This latest model includes a USB interface, removing the need for an additional audio interface. The bundle comes with  accessories for immediate use, ensuring a seamless start to your recording journey.


Pros: Low noise, Sound quality, Integrated shock mount, USB interface

Cons: No minimal latency monitoring facility, Doesn’t support 44.1kHz sample rate


AKG C214

The AKG C214 is an all-around large-diaphragm condenser microphone ideal for capturing guitar amps, acoustic instruments, pianos, and vocals. Its extended frequency range, while emphasizing higher frequencies, ensures clear and detailed sound reproduction. Crafted with great \ build quality and featuring a switchable bass roll-off, it’s a reliable choice for home studio setups.


Pros: Works well with a variety of sound sources, Superb design 

Cons: Higher frequencies can be exaggerated at times 


Top 10 Microphones to Buy

Shure SM57

Ever needed a microphone that can handle the raw power of a raging 4×12 guitar amp cabinet? Look no further than the Shure SM57. Its ability to endure loud volumes without flinching secures its place on this list. Combine it with a decent condenser mic, experiment with placements, and behold a timeless solution that captures both the soft nuances and explosive dynamics of a valve amp’s sound.


Pros: Near indestructible, Inexpensive, Reliable

Cons: Not the most subtle

Top 10 Microphones to Buy
Top 10 Microphones to Buy
Top 10 Microphones to Buy


Shure MV7

Shure’s MV7 targets content creators aiming for crisp speech recordings within a budget. The microphone, along with the MOTIV app, provides specific vocal presets for a professional touch. While capable in music applications, its primary strength lies in speech recording, making it a valuable asset for podcasters and streamers.


Pros: Dual output adds versatility, MOTIV app is genuinely useful

Cons: USB-C connection would have been preferable


Top 10 Speakers to Buy

IK Multimedia iRig Stream Mic Pro

The iRig Stream Mic Pro from IK Multimedia is amazing, doubling as a dual-capsule condenser mic with four pickup patterns and a 2 in/4 out audio interface. Its range shines, allowing seamless connections between sound sources and outputs. The loopback functionality is a game-changer, making internal audio routing for various applications easier.


Pros: Hugely versatile, Quality recordings, Loopback functionality

Cons: Might be more capable than most users actually need



sE Electronics sE2200a II Microphone

The sE Electronics sE2200a II microphone boasts a flexible multi-pattern design offering cardioid, omni, and figure-8 patterns. Its bright yet solid sound reproduction caters to various recording scenarios. Despite a slight price increase from its predecessor, the MKII version packs value with its versatile pattern options.


Pros: Well made and good looking, Flexible multi-pattern design, Bright but solid sound

Cons: Price increase from MK1 version



Sontronics Solo Microphone

Solid, reliable, and offering clear vocal sound, the Sontronics Solo microphone is a gem. Its well-weighted design with a flat front grille ensures a consistent distance guide and minimizes accidental knocks during lively gigs. The higher output promises a healthy signal at the preamp, aiding in noise control and feedback reduction in live events or studio settings.


Pros: Full-bodied, clear vocal sound, Excellent off-axis rejection, Well-weighted, solid construction

Cons: Not as compact as others


Audio Technica AE2300 Microphone

Audio Technica’s AE2300 is a versatile high-SPL cardioid dynamic mic, suitable for drums, guitar amps, and brass. Its compact design ensures discreet usage in a live setting, while the good build promises durability. With a double-dome diaphragm and off-axis frequency.


Pros: Tailored frequency response, Optional low-pass filter, Rubberized screw-tight clip

Cons: Reasonably pricey for a dynamic mic, Size precludes use as a handheld

What to Look for When Buying a Microphone

When on the lookout for the perfect microphone, several key factors can greatly influence your decision. After checking our top 10 microphones to buy, consider the following aspects to ensure you find a microphone that suits your specific needs:

Type of Microphone

Consider whether you need a dynamic, condenser, or ribbon microphone based on the intended use, as each type has specific strengths.

Polar Patterns

Understand the microphone’s pickup pattern (cardioid, omnidirectional, etc.) and choose one suitable for your recording environment and purpose.

Frequency Response

Look for a microphone that accurately captures the range of frequencies relevant to your recordings without emphasizing or dulling specific ranges.

Sensitivity and SPL Handling

Check the microphone’s sensitivity to sound levels (SPL) to ensure it suits the loudness of your intended source.

Connection Type

Decide between XLR, USB, or other connectivity options based on your recording setup and compatibility requirements.

 Budget and Value

Set a budget and consider the value you’re getting for the price. Compare features, performance, and build quality across various options within your budget range.

Durability and Build Quality

Consider the microphone’s construction materials and design, especially if it will be subjected to rough handling or live performances.

Additional Features

Assess extras like built-in filters, pads, or accessories (shock mounts, pop filters) that could enhance the microphone’s performance or ease of use.


Set a reasonable budget and balance features and quality within that range to get the best value for your investment.


There you have it, our top 10 microphones to buy. A glimpse into the world of top-notch microphones! As you embark on your journey to select the ideal microphone, remember that it’s about finding harmony between your unique style, recording requirements, and price. The key is to align your specific recording needs with the capabilities of the microphone you choose. Whether you’re aiming to craft a good podcast, capture the soulful tunes of your guitar, or unleash your inner vocal power, the perfect microphone awaits, ready to elevate and amplify your distinct sound.

So, take your time, explore the options, and discover the microphone that resonates perfectly with your creative expression!


Top 10 Microphones to Buy

  • The Aston Origin balances price and uniqueness with a cardioid pattern, integrated shock absorber, and sleek design.
  • Sennheiser’s e 609 Silver simplifies guitar cab positioning, excelling in clarity and handling high SPL, but might be hard to mount on drums and serves a specialized purpose.
  • Rode’s NT1 5th Gen impresses with low noise, quality sound, an integrated shock mount, and USB interface but lacks minimal latency monitoring and support for 44.1kHz sample rate.
  • The AKG C214, a versatile large-diaphragm condenser mic, captures various instruments and vocals well despite occasional exaggeration of higher frequencies.
  • Shure’s SM57 stands as an exceptionally durable, budget-friendly option for high-volume scenarios, though it may lack subtlety in nuanced recording situations.
  • Shure’s MV7 shines with dual output versatility and useful MOTIV app presets, primarily used to speech recording despite the absence of USB-C connection.
  • IK Multimedia’s iRig Stream Mic Pro impresses with its range as a dual-capsule condenser mic and loopback functionality, offering more features than required for most users.
  • The sE Electronics sE2200a II offers a pretty design, flexible multi-pattern capabilities, and solid sound quality, albeit with a slight price increase from its predecessor.
  • Sontronics Solo delivers clear vocal sound with sturdy build and good off-axis rejection, albeit being slightly larger compared to others.
  • Audio Technica’s AE2300, while versatile with tailored frequency response and a durable build, may seem relatively pricey for a dynamic mic and lacks handheld option due to its size.

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