What’s the Average Cost of a Wedding Photographer?

Wedding photography holds an irreplaceable role in capturing the vivid emotions and unforgettable moments of a couple’s special day, making these memories timeless. Melbourne, a city celebrated for its diverse culture and picturesque landscapes, offers a plethora of wedding photography options tailored to meet various styles and preferences. This blog aims to provide an insightful guide on the average costs associated with hiring a wedding photographer in Melbourne, ensuring couples can make informed decisions while planning their wedding.

Wedding Photography Costs

Melbourne’s wedding photography scene is vibrant and diverse, with costs varying based on the photographer’s experience, duration of coverage, and package type. On average, couples spend between AUD 2,500 to AUD 4,000 for comprehensive packages that cover everything from preparations to the reception. For shorter events or those on a budget, photographers may offer smaller packages or hourly rates, ranging from AUD 250 to AUD 400 per hour, allowing couples to capture key moments without a full-day commitment.

What's the Average Cost of a Wedding Photographer

Maximising Value in Wedding Photography

Choosing the right wedding photographer in Melbourne involves more than just comparing prices. It’s crucial to consider what’s included in the photography packages. Most standard packages provide a pre-wedding consultation, a set duration of coverage, professionally edited high-resolution images delivered on a USB or via a digital gallery, and a few enlarged prints. Extras like additional photographers, special editing requests, and custom albums usually come at an additional cost.

Couples should also consider the photographer’s style and personality, ensuring they are comfortable with their presence and approach. Melbourne offers a mix of traditional, contemporary, and artistic photographers, each bringing their unique flair to the table.

Factors Influencing Photography Costs in Melbourne

When planning a wedding in Melbourne, couples often find that photography costs can vary widely. Several factors influence these variations, ensuring each couple’s needs and preferences are uniquely met. Understanding these factors can help in making an informed decision that aligns with both expectations and budget.

Experience Of The Photographer

The expertise and portfolio of a wedding photographer play a crucial role in determining their rates. More experienced photographers, who have honed their skills over many weddings and can demonstrate a robust portfolio, typically command higher prices. These photographers bring a depth of knowledge about key moments to capture, and they often possess a distinctive style that sets them apart. In contrast, newer photographers might offer more competitive rates as they build their portfolios, providing a budget-friendly option for couples willing to work with someone less established.

Location Within Melbourne

Melbourne’s diverse locales also affect wedding photography prices. Hiring a photographer in the city centre, where iconic landmarks and popular venues abound, might cost more due to the high demand and logistical challenges associated with busy urban settings. Conversely, photographers in suburban areas or those who primarily work in less central locations might charge less. Additionally, travel fees can apply if the photographer needs to commute a significant distance to the venue, impacting the overall cost.

Season And Date

The timing of a wedding significantly influences photography costs. Spring and summer weddings, especially in scenic locations around Melbourne, are highly sought after due to the pleasant weather and beautiful natural backdrops, leading to premium pricing during these seasons. Winter weddings might offer a cost advantage as demand decreases. Similarly, weddings held on weekends are typically more expensive than those scheduled on weekdays due to higher demand for services on Saturdays and Sundays.

Package Types

Photographers in Melbourne offer a variety of packages to cater to different needs and budgets. Common packages include:

  • Full-day coverage: This is the most comprehensive option, covering all phases of the wedding, from morning preparations to the reception. It’s ideal for couples who want a detailed record of their entire day.
  • Half-day coverage: Suitable for smaller weddings or those who only want professional photos of the ceremony and part of the reception. This option can significantly reduce costs while still capturing the most meaningful parts of the day.
  • Ceremony-only coverage: Some couples may choose to have only the ceremony professionally photographed, especially if they’re on a tight budget or prefer a more intimate gathering. This option is the most economical and still ensures high-quality memories of the key moment.

Considering these factors, couples can better manage their wedding photography budget without compromising on their vision for the day. Whether it’s the allure of a seasoned professional’s portfolio, the strategic choice of location, the timing of the event, or the selected package, each element plays a part in shaping the overall photography costs in Melbourne.

Breakdown of Average Costs of Wedding Photographers

Choosing a wedding photographer in Melbourne involves navigating a variety of pricing tiers, which reflect the experience level and services offered by the photographer. From newcomers to the industry to seasoned professionals offering premium services, understanding these cost structures can help couples budget effectively for their wedding photography.

Starting Prices For New Photographers

For couples considering budget-friendly options, photographers who are new to the industry or less experienced typically offer lower rates. These photographers often charge between AUD 500 and AUD 1,200 for wedding coverage. This range is ideal for couples who are willing to place their trust in a photographer who might be building their portfolio but is eager to capture their special day. These photographers usually provide basic packages that cover the ceremony and a portion of the reception, offering a cost-effective way to preserve memories without a significant investment.

Mid-Range Pricing

Mid-level experienced photographers are a popular choice for many couples. They strike a balance between reasonable pricing and assured professional quality. These photographers typically have a few years of experience and a solid portfolio that showcases their capability to capture weddings beautifully. Prices in this range usually vary from AUD 1,200 to AUD 2,500. This tier often includes more comprehensive coverage options, such as full-day shooting and additional services like engagement shoot add-ons or special editing techniques.

Premium Services

At the high end of the spectrum, highly experienced or sought-after wedding photographers in Melbourne charge premium rates for their services. These prices can start from AUD 2,500 and go upwards of AUD 4,000 or more. Photographers commanding these prices are often well-known in the industry with extensive portfolios that include high-profile events or luxurious weddings. Their services typically include extensive pre-wedding consultations, full-day coverage with multiple photographers, and additional options such as next-day edits, luxurious wedding albums, and advanced photo editing services. Couples opting for these premium services are paying for a distinctive style, impeccable quality, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing every important moment of their wedding day will be captured flawlessly. 

With the different pricing tiers and what each includes, couples can make informed decisions that align with their expectations and budget. Whether opting for a newer photographer with competitive pricing or investing in a premium service for their special day, Melbourne offers a range of options to suit every couple’s needs.

What's the Average Cost of a Wedding Photographer

Additional Costs to Consider of Hiring a Wedding Photographer

While planning your wedding photography budget, it’s important to account for not just the basic package price but also any additional costs that may arise. These extras can significantly affect the overall expense, depending on the specifics of your wedding day and any special requests you might have. Understanding these potential additional costs can help ensure there are no surprises and that everything aligns with your expectations and budget.

Travel Expenses

Many wedding photographers include travel costs within a certain radius of their base location in their standard fees. However, if your wedding venue is outside this usual area, you may incur additional travel expenses. These can include fuel costs, airfares if the location is particularly remote, and even accommodation fees if the photographer needs to stay overnight or for multiple days. It’s essential to discuss the venue location with your photographer early in the planning process to get an accurate estimate of these additional travel costs.

Additional Hours

Wedding days can sometimes run longer than expected, and you might want your photographer to stay beyond the initially agreed-upon time to capture late-night celebrations or unexpected moments. Most photographers charge an hourly rate for additional time, which can range from AUD 250 to AUD 500 per hour. Knowing this rate beforehand will help you budget more accurately and decide on the spot whether it’s worth extending the photography coverage on your wedding day.

Special Requests

Special requests such as drone photography or same-day edits can add a unique touch to your wedding memories but come at an extra cost. Drone photography might require hiring an additional specialist photographer or equipment, leading to higher fees. Similarly, same-day edits require intensive labour to turn around a quick preview or a short video of the day’s highlights to display during the reception, which can significantly add to the costs. These services can vary widely in price, depending on the complexity and the photographer’s or studio’s pricing structure.


Wedding photography costs in Melbourne mean taking into account a variety of factors. From the experience level of the photographer to the specifics of your venue’s location, every detail can impact the final price. The city’s diverse offerings ensure there’s something for every couple, whether you’re looking for a budget option or a full-blown luxury service. Understanding what each package includes and being aware of possible additional costs—like travel expenses or special editing requests—can help you budget smarter and avoid any unexpected surprises.

Choosing the right photographer isn’t just about cost; it’s about finding someone whose style matches your vision for the day. By carefully weighing your options and considering all the elements involved, you can find the perfect match to capture your special moments in a way that you’ll treasure forever. Whether you’re planning a grand event or a more intimate celebration, Melbourne has the talent and options to make your wedding memories last a lifetime.

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Content Summary

What’s the Average Cost of a Wedding Photographer?
  • Wedding photography is essential for capturing the emotions and memories of a couple’s wedding day.
  • In Melbourne, a city known for its diversity and beauty, a wide range of wedding photography options is available.
Understanding Wedding Photography Costs in Melbourne
  • The cost of hiring a wedding photographer in Melbourne varies depending on several factors.
  • Typically, couples might spend between AUD 2,500 and AUD 4,000 for a comprehensive photography package.
  • This price range generally includes extensive coverage from the start of the day until the reception.
  • For those with smaller budgets or events, hourly rates ranging from AUD 250 to AUD 400 are also an option.
Maximising Value in Wedding Photography
  • It’s important to look beyond costs when selecting a wedding photographer, considering what the packages include.
  • Standard photography packages usually offer pre-wedding consultations and a set duration of coverage.
  • They also provide professionally edited high-resolution images and a few enlarged prints.
  • Extras like additional photographers or custom albums typically incur additional charges.
  • Choosing a photographer also involves considering their style and personality to ensure a good fit.
Factors Influencing Photography Costs in Melbourne
  • Costs are influenced by factors like the photographer’s experience, location, and the specific time of the wedding.
  • Experienced photographers generally charge more due to their expertise and distinctive style.
  • Photographers in central Melbourne may cost more due to high demand and logistical challenges.
  • Conversely, those in less central locations may offer lower rates.
  • Travel fees might apply if the photographer has to commute a significant distance.
  • Season and day of the week also affect photography costs, with weekends and pleasant seasons being pricier.
  • Full-day coverage packages are ideal for capturing every phase of the wedding.
  • Half-day or ceremony-only coverage options are available for those who need to manage costs.
  • Understanding these factors helps couples make informed decisions without compromising their vision.
Breakdown of Average Costs of Wedding Photographers
  • Pricing tiers for wedding photographers vary, reflecting different levels of experience and services.
  • New photographers often charge lower rates, between AUD 500 and AUD 1,200.
  • These rates are suitable for couples who are comfortable with photographers building their portfolios.
  • Mid-level photographers offer a balance between cost and quality, charging between AUD 1,200 and AUD 2,500.
  • They provide more comprehensive coverage and might include additional services.
  • Highly experienced photographers charge premium rates starting from AUD 2,500.
  • These photographers offer extensive services, including full-day coverage and luxurious wedding albums.
  • Couples looking for premium services are paying for distinctive styles and high-quality captures.
  • It’s crucial to understand what different pricing tiers include to align expectations and budgets.
Additional Costs to Consider of Hiring a Wedding Photographer
  • Additional costs in wedding photography should also be considered in budget planning.
  • Travel expenses may apply if the wedding venue is outside the photographer’s standard service area.
  • Additional hours of photography can incur costs ranging from AUD 250 to AUD 500 per hour.
  • Special requests, like drone photography or same-day edits, add unique elements at an extra cost.
  • Drone photography requires additional equipment and possibly a specialist photographer.
  • Same-day edits involve intensive labour to produce a quick preview or video of the wedding day.
  • Discussing the venue location and any special requests with the photographer early on is essential.
  • This discussion helps in obtaining an accurate estimate of the potential extra costs.
  • Knowing the hourly rate for additional coverage helps in budgeting and making decisions during the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Consider When Choosing A Wedding Photographer?

Consider the photographer’s style, portfolio, experience, and personality. Ensure their style aligns with the vision you have for your wedding photos. It’s also important to feel comfortable with their personality, as they will be interacting with you and your guests throughout your special day.

How Far In Advance Should I Book A Wedding Photographer?

It’s advisable to book a wedding photographer at least 6-12 months in advance, especially if your wedding date is during peak season. Popular photographers can be booked out a year or more in advance, so earlier bookings will ensure you get your first choice.

What Is Typically Included In A Wedding Photography Package?

Most packages include a set number of hours of coverage, a predetermined number of high-resolution edited images, and sometimes physical prints or albums. Additional services like engagement shoots, special editing requests, and second shooters can often be added for an extra fee.

How Much Does A Wedding Photographer Cost On Average?

The cost can vary widely depending on location, experience, and package details. On average, you can expect to spend between 10-15% of your total wedding budget on photography. In many regions, this could mean anywhere from $1,500 to over $3,000 for professional coverage.

Can I Customise My Wedding Photography Package?

Yes, many photographers are flexible and allow customisation of their packages. This can include adjusting the number of hours, changing the number of delivered photos, adding special services like drone photography or videography, and more. Discuss your specific needs with your photographer to tailor a package that best suits your wedding day.

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