What is the order of speeches at a wedding?

You’re sitting at a round table, glass of bubbly in hand, waiting for the speeches to begin. As the clinking of silverware dies down, you suddenly hear a voice announce, “Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to our first speaker!” And so it begins. What is the order of speeches at a wedding?

The Toasts

As the symphony of wedding speeches reaches its crescendo, it’s time to raise a glass and toast to the newlyweds. This is the moment when all the speakers, including the parents and friends, come together to offer their well wishes and celebrate the love and happiness that fills the air.

Toasts are usually short and sweet, filled with love, laughter, and a touch of poetry. It’s the perfect way to wrap up the evening on a high note.

What is the order of speeches at a wedding


You and your partner are a dynamic duo, with a love story that’s all your own. So why settle for a cookie-cutter order of speeches at your wedding? Get creative! This is your chance to showcase your personalities and make your celebration truly unforgettable.

Whether you want to kick off the night with a heartfelt toast from your maid of honor, or save the best man’s roast for after dinner, the choice is yours. And if traditional speeches aren’t your style, consider mixing things up that captures the essence of your relationship.

Specially at same sex weddings, the order of speeches can be re-imagined with new and interesting ideas. The couple can opt for a joint speech from both partners, or assign different roles to each speaker that reflects their personalities and relationship.

The Opening Overture: The Welcome Speech

The welcome speech is the harmonious overture that sets the tone for the evening. Typically delivered by the master of ceremonies or a close friend of the couple, this speech aims to warm the hearts of the guests and create an atmosphere of joy.

It’s an opportunity to express gratitude to the attendees, acknowledge the union of two souls, and set the stage for the speeches that follow. This is the traditional order of wedding speeches.

Order of wedding speech: The Father (or Parental Figure) of the Bride Speech

The father of the bride speech, a sentimental and emotional moment that tugs at heartstrings.

This speech traditionally holds a special place in the order of speeches, as the father (or parental figure) lovingly reminisces about their daughter’s journey, dispenses advice, and shares amusing anecdotes about her childhood. Prepare for laughter, tears, and perhaps a charmingly embarrassing story or two. Check out our post for Father of the Bride’s speech for tips and ideas.

Order of wedding speech: The Groom’s Speech

Now, it’s time for the groom to take center stage and serenade the guests with his heartfelt words. The groom’s speech is his moment to shine, to profess his undying love for his bride, and to showcase his sparkling wit.

Expect a mixture of heartfelt gratitude, endearing promises, and just the right amount of humor to keep the audience entertained. Oh, and don’t forget to brace yourself for a few inside jokes that will leave everyone in stitches. Check out our post for Groom’s speech for tips and ideas.

Order of wedding speech: The Maid of Honor Speech

The maid of honor, the bride’s confidante, and partner-in-crime, takes the microphone next to deliver her delightful speech. This speech is an ode to friendship, filled with heartfelt sentiments, shared memories, and perhaps a touch of mischief.

Brace yourself for laughter, tears, and a fair share of hilarious stories that prove just how amazing the bride truly is. Check out our post for Maid of Honor’s speech for tips and ideas.

What is the order of speeches at a wedding

Order of wedding speech: The Best Man Speech

Get ready, ladies and gentlemen, for the best man’s ballad! This speech is often anticipated with bated breath, as it promises a blend of laughter, entertainment, and a pinch of heartfelt words.

The best man is tasked with regaling the audience with humorous tales of the groom’s past, showcasing their friendship, and raising a toast to the couple’s future. It includes rib-tickling stories, embarrassing moments, and a healthy dose of good-natured teasing. Check out our other post for Best Man’s speech for tips and ideas.

Order of wedding speech: The Bride’s Speech

Traditionally, the bride doesn’t give a speech at the wedding reception . However, many brides today are choosing to add their own unique voice to the event and speak their minds.

The bride’s speech is her opportunity to express gratitude for the amazing people in her life, share stories of love and support, and shower guests with her heartfelt words.

The bride can culminate the order of speeches by delivering a beautiful toast that highlights her love for the groom and celebrates their special day. Check out our post for Bride’s speech for tips and ideas.

So, What’s the order of speeches at a wedding?

The order of speeches at a wedding is an important part of the ceremony. It sets the celebratory tone and lets each speaker express their love for the couple. When planning speeches, consider tradition and your preferences. Feel free to mix things up and explore new ways to make your celebration truly special.

From the welcome speech to the toasts, each speech adds its own flavor and sparkles with love. So go ahead and create a beautiful harmony that will linger in everyone’s hearts long after the night is over.

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The order of speeches at a wedding varies but usually starts with a welcome speech. Followed by the father of the bride, groom, maid of honor, and best man. The bride may also give a speech. It culminates with toasts to the happy couple. Couples can get creative and customize the order to reflect their personalities and relationship for a truly unforgettable celebration.

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