Top 10 Saxophones to Buy

Whether you’re stepping onto the musical stage for the first time or you’re a seasoned player in pursuit of an upgrade, the saxophones to buy offer a dazzling array of options.

Choose the best brand for you

With a multitude of saxophone brands clamoring for your attention, discerning the virtuosos from the amateurs can feel like cracking a cryptic code.

But don’t fret! In this guide, we’ll give you the lowdown to simplify the process of selecting the top saxophones to buy. Whether you’re a newcomer or an old hand at the sax, let’s embark on a musical journey through the world of saxophones and assist you in making a well-informed decision!

Top Saxophones to Buy

Yamaha YAS-480

Ah, Yamaha—the virtuoso of musical enchantment! These legends have been crafting marvelous things for years, from high-performance vehicles to musical gear and even bicycles.

They’re a heavyweight player globally, creating exquisite woodwind instruments, drums, and brass wonders. What sets Yamaha apart is their ability to cater to every skill level.

From neophyte saxophonists to seasoned maestros, they’ve got something to offer everyone. And guess what? Their prices strike the perfect chord without compromising sound quality. Definitely one of the top saxophones to buy. Definitely one of the top 10 saxophones to buy!

Best Quality: Consistent saxophones across all levels
General Price Range: Medium price point across all levels

P. Mauriat PMXT-66RX Influence

Now, let’s dive into a different realm of saxophonic craftsmanship—P. Mauriat. These saxophones are meticulously crafted from start to finish. Picture a saxophone that’s been through a symphony of 400 hammer strikes and had its tone holes drilled with utmost precision to achieve those perfect pitches. P. Mauriat produces saxophones that have earned legendary status, especially in the high-end category. While they’re suitable for players of all levels, they’re the icing on the cake for saxophone aficionados who’ve pledged their hearts to this instrument.

Best Quality: High-end at an affordable price
General Price Range: Medium-high

Jupiter JAS1100

In search of a sax that’s dependable, sturdy, and easy on the wallet? Jupiter’s got you covered! While they might not enjoy the limelight as the “professional’s choice,” they’ve made significant strides in delivering top-notch saxophones. The JAS1100, for instance, strikes a harmonious balance between affordability and saxophone sophistication. It’s the kind of sax you can rely on, whether you’re just starting out or hitting those high notes.

Best Quality: Excellent sound, reasonable price
General Price Range: Medium

Jean Paul USA AS-400

Another top saxophones to buy, allow us to introduce you to Jean Paul USA, the sax sensation that stormed the scene in the ’60s, crafting saxophones that strike the perfect balance between price and quality. While some musical virtuosos might not shout their name from the rooftops, they’re here to prove that you don’t need to break the bank for a quality sax. Take, for example, the Jean Paul AS-400; it brings affordability to the sax stage without compromising on that “sounds-so-good” factor. Another contender for the top 10 saxophones to buy!

Best Quality: Sturdy with decent sound; Ideal for intermediates
General Price Range: Affordable for all

Conn-Selmer/Selmer-Paris AS-42

Now, don’t be fooled by the name—Conn-Selmer doesn’t cultivate saxophones, but they certainly make them sing as melodiously as a kookaburra at dawn! These saxophonic symphonies are distributed in the U.S. by Conn-Selmer. Think of them as the bridge between high-end extravagance and budget-friendliness. They’ve been in the game for quite a while and have refined their saxophone artistry over the years. Their reputation leans toward the higher end of the saxophone spectrum, making them a preferred choice for bands and pros.

Best Quality: Exceptional sound and consistent tone
General Price Range: Medium to medium-high

Allora Paris Series

Allora might not be a name you’ve heard tossed around much, but it’s the one that seasoned pros quietly recommend to newcomers. They offer a range from student horns to professional-level saxophones, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Expect durability, a hint of gold lacquer finish, and sounds that’ll put a grin on your dial so wild. It’s your go-to option whether you’re playing daily or you’re a seasoned saxophone star.

Best Quality: A superb brand for intermediate-level saxophones
General Price Range: Medium-low

Yanagisawa T-WO2

From humble beginnings as a woodwind repair shop in Japan, Yanagisawa has climbed the saxophone ladder to become a top-tier global player. They’re all about those finer details, like octave rockers, mother of pearl, and blue-steel needle springs. But here’s the catch—they don’t cater to beginners or intermediates. It’s high-end all the way, designed for saxophonists who’ve ascended to saxophone stardom. The ergonomic design and the dark complexity of their tone are sure to win your saxophone-loving heart. A must top 10 saxophones to buy.

Best Quality: Specially crafted, with a great reputation and sound
General Price Range: Medium-high

Eastman Andreas Eastman EAS640

For the dedicated saxophone enthusiast, Eastman is your guiding star. These saxophones are renowned for their large, warm, and rich sounds. They’ve taken key design to a whole new level, resulting in incredible action, responsiveness, and consistent intonation. With their larger bells and rolled-style tone holes, they seamlessly blend the vintage charm of yesteryears with modern saxophone techniques. While they cater to professionals, the price tag remains refreshingly moderate. One of the top 10 saxophones to buy!

Best Quality: Professional Level and beyond
General Price Range: High

Keilwerth SX90R Shadow Tenor Sax

Keilwerth is like the avant-garde artist of the saxophone world. Starting in 1925 in Germany, they initially aimed for the classical scene but later joined forces with jazz musicians. Their black nickel plating is dramatic and eye-catching, making them iconic in Europe. What sets them apart? Unique ergonomics, including adjustable left-hand palm keys, giving you a saxophone experience like no other. While they may not be as common in the U.S., they’re a showstopper in Europe.

Best Quality: A specialty saxophone with a fantastic look and unique design
General Price Range: High

Etude EAS-100

Let’s wrap it up on a high note, shall we? Etude is your go-to choice if you’re just wading into the saxophone symphony. Crafted for beginners, these saxophones offer durability, ease of playability, and precision in intonation. The Etude EAS-100 is like the reliable mate who’s always got your back during your saxophone journey. It might not be your lifelong saxophone companion, but it’s a fantastic partner to kick off your musical adventure with. Definitely one of the top 10 saxophones to buy!

Best Quality: Striking the perfect balance for student models
General Price Range: Low

Top Saxophones to Buy

What to Consider When Purchasing a Saxophone

This is your roadmap to finding the perfect saxophone to match your musical aspirations!

When Buying Saxophones: Player Level

Your skill level is your starting point. It’s akin to selecting the right tool for the job. If you’re a beginner, you’ll want a forgiving saxophone that’s easy to learn on. Intermediate players might yearn for a touch more complexity, while professionals require instruments that can keep pace with their virtuosity. Choosing a saxophone that aligns with your skill level ensures you’ll relish playing and continue to advance.

When Buying Saxophones: Comfort and Ergonomics

Playing the saxophone should be a comfortable experience. Consider the ergonomics of the instrument. Are the keys within easy reach? Does the thumb rest feel comfortable? It’s akin to ensuring your shoes fit just right; comfort enhances your performance. Experiment with various saxophones to discover one that feels like an extension of yourself.

When Buying Saxophones: Tone Quality

The sound is the soul of your saxophone. Seek out a saxophone that produces a rich, warm, and consistent tone across its entire range. Listen to demonstrations or play the saxophone yourself to evaluate its tone quality.

When Buying Saxophones: Intonation

Intonation refers to how well the saxophone maintains its tune as you play different notes. A good saxophone should hold its pitch across the entire range of the instrument. To test this, bring a tuner or a tuner app with you when trying out saxophones. Check if the notes remain close to perfect after tuning. This ensures your melodies sound harmonious.

When Buying Saxophones: Action

Action relates to how smoothly the keys and springs operate in the saxophone. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, you don’t want keys that stick or demand excessive effort to press down.

Smooth action permits fast and precise playing. Assess the keys to ensure they move effortlessly and return swiftly.

When Buying Saxophones: Durability

Especially crucial for beginners and younger players, durability ensures your saxophone can endure the inevitable bumps and knocks. Look for saxophone brands renowned for their durability, and take into account factors such as build quality and materials used. A durable saxophone will serve you well, whether you’re practicing or performing.

Find Your Musical Match!

So there you have it, our saxophone serenade featuring the top 10 brands that’ll make your musical heart sing.

Each saxophone possesses its unique tune, just waiting to be played by your skillful hands. Remember, the right saxophone is your partner in this groovy musical journey. Test them out, feel the rhythm, and let your heart be the guide.

Now, go forth, fellow saxophonist, and let the melodies flow. Dive into the world of saxophones with gusto. Your saxophone story is about to strike all the right chords!

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In this comprehensive guide, we explore the top saxophones to buy you should consider for your musical journey. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, we break down the best saxophone brands, including Yamaha, P. Mauriat, Jupiter, Jean Paul USA, Conn-Selmer/Selmer-Paris, Allora, Yanagisawa, Eastman Andreas, Keilwerth, and Etude. We provide insights into the quality, price range, and suitability of each brand for various player levels, ensuring you make an informed decision. We also discuss key factors to consider when purchasing a saxophone, such as comfort, tone quality, intonation, action, and durability, to help you find the perfect instrument that aligns with your musical aspirations.

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