Top 20 Italian Wedding Songs

Are you ready to dish out the best Italian flair at your wedding? It’s time to add PIZZAzz and glamour to your special day! Whether you are of Italian heritage or simply appreciate the culture and music, these top 20 Italian wedding songs will have your guests singing and dancing till they PASTAout. Okay, enough with the cheesy puns – let’s get to the music!

Picking out the best Italian wedding song

When it comes to selecting the perfect Italian wedding song, there are many factors to consider. The genre of music you prefer, whether it’s classic or modern, can set the tone for your event. The lyrics should be appropriate for a wedding, avoiding any songs about heartbreak or despair. The tempo should keep your guests engaged and not put them to sleep! With these tips and a little bit of effort, you’ll be able to find an Italian wedding song that is truly “bellissimo” and adds the perfect touch of romance to your special day.

What’s the Best Song for italian wedding?

When selecting the best song for an Italian wedding, it is important to consider the couple’s personal taste and preferences. It can also be helpful to choose a song that reflects the romantic and joyful atmosphere of the occasion, while also taking into account the cultural traditions and customs of Italian weddings. Ultimately, the perfect song will be one that is meaningful to the couple and helps to create a beautiful and memorable experience for everyone in attendance.
Italian Wedding Song
Italian Wedding Song
Italian Wedding Song
Italian Wedding Song
Italian Wedding Song
Italian Wedding Song
Italian Wedding Song
Italian Wedding Song
Italian Wedding Song
Italian Wedding Song

Top 20 italian wedding Songs

Italy has produced some of the greatest songs in history, and we’ve put together a list of the top 20 Italian tunes that capture the essence of the country’s music scene. From heartfelt ballads to energetic anthems, these songs are sure to get you dancing and singing along. So grab a glass of vino and let’s dive into the world of Italian music!


Tarantella Napoletana – Orchestra Mandolinistica Italiana

Whether you decide to start your reception off with some traditional singing and dancing or opt for an instrumental version, this timeless classic is sure to bring everyone together in celebration of love and life. This lively folk dance has been passed down through generations and will be sure to make your special day truly memorable.

Listen: Tarantella Napoletana – Orchestra Mandolinistica Italiana


That’s Amore – Dean Martin

Who can resist the smooth sounds of Dean Martin singing this timeless classic? Bring some true Italian flair to your wedding with this romantic ballad that is sure to get even the grumpiest uncles and aunts out on the dance floor.

Listen: That’s Amore – Dean Martin


Bella Ciao (Money Heist)

This international hit from ‘La Casa de Papel’ has taken the world by storm, and it’s time to bring some of that magic to your wedding day! Perfect for adding a bit of fun and energy to your reception, this song will be sure to get your guests to steal the dance floor.

Listen: Bella Ciao (Money Heist)


Luna Mezzo Mare – Lou Monte

This traditional Italian folk song is the perfect way to bring some joy and nostalgia to your wedding. From the moment it starts playing, everyone will be swept away in a beautiful trance of love and happiness as they sway thei r hips and sing along to the cheerful chorus.

Listen: Luna Mezzo Mare – Lou Monte


La Dolce Vita – Ryan Paris

“La Dolce Vita” by Ryan Paris is a popular Italian song from the 80s that is often played at weddings due to its upbeat and romantic melody. Its classic sound and catchy chorus make it a great choice for couples who want to add a touch of vintage Italian flair to their wedding celebration.

Listen: La Dolce Vita – Ryan Paris


Volare – Gipsy Kings

Dads: express how much your daughter brightens up your life and dance to this song by Stevie Wonder, You Are the Sunshine of My Life. No wonder this ballad is one of the most popular father-daughter dance songs; it perfectly encompasses many fathers’ feelings for their daughters.

Listen: Volare – Gipsy Kings


Mambo Italiano- Dean Martin

If you are in search of something upbeat and fun that will get people out on the dance floor, then look no further than this absolute classic! With its sizzling salsa beats and cheerful lyrics, this song will be sure to get everyone in a festive mood.

Listen: Mambo Italiano – Dean Martin


Ti Amo – Umberto Tozzi

This beautiful love ballad from Umberto Tozzi is the perfect way to express your devotion to one another. With its delicate piano melody and lush strings, this timeless classic is sure to tug on everyone’s heartstrings.

Listen: Ti Amo – Umberto Tozzi


We No Speak Americano – Yolanda Be Cool, and DCUP

If you’re looking for a fun and upbeat song to get your guests on the dance floor, “We No Speak Americano” by Yolanda Be Cool and DCUP is a great choice! With its catchy beat and playful lyrics, this song is sure to get everyone up and dancing. Plus, its mix of Italian and English lyrics makes it a fun nod to both cultures, perfect for a wedding celebration.

Listen: We No Speak Americano – Yolanda Be Cool, and DCUP


Conte Partiro – Andrea Bocelli

“Con te partirò” is a timeless classic and one of Andrea Bocelli’s most famous songs. Its powerful and emotional melody makes it a popular choice for weddings, especially during the ceremony or as a first dance song. The Italian lyrics, which translate to “With you I will leave,” convey a sense of love and devotion, making it a perfect addition to any romantic occasion.

Listen: Conte Partiro – Andrea Bocelli

Italian Wedding Song
Italian Wedding Song


L’Italiano – Laciatemi Cantare

This toe-tapping classic is sure to get everyone clapping and strutting around the dance floor. Let the energetic chorus and jolly lyrics fill your guests with love, laughter, and joy as they sing along to this timeless anthem.

Listen: L’Italiano – Laciatemi Cantare


A-Tee Tik-A-Tay Tik – Dean Martin

A crowd-pleaser with its catchy rhythm and bouncy beat, this traditional tarantella will be sure to get your guests out of their seats. Enjoy some unique Neapolitan choreography as the party takes off!

Listen: A-Tee Tik-A-Tay Tik – Dean Martin


Calabrese Tarantella – Bruno Santoro

Looking for something with a bit more edge? This upbeat traditional folk song is the perfect way to add some sass and swagger to your wedding reception. Its lively rhythms will be sure to fill the room with energy and excitement!

Listen: Calabrese Tarantella – Bruno Santoro


Perdere I’amore – Massimo Ranieri

What a dreamy way to end the night! This romantic classic from Massimo Ranieri is like a cloudy piece of heaven that will send your guests into a romantic trance as they dream away to the beautiful melodies and lullaby-like lyrics.

Listen: Perdere I’amore – Massimo Ranieri


Mamma Maria – The Italians

This uplifting pop song gives all the feels of an emerging girl group ready to take on the world. Its cheerful rhythm and fiery chorus are a perfect bride’s maids dance anthem that will create the ultimate party atmosphere!

Listen: Mamma Maria – The Italians


Se M’Innamoro – Ricchi E Poveri

Se M’ Innamoro’s sultry yet delicate tones are sure to make hearts flutter as you take part in this beautiful tribute to love and passion.

Listen: Se M’Innamoro – Ricchi E Poveri


Sara Perché Ti Amo – Ricchi E Poveri

A love anthem for the ages, this classic is one of the most beloved Italian love songs. Its lush instrumentation, passionate lyrics, and emotive vocals are sure to make your wedding night a romantic affair.

Listen: Sara Perché Ti Amo – Ricchi E Poveri


Melodia Italiana – IL Tiziano Band

This classic from the hit movie Life is Beautiful, Melodia Italiana will bring a touch of nostalgia and tenderness back to your special evening. Like a beautiful painting, its gentle melody and warm lyrics will create a piece of art that will be cherished by everyone.

Listen: Melodia Italiana – IL Tiziano Band


Lamore e’ un Aquiline

Talk about a song that will make your heart soar! This sentimental classic is sure to fill the room with emotion and joy as you express your love for one another.

Listen: Lamore e’ un Aquiline


Tintarella di Luna – Mina

Take a twirl around the dance floor with this beautiful mid-tempo classic from Mina. Its gorgeous melody, tender lyrics, and dreamy strings are like a fairy tale that will transport you and your guests into a world of romance and beauty.

Listen: Tintarella di Luna – Mina

What’s the Best Italian Wedding Song?

The best Italian wedding song is one that speaks to the heart and captures your love story. Melbourne Entertainment Company‘s top picks above are a selection of different genres that evoke different emotions—from joy and passion to nostalgia and beauty. Maybe you’re a sultry and romantic au pair like a bottle of limoncello, or maybe you prefer an uplifting accordion tune like a delicious gelato. No matter what your taste, you’re sure to find something among these Italian wedding songs that will make your special day even more unforgettable. Buon divertimento!

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