What Is the Average Cost of a Wedding Cake?

Wedding cakes have long been a cherished element of marriage celebrations, symbolising more than just an indulgence in sweet confectionery. Traditionally, these cakes are seen as a symbol of fortune and prosperity for the newlyweds, often enjoyed as a visual centrepiece and a highlight of the wedding reception. The cake-cutting ceremony, a pivotal part of the event, is enjoyed by couples as it also offers a moment of celebration and togetherness with their guests.

Joyous cake-cutting tradition

The cake-cutting ceremony, a pivotal part of the wedding reception, is enjoyed by couples as it also offers a moment of celebration and togetherness with their guests. This tradition symbolizes the first act of sharing as a married couple, often accompanied by joyful applause and the clinking of glasses. It’s a cherished photo opportunity, capturing smiles and sweet moments, and it allows the couple to interact with their guests in a festive and personal way. The cake-cutting often signifies the transition from the formalities of the reception to the more relaxed, celebratory portion of the evening, making it a memorable highlight of the wedding day.

What Is the Average Cost of a Wedding Cake

Melbourne wedding cake costs

As for the cost, the average price of wedding cakes in Melbourne varies significantly depending on several factors. Typically, couples can expect to spend between $325 and $900. This range is influenced by several variables including the size of the cake, the intricacy of its design, and the specific decorations chosen. For example, cakes with multiple tiers, elaborate designs, and premium ingredients or special flavours tend to cost more.

Additionally, the reputation and expertise of the baker can also impact the price. Customization requests, such as edible flowers, unique shapes, or themed decorations, can further increase the cost. Delivery and setup fees may also be added to the final price, especially if the wedding venue is located far from the bakery. Therefore, it’s essential for couples to consider their budget and desired cake features when planning for this sweet centerpiece of their celebration.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Wedding Cakes

Planning your wedding in Australia and puzzling over the cost of your dream cake? Here’s a detailed look at what factors influence the price of wedding cakes, ensuring you can budget accordingly while making your sweet dreams come true.

Size of the Cake

The size of your wedding cake primarily depends on the number of guests you’re expecting. Larger cakes with more tiers not only require more materials and time to create but also need to be structurally sound to support the extra weight. Essentially, the more servings you need, the higher the cost. This is because larger cakes demand a greater amount of ingredients, more elaborate support structures, and longer hours of labour.

Design Complexity

A simple, elegantly frosted cake with minimal embellishments will naturally cost less than one adorned with intricate sugar flowers, extensive piping, or elaborate moulded shapes. Skilled cake artists spend hours, sometimes days, crafting detailed decorations. The more complex your design, the higher the price tag due to the expert craftsmanship required.

Ingredients Used

The choice of ingredients plays a crucial role in the pricing of wedding cakes. Standard ingredients like basic flours, sugars, and flavourings cost less than premium options such as organic fruit, imported chocolates, or specialty dairy products. If you opt for luxe ingredients or cater to specific dietary requirements (like gluten-free or vegan), the price will reflect these high-end choices.


Personal touches make your wedding cake unique but can add to the cost. Custom elements like handcrafted sugar toppers, bespoke colour palettes to match your wedding theme, and unique flavours designed for your event require additional time and expertise from the baker. Each custom request adds layers of complexity to the cake-making process, increasing the overall cost.

Baker Reputation

Choosing a renowned baker or a prestigious patisserie comes with a higher cost, reflective of their expertise, reputation, and demand. These bakers often bring years of experience and high-calibre artistic skills to the table, justifying their premium pricing. Alternatively, local or less well-known bakers might offer competitive rates, but it’s important to assess their portfolio to ensure their work meets your expectations for such a pivotal element of your day.

Seasonal Appropriateness

Ensure the suit material and style are appropriate for the season. Lighter fabrics and colours are best for spring and summer, while heavier materials suit autumn and winter.

Average Cost Breakdown of a Wedding Cake

When planning a wedding, the cake is not just a dessert but also a focal point of the celebration. Understanding the cost breakdown can help couples budget effectively for their big day.

Currently, the average cost of wedding cakes in Australia is around $537. However, this average can be deceiving as prices vary significantly across different states and territories. In Victoria, for instance, couples might spend approximately $553 on their wedding cake, slightly above the national average. This contrast becomes starker in Western Australia, where the average climbs to $581. On the other end of the spectrum, the Northern Territory sees some of the lowest average costs at about $429.

The range in costs from basic to high-end cakes can be substantial. Entry-level cakes, often simpler in design and size, can start from as low as $200 to $350. These are typically single or double-tier cakes, ideal for smaller weddings or those on a tighter budget. They might be less elaborate but still beautifully crafted to suit the occasion.

At the higher end of the spectrum, prices can escalate to several thousand dollars. High-end wedding cakes are often multi-tiered and involve intricate designs with bespoke elements such as handmade decorations, edible gold leaf, or imported ingredients. These cakes not only serve as a dessert but also as a stunning centrepiece that reflects the couple’s theme and style. Prices for these luxurious cakes reflect the skill and time required to create such detailed and customised designs, often crafted by renowned cake designers known for their unique and exquisite creations.

Costs vary by flavor, design, baker’s reputation, and region. Couples should align their cake choice with their budget and guest list for a perfect fit.

What Is the Average Cost of a Wedding Cake

Saving Tips for Couples on Buying Wedding Cake

When planning a wedding, the cake often stands as a centrepiece celebrated not just for its aesthetic allure but for its symbolism and tradition. However, the costs associated with it can be surprisingly high. Here are some effective tips to help you manage these costs without compromising on your dream wedding cake:

Opt for Less and Smaller Slices

Many guests may skip the cake due to personal preference or fullness from the reception meal. By ordering fewer slices than the number of guests, you can significantly cut costs. For instance, if you’re expecting 100 guests, consider a cake size that serves 80. Furthermore, asking your baker for smaller slice cuts can reduce the size and cost of the cake further.

Choose Simple Designs

The complexity of your cake’s design can ramp up the price. Opting for simpler designs or ‘naked’ cakes with minimal outer frosting can decrease labour and material costs. Such cakes are not only trendy but also significantly lighter on the budget.

Substitute with Sheet Cakes

A small display cake for the ceremonial cutting, complemented by less expensive sheet cakes served to guests, can provide the same visual effect at a lower cost. This approach also allows for a variety of flavours and decorations.

Use Fresh Flowers for Decoration

Instead of intricate sugar flowers, consider decorating your cake with fresh flowers. They are often less costly and can be just as beautiful. Ensure the flowers are safe for use in food to avoid any health risks.

Do It Yourself or Enlist a Friend

If you or someone you know has baking skills, consider a DIY wedding cake. This could be a fun and heartfelt addition to your wedding preparations. However, remember that professional cakes require certain technical skills, especially if the design is complex.

Negotiate and Compare Prices

Discuss your budget with multiple bakers before making a decision. Don’t hesitate to negotiate on aspects like delivery charges or design fees. Also, look into caterers and local bakeries that might offer more competitive rates.

Consider Alternative Desserts

Who says a wedding must have a traditional cake? Cupcakes, doughnuts, or a dessert table offering a variety of sweet treats can be a delightful and often cheaper alternative.

Serve the Cake as Dessert

You can cut down on overall catering costs by serving the wedding cake as the main dessert. This not only highlights the cake but also simplifies the menu.

With these strategies, you can ensure your wedding cake is both delightful and economical, allowing you to allocate your savings to other aspects of your big day.


The tradition of a wedding cake remains a cherished part of marriage celebrations, and understanding the factors that influence its cost is crucial for budget-conscious couples. The average cost of wedding cakes in Melbourne, and more broadly Australia, can vary greatly depending on size, design complexity, ingredient choice, customisation, and the reputation of the baker. With prices ranging widely, it’s essential for couples to carefully consider their budget and the elements that are most important to them.
By implementing cost-saving strategies such as opting for simpler designs, reducing slice counts, or exploring alternative desserts, couples can enjoy the beauty and tradition of a wedding cake without compromising their financial goals. Remember, the cake is not just a dessert but a symbol of sweetness and shared joy in your new journey together. Let it reflect both your style and your sensibility, ensuring it complements the celebration in the most meaningful way.

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Content Summary

What Is the Average Cost of a Wedding Cake?
  • Wedding cakes symbolise fortune and prosperity for newlyweds and serve as a visual and celebratory highlight at receptions.
  • In Melbourne, the average cost for a wedding cake ranges from $325 to $900, influenced by size, design, and decoration.
Factors Influencing the Cost of Wedding Cakes
  • The cost of a wedding cake is impacted by the number of guests, with larger, multi-tiered cakes requiring more materials and labour.
  • Simple cakes with minimal embellishments cost less, while elaborate designs with detailed decorations increase the price.
  • The choice of ingredients significantly affects cake pricing, with premium options like organic fruits or imported chocolates being more expensive.
  • Custom elements in a wedding cake, such as handcrafted toppers or unique flavours, add to the overall cost due to the extra time and expertise needed.
  • Opting for a cake from a renowned baker typically costs more, reflecting their expertise and demand.
Average Cost Breakdown of a Wedding Cake
  • The average wedding cake cost in Australia is approximately $537, with significant regional price variations.
  • In Victoria, the average cost is slightly above the national average at $553, while Western Australia sees a higher average of $581.
  • The Northern Territory has some of the lowest average wedding cake costs at around $429.
  • Basic entry-level wedding cakes can start from $200 to $350, suitable for smaller weddings or tighter budgets.
  • High-end wedding cakes can cost several thousand dollars, reflecting the skill required for intricate designs and custom elements.
  • Factors like cake flavour, design complexity, baker’s reputation, and regional pricing differences influence overall costs.
  • Couples are advised to consider their total wedding budget and guest size when selecting a cake to match both style and financial plans.
Saving Tips for Couples on Buying Wedding Cake
  • By ordering fewer cake slices than the number of guests, couples can significantly reduce costs.
  • Opting for simpler designs or ‘naked’ cakes with minimal frosting can also cut down on expenses.
  • Using sheet cakes for serving and a smaller display cake for the ceremony can offer savings without sacrificing the visual appeal.
  • Decorating with fresh flowers instead of costly sugar decorations can reduce costs and add a natural beauty to the cake.
  • DIY wedding cakes or having a skilled friend make the cake can add a personal touch and save money.
  • Negotiating with bakers and comparing prices across multiple vendors can help find the best deal.
  • Couples might consider alternative desserts like cupcakes or a dessert table to provide variety and reduce costs.
  • Serving the wedding cake as the main dessert at the reception can simplify the menu and cut catering costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I order my wedding cake?

It’s recommended to order your wedding cake at least 3 to 6 months before your wedding date. This time frame can vary depending on the complexity of the design and the popularity of the cake designer. For very popular bakers or during peak wedding season, you might need to book even earlier.

How do I choose the right size of wedding cake?

The size of your wedding cake should depend on the number of guests you’re expecting. A general rule is to have one slice per guest. However, if you’re planning to serve additional desserts, you might opt for a smaller cake. Your baker can help you determine the appropriate size based on your guest list and cake design.

What are the popular flavours for wedding cakes?

Popular wedding cake flavours include vanilla, chocolate, lemon, and red velvet. More adventurous flavours like salted caramel, elderflower, and matcha are becoming increasingly popular. Couples often choose a different flavour for each layer of the cake to offer variety to their guests.

Can I have a wedding cake if some of my guests have dietary restrictions?

Absolutely! Many bakers offer options like gluten-free, vegan, or nut-free cakes to accommodate various dietary needs. Discuss your requirements with your baker early in the planning process to ensure they can cater to your needs.

How should I store the top tier of my wedding cake?

Traditionally, couples save the top tier of their wedding cake to eat on their first anniversary. To store it, remove any decorations and chill the cake to harden the icing. Wrap it in plastic wrap, then aluminium foil, and finally, place it in an airtight container. Store it in the freezer until you’re ready to thaw, and enjoy it on your anniversary.

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