Wedding Games and Activities for Guests

Keen to kick off your wedding celebration with an extra dose of fun and excitement? Beyond the delightful grub, flowing drinks, and heartwarming tunes, some couples crave an added layer of joy and engagement at their reception. Whether your venue sprawls across lush outdoor spaces or exudes indoor elegance, we’ve curated 30 fantastic games and activities to infuse your wedding day with pure delight!

Whirlwind of Fun Wheel

Spin the wheel, create memories! Craft a custom wheel of activities with prompts like “Pick a Couple to Kiss” or “Show Us Your Best Dance Moves” which the wedding’s DJs/band can provide music for. Brace yourselves for a whirlwind of unexpected and delightful moments throughout the reception!

Wedding Games and Activities for Guests

Tarot Card Reading

Embrace the mystical! Offer tarot card readings to add a touch of mystery and fascination to your celebration. Guests can explore their fortunes and indulge in the intriguing world of divination.

Live Painting

Create a live art experience! Invite an artist to capture the essence of your celebration through vibrant brushstrokes and visual storytelling. Witness the magic unfold as guests witness the creation of a masterpiece before their eyes.


Bring on the laughter! Hire a comedian to tickle the funny bones of your guests with witty banter and comedic entertainment. A joyous atmosphere guaranteed to keep everyone smiling!

Tailored Corn Hole

It’s corn hole, but with a twist – customise the boards and beanbags to mirror your wedding theme! It’s not just a game; it’s an artistic addition that promises shared fun, laughter, and Instagrammable moments galore!

Artistic Dart Station

Calling all creatives! Set up an artistic adventure where guests can unleash their inner artists. Armed with paint-filled balloons and a canvas, they’ll pop their way to artistic greatness. What’s left? Abstract masterpieces and an unforgettable memento of the celebration’s vibrant energy!

Enormous Jenga

Who needs regular Jenga when you can go GIANT? This life-size version adds a whimsical touch to your celebration, inviting everyone to participate in a tower-tastic game of balance and strategy. It’s like building your love story, one block at a time!

Playful Hopscotch and Hula Hoop

Classic games, endless fun! Set up an area for hopscotch and hula hoops – it’s the perfect place for the little ones to unleash their energy without causing chaos. Get ready for an evening filled with innocent giggles and carefree moments.

Artistic Colouring Haven

For our budding Picassos, a vibrant colouring station awaits! Get those creative juices flowing with colouring books and doodle paper. It’s a haven for imagination and artistic flair – let the little ones create masterpieces that’ll be cherished for years to come!

Creative Word Search

Unravel hidden gems and insider trivia about the newlyweds with a chalkboard word search masterpiece. It’s an engaging quest for your guests, uncovering fun facts and creating unforgettable memories as they compete to be the trivia champs!

Bride and Groom Trivia

Test your guests’ knowledge with trivia sheets featuring fascinating facts about the newlyweds. It’s a battleground of knowledge and amusement that’ll turn your tables into hubs of laughter and friendly competition!

Wedding Games and Activities for Guests<br />

Gigantic Tic-Tac-Toe

Simple, joyous, and gigantic! The classic game gets a supersized makeover, promising laughs and friendly competition for guests of all ages. Let the X’s and O’s (read: hugs and kisses!) create moments of shared joy at your celebration!

Wedding Activities: Board Game Bliss

For our introverted guests seeking cosy entertainment, it’s time for a board game extravaganza! Yahtzee, Uno, Scrabble, and Life await – a snug haven for friendly rivalries and strategic gameplay.

Wedding Activities; Colossal Connect Four

Get ready for WOAH-nderful gameplay! Guests of all ages will be captivated by the oversized version of this classic game. It’s not just a game; it’s a chance to create unforgettable memories!

Wedding Activities: Blissful Bocce Ball

A relaxed yet spirited competition awaits! Set up bocce ball on your lawn – it’s inclusive fun that encourages social interaction and creates memorable moments amidst cheers and laughter!

Throwback College Drinking Games

Relive the college days! Set up beer pong and flip cup stations for a relaxed and nostalgic vibe. It’s a chance to make new memories while reliving the old ones with playful laughter and friendly competition!

Hilarious Mad Libs

Prepare wedding-themed Mad Libs for each table, sparking uproarious engagement among your guests throughout the night. Picture uproarious laughter, stories that’ll leave everyone in stitches, and a wedding where hilarity is as abundant as love! Scatter these comedic gems around the reception for an evening full of talking points and joyful guffaws.

Wedding Games and Activities for Guests

Wedding Activities: Breezy Badminton

Game on! A portable badminton court promises easygoing entertainment for guests of all ages. Friendly matches and carefree enjoyment – it’s time for some shuttlecock showdowns!

Wedding Activities: Love-Filled Piñata Fun

Add a playful touch to dessert time with a wedding-themed piñata! Picture everyone joining in the excitement, creating a joyful moment that’s as sweet as the treats themselves!

Wedding Activities: Video Game Galore

Level up the celebration with Dance, Dance Revolution, Rock Band, or Guitar Hero! It’s not just gaming; it’s a lively addition that infuses high-energy entertainment into your celebration.

Themed Photo Booth Fiesta

Strike a pose! Let creativity reign in a themed photo booth for hire. It’s an invitation to don props, strike poses, and create cherished and often hilarious mementos of your special day!

Wedding Activities: Caricaturists

Capture the moment! Caricaturists add a dash of artistic flair by creating hilarious caricatures, providing guests with a unique and fun keepsake to cherish.

Wedding Activities: Magician

Prepare to be amazed! A magician’s enchanting performance will mesmerize and captivate your guests, adding an air of wonder and delight to your celebration.

Wedding Activities: Drag Queens

A Drag Queen?! YES. Dazzle your guests with a fabulous drag queen performance! Their charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent will bring an extra dose of glam and entertainment to your wedding festivities!

Wedding Activities: Carnival-Style Ring Toss

Engage guests’ competitive spirit with a classic ring toss. Add a twist by writing names on bottles for a delightful pairing challenge. It’s all about laughter and friendly competition!

Wedding Activities: Poker Night

Ready to deal the cards? Set up a poker table, hire a dealer, and watch as your guests enjoy a night of thrilling fun!

Wedding Activities: Elegant Croquet

A refined round of croquet on the lawn invites guests to enjoy friendly competition amidst the elegance of the celebration!

Wedding Activities: Lego Adventure Centerpieces

Add a touch of fun to the kids’ table with Lego centerpieces. It’s not just decoration; it’s an opportunity for little hands to build and create throughout the reception!

Let the Games Begin!

So, did you pick anything from our wedding games and activities for guests? As your wedding day unfolds, filled with laughter, shared moments, and the joyous energy of your guests, the magic of these 30 games and activities will linger as cherished memories!

From whimsical oversized Jenga to the delightful nostalgia of carnival-style ring toss, each element has woven an extra layer of delight into your celebration.

Looking to create similar magic at your own wedding?

Don’t miss the chance to book Melbourne Entertainment Company for a truly captivating wedding entertainment experience. Let the merriment continue, and may your journey as a married couple be as vibrant and joyful as this celebration!


Wedding Games and Activities for Guests? We’ve compiled a list of 30 engaging games and activities perfect for adding excitement to your celebration! From customizable whirlwind wheels and tailored corn hole games to artistic balloon popping adventures and giant Jenga, these ideas promise shared laughter and memorable moments. Explore options like trivia games, oversized board games, mystical tarot readings, live art experiences, and even nostalgic college drinking games. Whether it’s playful hopscotch or a themed photo booth, these activities ensure everyone—kids and adults alike—enjoys an unforgettable time at your wedding!

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