What do the Groom’s parents pay for?

Weddings – the merry blend of love, romance, and cold, hard cash. While the bride and groom take center stage, let’s not forget the unsung heroes of this grand celebration – the groom’s parents! What do the Groom’s parents pay for?

The Tradition

We at MEC understand that traditional weddings dictate explicit roles for the bride, groom, and each respective family that involve a unique set of financial responsibilities.

Normally, etiquette states that each side pays their own way, so the groom’s parents pay for any expenses related to the groom’s side of the wedding. But hey, it’s not like any of these are set in stone and you can always decide as a couple on your own rulebook.

What Do The Groom's Parents Pay For

The Modern Times

Though the groom’s parents are traditionally tasked with a unique set of financial responsibilities at weddings, modern times often call for a different approach.

In today’s world, couples are increasingly embracing an evolving concept of wedding finances, where each side pays for their own expenses. So feel free to take charge and decide on your own budget breakdown that makes sense for you and your partner!

Remember, your wedding day should be a reflection of the two of you and your special love story. So don’t forget to have fun, relax, and enjoy the all-important task of getting hitched!

Wedding Expenses: Modern Etiquette

Nowadays, couples are rewriting the rules and taking charge of their own wedding expenses. However, understanding old-school etiquette can still be a valuable resource when figuring out your budget and to-do list!

So let’s take a look at the different things that the Groom’s parents pay for.

Groom’s Parents; Groom’s Attire

When it comes to weddings, dressing to impress is a non-negotiable rule for the bridal party. The groom’s parents, being the stalwart defenders of sartorial splendor, often offer their financial support for the groom’s attire.

Whether it’s a classic tuxedo or a trendy ensemble, the groom’s parents ensure their son looks like a million dollars – or at least like the dapper gentleman he is!

Groom’s Parents: The Rehearsal Dinner

While the bride’s parents may traditionally cover the cost of the wedding reception, the groom’s parents aren’t off the hook just yet!

They are often tasked with hosting the rehearsal dinner, where close family and friends gather for a delightful prelude to the main event. It’s a chance to share heartfelt toasts, funny anecdotes, and perhaps a teary-eyed moment or two – all while indulging in a scrumptious feast.

Groom’s Parents: Bridal Bouquet

The groom’s parents will usually purchase a bouquet for their son to present to his bride on the big day. It’s a special gesture that adds an extra dose of romance to the ceremony. This also includes the usher boutonnieres, the corsages, and mini bouquets.

Groom’s Parents: Wedding Cake

No wedding is complete without a show-stopping cake that not only looks like a work of art but also tastes heavenly. The groom’s parents, with their culinary prowess (or perhaps just a knack for choosing the best bakery in town), often take charge of this sweet endeavor.

Picture a towering masterpiece, intricately designed to reflect the couple’s love story and personal style. It’s a cake that dazzles the eyes and delights the taste buds, leaving guests in awe of its beauty and deliciousness.

What Do The Groom's Parents Pay For

Groom’s Parents: The Marriage License and Officiant Fee

It’s impossible to tie the knot without the official paperwork, and it’s usually the groom’s parents who cover this expense. This includes paying for the marriage license and other legal documents. Likewise, to ensure a seamless and heartfelt ceremony, the groom’s parents might take the responsibility of compensating the officiant.

They understand that a persuasive officiant can turn a run-of-the-mill wedding into a sidesplitting spectacle. So, they offer a fee or a cash gift to ensure that the officiant delivers a heartfelt ceremony.

Groom’s Parents: Bridal Ring

When it comes to the bride’s engagement ring and wedding band, the groom’s parents might find themselves digging deep into their pockets. After all, what’s a wedding without a dazzling rock that sparkles brighter than the sun?

They embrace this tradition with both a sense of duty and a secret desire to witness their future daughter-in-law’s jaw drop in awe. Remember, folks, nothing says “Welcome to the family” like a hefty price tag!

Groom’s Parents: Ceremony Exit Transportation

From vintage cars to horse-drawn carriages, the groom’s parents take charge of providing picture-perfect transportation that will have the couple feeling like royalty. It’s their chance to unleash their inner wedding planners and make a memorable impression. Cue the “Just Married” sign and the clinking of champagne glasses!

Groom’s Parents: Gifts for the Groomsmen

The groomsmen are the loyal comrades who stand by his side through thick and thin, making sure he survives the bachelor party shenanigans and gets to the altar in one piece.

The groom’s parents take on the responsibility of selecting thoughtful and quirky gifts that will make the groomsmen go weak in the knees. Whether it’s personalized flasks, stylish cufflinks, or quirky socks, they’ve got the groom’s squad covered.

Groom’s Parents: The Honeymoon

Tradition dictates that the groom’s parents might provide a financial gift towards the cost of the honeymoon.

After months of planning and stressing, it’s time for the couple to take a breather and enjoy a romantic getaway – all thanks to the generous contribution of the groom’s parents!

So What do the Groom’s parents really pay for?

Let’s see. Basically, they’re responsible for making sure everyone is well-fed, legally married, and not getting hitched by some random internet minister. That about sums it up!

Again, the rules may vary from couple to couple, so it’s best to sit down and decide as a couple on your own rulebook. But with the help of traditional etiquette guidelines, planning a memorable wedding should be effortless!

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The Groom’s parents typically cover expenses for the groom’s attire, rehearsal dinner, bridal bouquet, wedding cake, marriage license and officiant fee, bridal ring, ceremony exit transportation, gifts for the groomsmen, and may provide a financial gift towards the honeymoon. However, modern times allow couples to decide on their budget breakdown. Planning a memorable wedding can be effortless with traditional etiquette guidelines as a resource.

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