Wedding Photography Melbourne

High gloss magazine quality photos, billboard-worthy images, model-like headshots and natural family portraits, you name it, we click it! Our photographers have an eye for perfection and know how to make you look your best. If you’re in Melbourne and looking for top-quality photography services, look no further than our wedding photography Melbourne!


A picture is worth a thousand words, so they say. But a high-quality photo pronounces poems and paints masterpieces! Sure, you could try to take a few snaps and hope for the best with your cell phone or point-and-shoot, but if you want to remember your special moments the way they happened, then it only makes sense to hire a professional.

A professional photographer will know how to take advantage of lighting, angles and other technical aspects to make photos perfect. Their top-of-the-line equipment ensures clear, crisp, and stunningly beautiful photos, without compromise. Editing ensures your photos aren’t compromised by bad filters, dog-ears, or weird fish-eye effects. They will professionally edit your photos that suit the mood and entire aesthetic of your event. One of the best wedding photography Melbourne has to offer.

Wedding Photography Melbourne

Photographers Captures More Than Just The action

A wedding photographer captures the mood, the ambience and the overall feeling of your wedding. They’ll snap candid shots of guests chatting and laughing with each other; they’ll get creative with lighting and angles to produce truly stunning results, and they’ll have an eye for detail that ensures no important moment goes uncaptured. In short, they’ll do more than just take photos—they’ll tell the story of your event through their images. The best Wedding Photography Melbourne has to offer.

Plus, they’ll be able to provide you with a range of different photo types! Think laughing with a spilled beer down your shirt, crying with the speech of your maid of honour, or even just a sweet group photo with all your friends. Whatever moments you want to be captured, an wedding photographer will be able to deliver.

Meet Our Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer Melbourne


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I’m James, a seasoned wedding photographer with a passion for infusing timeless romance with a touch of vintage charm. Drawing inspiration from the classic elegance of bygone eras, I specialize in crafting stunning narratives that celebrate the beauty and authenticity of your love story. With 7 years of experience behind the lens, I’ve had the privilege of documenting countless weddings, each one a unique journey filled with laughter, tears, and unforgettable moments. My work has also been featured in Vogue and Vogue Australia!

James - Vogue
James - Vogue

Wedding Photography Melbourne FAQ

Got a question? We’re here to answer! If you don’t see your question here, drop us a line on our Contact Page.

What is a planning session?

As part of every wedding that I do we have a planning session over Zoom or sometimes in person to go over a schedule for your day and work out your locations.
We’ll cover things like ceremony location and any issues that I see with lighting. We’ll work out where to take your family and group photos and where you would like your formal photos to be done. Sometimes a planning session might take a couple of phone calls to get it all sorted out.
Once we’ve got our plan, I work on a schedule for the day and we keep fine tuning it right up until close to your wedding day once the venue has their schedule sorted out for you. I then have that printed out and with me on the day so that I know where I need to be and what to be set up for.

How does a full day actually work?

I used to do everything based around hours and what was happening was that the hours were getting packed in with as many things as possible to get the most out of the time booked. This was creating a fair bit of stress which doesn’t help the result with your photos and film. During the pandemic, it gave me time to look at how my business was running and how I could make things better for my couples. I decided to make my only offering a full day purely to make the day much more free-flowing. This way I can cover everything from your preparations through to your send off at the end of the night and create space for you to enjoy a stress-free wedding.

How much do wedding photographers in Australia cost?

According to ASIC’s Moneysmart, the average cost to hire a wedding photographer in Australia is just under $4,000. That doesn’t take into account any albums, wall art or other printed items. Additional wedding photography services or extended hours may also increase the total cost.

How many photos do I shoot?

There’s a difference between how many I shoot and how many are delivered. There are many external factors such as weather, reception formalities, venue decorations and details. Some parts of the wedding are edited ruthlessly and some aren’t. With the ceremony, I edit the photos down a fair way to provide you with only the best images. The best moments. In most cases, you can expect anywhere from 350 to 1,000 photos of your day.

How far in advance do you have to book?

I work on a first-come first-served basis. For the popular dates, I am generally booked out 12 to 18 months in advance. The first thing to do is to check if I have your date available so get in touch. For wedding photography in Melbourne, securing your date early is essential due to high demand.

What do I wear to your wedding?

Sounds like an odd question to have listed here but I think it needs to be addressed. What I wear depends on what I am going to be doing and what locations and conditions we are going to be shooting in. In most cases, I have to be practical. They are long days, with many wedding days up to 15 hours by the time I add travel and back up time when I get home. Sometimes I am kneeling, sitting and lying down on sand, dirt and road and so a pair of nice suit pants just doesn’t work. Most days I’ll be dressed in a suit with a singlet underneath or a short sleeved shirt. On a hot day I will lose the jacket.

How much "photoshopping" do I do?

To answer this question to start with, the majority of editing (99%) is done using a program called Lightroom. Very rarely, we will do basic advanced editing in Photoshop. There’s a big difference in the editing process but to keep it simple, we break it down into two parts, ‘Editing’ and ‘Retouching’. Editing is the usual process of going through all of your photos, putting a look and feel over them and then manipulating settings on each photo depending on the needs of that image. Retouching is what is commonly known as ‘Photoshopping’ and is considered the art of advanced editing to remove or alter the image to achieve a final look. Anything like reducing the size of arms, belly, legs, hips etc or the removal of distracting elements is considered advanced editing or retouching and is not included as part of your standard pricing. That’s not to say that it isn’t available but there will be a cost as it can sometimes take an hour per photo for retouching. Giving an exact cost is impossible without looking at the image and knowing what you want done. If you did want something done, let me know and I can work out a price for you.

What are the advantages of hiring a professional photographer?

A professional photographer means experience. And with experience comes modern, tried and true equipment alongside someone who is fully apt in understanding his or her capabilities. From the correct exposure, to framing, to knowing all of the ins and outs, a professional can tailor design and deliver the results more efficiently. And because professional photographers are experienced with weddings, they can ease you through the day, ensuring that it comes together with ease, as they capture each moment for long-lasting memories.

When do you get your photos?

Galleries will be uploaded within a week. Final online delivery will be 4 weeks after the wedding but please factor in public holidays and time off for the big holiday periods such as Christmas and Easter. For clients seeking wedding photography in Melbourne, please note that scheduling considerations may apply due to local holidays and events.

Have I worked at your venue?

Possibly but to a professional it really doesn’t matter. We can take a quick look at any location and within a few minutes we can sum up what we need to do and get on with the job. If I haven’t worked at your venue, I will always try to scope it out ahead of time so that I’m familiar with not just the lighting but some of the more practical issues such as parking and any possible traps that can cause timing to go off course.

What is the Booking Process?

After we meet and discuss the requirements for your wedding and the date is confirmed, an email will be sent out that includes a 50% deposit on the wedding. Once this is paid the shoot is considered confirmed.

Am I insured?

Yes, I have public liability insurance. As a wedding photographer, this ensures that both you and I are protected during your event.

Why is a professional photographer so expensive?

There is much more to what I do as a wedding photographer than what you see on the day. A usual wedding will take anywhere from 30 to 40 hours of work on top of the actual day itself. As well as the hours of work there are equipment costs, insurance, marketing, vehicle, phone, internet,  power, hard drives and advertising to factor into running a business. A professional wedding photographer doesn’t just have a nice camera and a computer with photoshop.

Successful wedding photographers must be extremely good at many things at the same time. Most of them have nothing to do with photography.

We can’t have a bad day. We must be on top of our game at each wedding we photograph. At any given moment of your wedding day, we must be unflappable, professional, creative, dedicated, sociable, friendly, intuitive, empathetic, sensitive and master of our equipment. We must be able to communicate and manage the expectations of everyone on your day, be they a guest or worker. We are with you longer than anyone on your wedding day. Confidence, charm and a sense of humour are other requirements.

How far will I travel for a wedding?

I’ve worked on weddings interstate and all over Victoria. I will travel as far as you need me to including overseas weddings. Costs for overnight stays, air travel and so on can be worked out once I know what’s required. As a rough idea, I generally charge the cost price for a basic hotel room as well as any extra fuel, air fares and hire cars etc. I also don’t worry too much about the time it takes for me to get to and from these locations unless it’s a 3 day camel ride to your ceremony. In that case, I might need to work something out. I also look at things differently and depending on the time of year and location.

What equipment do we use?

We use Professional level full frame digital and film cameras including Canon, Fuji, Mamiya, Contax and Nikon. We have a range of wireless flashes with light stands for reception venues and night photos outdoors. Our wedding photography in Melbourne ensures top-quality images, capturing every moment perfectly.

What are RAW files and do you get them?

RAW files are the original ‘on camera’ digital files and are not supplied to our clients. Part of the work we do is to edit your RAW files to give them our signature look and feel as well as fix any blemishes or technical issues with the files. High resolution Jpeg files are then exported at the same size and resolution which means you will have fully edited usable images that can be viewed, printed and published anywhere.
I keep copies of your RAW files and edited jpegs for up to five years in case you lose your copies. This way I can provide you with a free backup in case of emergency.

What is the resolution of the photos you will receive?

Your High Res files will be the same resolution as what our cameras produce. We won’t reduce the overall size of anything and you will have large enough files to print everything you could think of for all personal use. Because we use a range of camera bodies, each camera is slightly different with it’s megapixel and therefore resolution.

What happens if you need to cancel?

Unfortunately some couples don’t make it all the way to their wedding day. These things happen. In a lot of cases, I take bookings well over 12 months in advance. During that length of time I will have other enquiries that come in for the same dates and I will have turned them down. Should a cancellation happen, in all likelihood, I will have lost the opportunity to replace it with another wedding.
It’s a sad thing to happen and I never like to see it. Thankfully it is rare and I have only ever seen a handful of couples not actually make it.
Cancellations less than 6 months before the wedding will require payment in full. Cancellations of anywhere from 6 months before the date of the wedding will require payment of 50% of the chosen package price minus the deposit.

Can your friends and family take photos too?

Some photographers don’t allow this but I can’t imagine enforcing this rule. Or wanting to. The photos your friends and family take are as important as mine. Just in a different way. There are lots of photos to be taken.
I say shoot away at the ceremony… unless they are getting in the way and costing us time… I am happy to work beside any and all photographers. During the formal portrait photos, having a friend tag along with a camera can be distracting and interrupt the creative flow. It may also cause your bridal party to get confused as to where they need to look. This session is one of the most important of your day and so I recommend your guests stay together and leave this part to us.

Will I "pencil" in a date?

Unfortunately no. The only way to ensure that your date is secured is to pay the deposit. Holding dates can be a sticky situation and very hard to manage when you have multiple enquiries and meetings with couples for the same date.

Do I work with an assistant or second shooter?

I have second photographers available for anyone wishing to book one in. The responsibilities of a second photographer are to help with bags, sorting out equipment and taking photos of course.

Do you shoot family photos at the wedding?

Yes absolutely. Family photos are an important part of the day. We just don’t post the formal family wedding photos on the website/blog.

Can we give you a shot list of photos we want?

You can, but we don’t work off a shot list throughout the day. What we recommend is providing a moodboard earlier so we can make sure that the style of images is taken into account. This helps us deliver personalized and cohesive wedding photography in Melbourne.

Do we get to see every image you shoot?

No, you don’t – but there’s actually a very good reason for that – in fact two reasons.
First of all, I’ll delete any shots that are technically imperfect for some reason, or where you blinked – those aren’t going to be any use to you. And it’s part of my service to you to select the images from the day that best tell the story of your wedding.
But I also remove images that are close duplicates, so that you don’t have to wade through thousands of images to make your final choices for prints or your album. I do leave some duplicate images in where there are differences in expression, where you might prefer one over the other.
But over and over again experience has taught me that if there are too many similar shots in the gallery people find it much harder to pick their favourites! So it really helps if I have done the basic selection for you.

Pleasure of having Nathan DJ and MC at our wedding. Nathan was incredibly professional throughout the entire process, from our initial consultation to the day of our wedding.

Terry Lim

18 April 2023

We have had the most amazing experience with Melbourne Entertainment company. From day one, they couldn’t have been more helpful and accommodating.

Bea Ferguson

08 December 2023

I recently hired MEC for my wedding and I have to say, I was blown away by the incredible service provided by their DJ, Daniel. The MEC was professional and responsive.

Xiangyu Guo

26 February 2023

Excellent communication throughout the entire process. The musician I booked, Kristen, was professional and provided a wonderful afternoon of entertainment.

Alex Scott

21 March 2023

The Melbourne Entertainment Co. was an absolute pleasure to work with. Their entertainment roster really does have some of the most professional acts in the industry

Phoenix Jack

4 May 2023

Melbourne Entertainment Company has been so easy to deal with from our very first interaction and inquiry with them. They made the process so seamless it was perfect!

Rosabel Poh

25 December 2023

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