Top 10 Pianos to Buy

In this guide, we’ll take you on a tour of the finest pianos available today! From legendary brands that have stood the test of time to modern innovators pushing the boundaries of piano craftsmanship, each instrument in this list represents a unique blend of artistry, technology, and musical prowess. Below are our list of top 10 pianos to buy, to help you pick the best one for your performance!

Choosing the best Piano for you

Pianists bring an aura of sophistication and elegance to weddings and formal events, providing live, versatile music that complements the ambiance perfectly. Their repertoire, spanning classical to contemporary pieces, adds a touch of refinement and creates a memorable atmosphere tailored to suit the occasion’s grace and charm. So choosing the best piano for you is important.

No matter where you stand on the spectrum of piano appreciation—whether you’re a burgeoning pianist eager to explore the world of music, an experienced performer seeking the pinnacle of instrument craftsmanship, or an enthusiast reveling in the sheer beauty of these magnificent instruments—there’s an array of top-tier pianos that are simply captivating and worth exploring further. These exceptional instruments represent the culmination of decades of meticulous craftsmanship, blending artistry, technology, and tradition to offer an unparalleled musical experience.

Without any further ado, here are our top 10 pianos to buy.


Top 10 Grand Pianos to Buy

Steinway Model D Concert Grand Piano

The Model D is the crown jewel of Steinway’s lineup. It’s a beast on stage, with unmatched clarity and power in its sound. This piano demands attention and gives top-tier performers the magic they need to rule the stage.


Brand Overview
Steinway & Sons is the OG of pianos, born in 1853. They’re like the rockstars of the piano world, favoured by top performers and found in prestigious music schools across the globe.


Yamaha U1 Upright Piano

The U1, the star of Yamaha’s lineup, is a workhorse. It’s perfect for students and hobbyists looking for a reliable and wallet-friendly piano without sacrificing quality.


Brand Overview:
Yamaha brings music to the masses! These pianos are the friendly, reliable pals found in schools and homes worldwide.


Top 10 Grand Pianos to Buy

Bösendorfer 280VC Vienna Concert Grand

The 280VC is like the Ferrari of pianos. It’s got those extra keys for the deepest, richest sound. A darling of concert halls, this piano isn’t just an instrument; it’s an experience.


Brand Overview:
Bösendorfer, an Austrian brand, is the VIP section of pianos. They’re owned by Yamaha but maintain their high-end luxury status, known for extending their keyboards for that extra bass punch.


Kawai K-800 Upright Piano

The K-800, a reliable workhorse in Kawai’s lineup, strikes the perfect balance between affordability and professional-grade quality. It’s a great companion for students and professionals alike.


Brand Overview:
Kawai, the Premier Pianos of Japan, offers a solid range of pianos with warmth and depth in tone.


Top 10 Grand Pianos to Buy

Stuart & Sons Model 108 Grand Piano

The Model 108—a game-changer! With an unprecedented 108 keys, this piano unlocks a new universe of sound, making it a top choice for those craving an extended tonal range.


Brand Overview:
Stuart & Sons, the Aussie rebels, push the boundaries of piano tech. They’re all about innovation and custom design.

Top 10 Grand Pianos to Buy
Top 10 Grand Pianos to Buy
Top 10 Grand Pianos to Buy


Top 10 Grand Pianos to Buy

Blüthner Model 1 Grand Piano

If we’re to pick one, the Model 1 takes the cake, crafted to perfection! It is a thing of beauty and sound. Its unique construction and meticulous design make every note sing, ensuring that every performance is a masterpiece.


Brand Overview:
Blüthner is the German maestro of piano crafting, running for six generations. Precision, balance, and pure craftsmanship define these beauts.


Top 10 Grand Pianos to Buy

Fazioli F308 Grand Piano

The F308—modern, sleek, and progressive. Limited in production, this piano is a testament to Italian craftsmanship, offering crisp tones that resonate with the soul.


Brand Overview:
Fazioli might be new to the block (since the ’70s), but their modern Italian design and engineering have made them a name to reckon with.



Top 10 Grand Pianos to Buy

Mason and Hamlin Model 50 Upright Piano

Meet the Model 50—Mason and Hamlin’s star in the upright piano galaxy. This bad boy might be an upright, but it packs an incredible resonance and sound quality that can give some grands a run for their money.


Brand Overview:
Since 1854, Mason and Hamlin have been rocking the piano world with their innovation and killer sound. They’re all about bringing top-notch quality to the mid-to-pro-level pianist.



Top 10 Grand Pianos to Buy

Schimmel Konzert K230 Grand Piano

Enter the Konzert K230—the rockstar of Schimmel’s lineup. This grand piano is not just a pretty face; it’s a beast when it comes to rich, expressive sound and looking like a million bucks.


Brand Overview:
Schimmel, born in Germany in 1885, has been all about that crystal-clear tone and gorgeous design. They’ve got a rep for making pianos that intermediate and pro-level players swoon over.


Bechstein B212 Grand Piano

The B212—a touch of romanticism wrapped in elegance. Its lush tone and expressive character make it a darling among pianists who live for that vintage vibe.


Brand Overview:
Bechstein is the romantic poet among pianos, adding a touch of artistic flair to its masterpieces. It’s all about that rich, colourful tone and timeless elegance.

What to Look for When Buying a Piano

Choosing the right piano involves understanding key factors that contribute to its sound, feel, and overall performance. Here are some essential aspects to consider when purchasing a piano:

Brand Reputation

Opting for a reputable brand ensures quality craftsmanship and consistency in performance. Brands like Steinway & Sons, Bösendorfer, and Yamaha have established their reputation in the industry.

Purpose and Player Level

Consider who will be using the piano. For beginners or educational settings, Yamaha and Kawai offer reliable options. Advanced or professional pianists might seek higher-end brands like Steinway & Sons or Bösendorfer.

Sound and Tone

Each piano brand has a distinct sound profile. Bösendorfer pianos, for instance, are known for their extended bass notes, while Bechstein offers a romantic and colourful tone. Test various brands to find the sound that resonates with you.

Craftsmanship and Construction

Understand the materials and manufacturing techniques used. Some brands, like Blüthner and Stuart & Sons, are known for their precision craftsmanship, while Mason and Hamlin emphasise quality materials and innovative designs.

Space and Budget

Consider the space available and your budget. Brands like Yamaha and Kawai offer excellent options for smaller spaces and tighter budgets, while high-end brands like Fazioli and Steinway & Sons require more significant investments and space.

Keyboard and Keys

Some pianos, like Bösendorfer, offer extended keyboards with more keys. Consider the keyboard action, touch sensitivity, and the feel of the keys, especially if you’re an experienced player.

Longevity and Resale Value

High-quality pianos from established brands tend to retain their value well over time. Consider the piano’s resale potential if you plan to upgrade or sell it in the future.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! Our Top 10 Pianos to Buy. These pianos aren’t just instruments; they are storytellers, each whispering a unique melody.

From the iconic Steinway & Sons known for its stage dominance to Yamaha’s reliability found in countless homes and classrooms, these pianos symbolise more than just musical instruments—they represent legacies, innovation, and the pursuit of sonic excellence.

Whatever your musical aspirations may be, the perfect piano is out there, waiting to resonate with your melodies and harmonies.

Our final thoughts? Consider the touch, the tone, the resonance—what speaks to your heartstrings.

Tune in for more blogs and instrument guides with Melbourne Entertainment Company!


Top 10 Pianos to Buy

  • Premier pianos represent artistry, technology, and musical excellence, catering to diverse preferences and skill levels.
  • Steinway Model D: Unmatched clarity and power, a stage beast for top-tier performers.
  • Yamaha U1: Reliable, budget-friendly, perfect for students and hobbyists.
  • Bösendorfer 280VC: Extra keys for richest sound, a concert hall favorite.
  • Kawai K-800: Affordability meets professional-grade quality, ideal for students and pros.
  • Stuart & Sons Model 108: Unprecedented 108 keys, unlocking extended tonal range.
  • Blüthner Model 1: Crafted perfection, a German maestro in piano crafting.
  • Fazioli F308: Modern, limited production, crisp tones resonating with the soul.
  • Mason and Hamlin Model 50: Upright with incredible resonance and sound quality rivaling grands.
  • Schimmel Konzert K230: A grand piano with rich, expressive sound and stunning design.
  • Bechstein B212: Romantic elegance, lush tone for enthusiasts seeking a vintage vibe.

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